…yeah, it has been a minute, but as in fashion, lets not waste time trying reconstruct what went before, let’s get onto what is happening now…shall we! 🙂

Okay, it’s definitely summertime outside.  And though the ones of us in the always hot south have had some cooler temperatures, those days are beginning to give way to the real heat.

And of course there is no better style than to look cool when it’s hot, and of course to look great at the pool and beach, every chance you get.


…created by designer JOHN MOORE,  got its origins from a Hawaiian tailoring shop, by the same name, from the 40’s that, along with other tailoring, designed custom trunks. Moore took this idea,  expanding the brand to include tees, pants and sweaters.



M. NII Board Shorts

M. NII 2




M. NII Mainland Stripe Shirt



M. NII Sweater

M. NII Sweater































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