Your Own Private Stylist

So I was reading this article from the December edition of Esquire called “My Own Private New Deal.”  It is basically about this writer who gets the fashion director of Esquire to take him shopping to update his wardrobe for under $1000.

My sweetie does the same thing for men and women here in Austin so I was curious to see what exactly Peter Martin, the writer got out of his process.  Well for one thing he got two pairs of jeans, three chinos, a few sweaters, three, count them three blazers and four dress shirts, all for $953.57.  May I say that that is some amazing shopping and it takes a professional to help Dandi’s like us come out with that kind of haul on that kind of budget.

Really, hiring a professional stylist is one of the smartest investments you can make to help clear out the old stuff in your closet and help you put together the Dandi pieces that not only fit your body well but also your personality.

The first thing a professional stylist will do for you is help you let go of all of those clothes that really really need to go.  Maybe it’s something lingering from the ’80’s or it is several items that do not do you justice.  And in the case of many Dandi’s who buy men’s clothing and don’t have them altered, that could mean a great many items.

The next thing that is great about having your own stylist is that they will go shopping with you and help you put together many different peices for many different looks within your budget.  But as Peter found out in his article that doesn’t mean that you will find everything the same day or the same month for that matter.  Even stylist have to go through trial and error with you because you are a unique body type, which is encouraging for any of us  who try to force a look just because we think it will be the only thing in our size that will fit, even if it doesn’t quite fit the way we would like.  Don’t let the clothes rule, your body is never wrong, and there will be something perfect to fit you.

Now the great news about all of this is that stylist can just look at you and know pretty much what will fit and what won’t.  My sweetie even knows people’s sizes without them telling her.  Stylists  do this everyday so they know where to shop.  Next time you are changing up your wardrobe, seriously consider a personal stylist. you will be glad you did!



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