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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

I was twelve when the Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Gatsby came out.  I can still remember how much that movie influenced my wardrobe, even then.

white bucks

I bought my first pair of white bucks, my first seersucker suit;  Yes I was styling at twelve.  Between The American Gigolo and this movie my desires for elegant and dandi menswear was set in stone.


I recently rewatched the 1974 Gatsby to prepare for this years remake and I have to say, at twelve I did not truly get the impact of how sad the whole thing is (hope I’m not giving this away.)

Redford 2

The clothes are amazing, the parties to die for and the cars…(this movie also helped discover my latent car fedish.)


But all that said, a very sad tale indeed.  Anyhoo, there is a new Gatsby in town, in 3-D no less, and though I haven’t seen it yet (hopefully this weekend), I will reserve judgment.  The reviews haven’t been kind but my reviews will be more about the clothes than the acting in this one.

The Gatsby's

There have been several Great Gatsby’s in the movie world and I hear Fitzgerald was a dapper man.  I thank him for the influence his novel had on men’s fashion.  And unlike in my youth, where you had to go it on your own, there are many designers and fashion brands that have begun to put these looks, with modern lines, on the shelves.  I look forward to seeing how this new movie inspires men’s fashion in the coming 2013/2014 seasons.





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Wallets, Belts and Hardware

I love the internet for many, many things but not so much for shopping.  It is not that I am so old fashion that I cannot get the wonder of being able to go online any time of the night or day and shop.  Nor am I clueless to the fact that the internet is one of the best ways for a start-up (see my Consulting tab 🙂 to open a store without much overhead.

That said, I have been in love with brick and mortar stores since I was a wee little Dandi and I believe that being able to walk into a store and not only try on the clothes, but have the warmth and service that comes with interacting with a great and knowledgeable shop owner and sales staff is one of the best experiences one can have.

I also believe that shopping local is the way to any economies heart and the other day I was in a local Austin store, Creatures Boutique, on South Congress.  They have been around for eleven years serving up really cool stuff.  The sad news is that they no longer carry the extensive and unique collection of men’s shoes and boots that lined the side wall and made me drool every time I went there.  In fact, it seems they have done away with all things men.  But since I am more about the mixing of the sexes I did find some great accessories that I think will work well for any Dandi’s wardrobe.

Shara Porter Wallets

Shara Porter Wallets

Shara Porter Wallets

I really love the masculine pictures on these thin (and easy to sit on) leather wallets.  Shara Porter is a designer and artist who seeks out vintage accessories to give them new life.  Check out her website to find out where to buy her great designs.

Classic Hardware

Being a little cocky myself I love a good rooster accessory.  Creatures had this gem by Classic Hardware – Karyn Cantor sitting in the window.  If you have a belt that you are especially attached to but don’t wear it because the buckle is too small or it is dated don’t throw it out, just go buy a new buckle.  Worn-in leather is one of my favorite looks with jeans. Check out to find more about Karyn and the other artists she collaborates with.

Neves Belts

Last but certainly not least I found these cool belts at Creatures that can give a Dandi that Steve McQueen look from Neves.

Neves Belt

Don’t be afraid of color.  Especially as a Dandi.  Our job is to threaten the boredom inherent in day-to-day dressing.  Some brave souls will wear this red belt with red shoes.  That would not be my style but if you are up to it, go for it!

Neves Belts

Basic black goes a long way.  If you are shopping for a belt and love the leather but the buckle stops you from buying it, think again!  Remember that all you need to do is change out the buckle and you will have the belt of your dreams.  Neves also has an extensive selection of buckles.  Check them out on

Where I shopped:


1206 south congress

austin, texas 78704


open 11-7 daily

Lapo Elkann

You know how I said that as a Dandi I would want to reincarnate as Tom Ford.  Well, if he isn’t available I’ll jump into Lapo Elkann‘s skin and closet anytime!  Talk about everything that I love about being a dapper Dandi.  Elkann lives it.

He neither takes himself or his fashion so seriously that he becomes one note.  And his clothes always fit impeccably which is always the point.  No matter how much you spend on your clothes Dandis, make sure they fit!

Sure, I love all of his Savile Row suits, and his preppy leanings.  But I also love the way he accessorizes.  This is a Dandy not afraid of scarves, ascots, prints, and stripes.

When I grow up I want to be just like him…and did I mention how much I love cars!?!  I could stand being the heir of Fiat.

Photos courtesy of:

The Bentley

Talk about a Dandi sports ride.  This 2011 Bentley Supersports Continental convertible is the one to beat in my book.  Okay, sure, a price tag of around $295,000 is not for your work-a-day Dandi, but all Dandi’s should dream and this Dandi will dream themselves into this car one day.

The gorgeous outside of the Supersport is evident but on the inside you get down to the nitty gritty with big swatches of of decorative matte carbon fiber instead of the more stately wood trim found in other Continentals and sexy diamond stitched Alcantara that replaces the supple leather found in the others as well.

The Supersport Continental may be the most powerful droptop Bentley ever made.  And is sure is pretty!

Photo courtesy of Automobile Magazine

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