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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

I was twelve when the Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Gatsby came out.  I can still remember how much that movie influenced my wardrobe, even then.

white bucks

I bought my first pair of white bucks, my first seersucker suit;  Yes I was styling at twelve.  Between The American Gigolo and this movie my desires for elegant and dandi menswear was set in stone.


I recently rewatched the 1974 Gatsby to prepare for this years remake and I have to say, at twelve I did not truly get the impact of how sad the whole thing is (hope I’m not giving this away.)

Redford 2

The clothes are amazing, the parties to die for and the cars…(this movie also helped discover my latent car fedish.)


But all that said, a very sad tale indeed.  Anyhoo, there is a new Gatsby in town, in 3-D no less, and though I haven’t seen it yet (hopefully this weekend), I will reserve judgment.  The reviews haven’t been kind but my reviews will be more about the clothes than the acting in this one.

The Gatsby's

There have been several Great Gatsby’s in the movie world and I hear Fitzgerald was a dapper man.  I thank him for the influence his novel had on men’s fashion.  And unlike in my youth, where you had to go it on your own, there are many designers and fashion brands that have begun to put these looks, with modern lines, on the shelves.  I look forward to seeing how this new movie inspires men’s fashion in the coming 2013/2014 seasons.





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A Stylish Life


Mr. Porter, for those Dandi’s out there who are not yet aware, is an online menswear shopping experience for those who love to be in the trends of the day and who have the wallet to match.  But this article today is about a Volume One Dandi must.


Written by their Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Langmead,The Mr. Porter Paperback – The Manual For A Stylish Life, is a dream buy for anyone interested in having the foundation to create their true style, no matter your budget.  And as you can well  imagine this is right up my alley.  I love all things masculine and love to hear and read about the latest etiquette and ways of being well-mannered and stylish.


Does style make the Dandi or does a Dandi make the style?  I think it is somewhere in between and I absolutely believe that style does not stop at the buttoning of a shirt and the perfect knot of a tie. It is lived and breathed in all areas of a Dandi’s life and here is a great book to start or continue that journey full force.


The book is a 240 page dossier of everything you will need for the next millennia and this is just volume one!  There is everything here from fashion to the in-and-outs of your part of a massage to dancing at weddings.

Get your copy today at the swell price of $35 at Mr. Porter Paperback


Got style questions? Send them to me in the comments!


Judgement Day: Fashioning Masculinities

I was sent this fabulous news by Laura Luna and I am beside myself with excitement.  I have looked through some of the first few pages and I say to all GO BUY ONE NOW!  It’s a wonderful celebration of real life Dandi’s and the fashion we love.

Info by Laura Luna:

Book Release/Signing — Judgement Day: Fashioning Masculinities
La Vida Local Galeria, / 5050 York Blvd, Highland Park, CA 90042
December 11, 6 pm
Los Angeles, CA. “La Vida Loca Galeria” will be hosting a book signing for JUDGEMENT DAY: Fashioning Masculinities by Tania Hammidi Sunday, December 11 at 6 pm. Hammidi’s coffee table book was recently released which features 27 portraits of queer / trans masculine photography and three essays.  There will be 27 soft and hardback books selling for $40sb/$55hb each. While you wait to get your book signed you will enjoy an introduction to the book with slideshow from author Tania Hammidi, and artist talks from photographers Love Ablan, Leon Mostovoy, and models Vanessa Craig, Vivan Escalantes, moderated by Leon Wu.
La Vida Loca Galeria” is a women-owned, women-staffed and in Northeastern Los Angeles.  Its proactive, positive business in NELA was established to promote local artists and help foster public awareness and appreciation.   For additional event details please contact Laura Luna, lauraluna (@) or 1 dot 909 dot 331 dot 5616.
Tania Hammidi is an arts/fashion curator, educator and writer. She holds a Ph.D. and teaches at California College of the Arts/San Francisco.  This is her first fine arts book. Of a recent fashion show curated by Tania Hammidi, the Huffington Post wrote: “Never has so much swagger been seen on the catwalk — this, my friends, is what high fashion has been missing—the masculine woman.”
If you are unable to make the LA signing, the books are also available at the following, $40 + Shipping
Hardback: $55 + Shipping
Bulk Orders get 10% off

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