One of my favorite movie franchises has done it again and released another hit!


I am sure it is no surprise that I have loved this series since I was a little Dandi.  Yet I would be remiss not to point out the one glaring and unfortunate part of the writing and series, it’s horrible depiction of women. I watched a circa 1960’s Bond the other day and winced through the whole thing.


That said, I’ve never really watched it for the plot and always kudos to their choice of talented and stunning actress, and even better how the as the 21st century “bond girl/woman” has more skills and fighting power of their own.


James Bond is the most incredible Dandi fictional creation that has ever graced our imaginations.  Even when Peter Sellers portrayed Bond (weird) the stylists had figured out that this man was to be the most dapper, immaculate man alive.

The franchise had some casting misses and no, I don’t think Pierce Brosnan was one of them but now that we have Daniel Craig all things are right with the world.  A sexier man in a suit there rarely is and I am happy to see that he will hopefully be around for awhile.


And of course beside the gorgeous clothes, woman and amazing doodads and electronics I am also a car nut and cannot wait to see this Aston Martin be the perfect accessory to the Dandy James fighting crime and getting the girl (as a matter of speaking!) 🙂


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