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Slow Fashion

More and more, as we talk about climate control and ways to ensure that the environment is protected, fashion becomes a part of that conversation. I discovered this video and was completely inspired by the pioneers that are featured in it. We all need to rethink how we mass consume everything, from our food to our fashion. There are some very interesting, innovative, and disruptive technologies in this video.

I hope they inspire you to think differently as they did for me.






I went to see the new James Bond movie SPECTRE. They should call have just called it 00-tight pants.

00-tight pants

I don’t believe I have ever seen a suit that fitted do so much action and still look so amazing!

My hat’s off to the costume designer Jany Temime,

Jany Temime

but of course the Daniel Craig – James Bond we know and love would be nothing, as far as his sartorial expression, without my all-time favorite suit maker, Tom Ford.


Not only does Tom look spectacular in the suits he designs but he will make you look spectacular too (budget allowing!)

sheree a.k.a. preppybaba

And by the way Tom, if you’re ever looking for a model for one of your ads give me a call. 🙂

Yes! There are suits, but the Spectre Bond also carries on the tradition of the Blouson seen on many of his predecessors. Tom gives us a handsome, all-purpose black one.


I just bought a version (Champion from Target) that will keep me just as warm while I ski the slopes and drink hot-toddies (in truth I don’t ski but I do drink so that’s half the battle right there!)

My Jacket

Though Daniel Craig is not my number one James (that would be Pierce Brosnan – I do like a little, okay a lot, of camp).

Pierce Bronson

Mr. Craig does bring to the franchise everything that a masculine dressing human would want to convey when looking their best.



From the Tom Ford Spectre Collection

I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t yet seen the movie. But I will say it was an enjoyable time.

There are three things that I always love about a Bond movie: the clothes…

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions’ action adventure SKYFALL.

the gadgets…


and the cars.


Bond and car

The downside is always the misogyny, which to its credit is less.  And as the search for a new Bond may be eminent I’m going to go ahead and cast my vote!

Idris Elba!

Idris Elba

He would be everything and more!



Photo’s courtesy of Google Search

Happy New Year!

To all my readers and fans throughout the years, thank you!


May your 2015 be Dapper and Bright!

Tux 1

Velet TuxTwin Tux


Blunt and Blanchett Tux

Cocktail Tux

Cool TuxTwin Tux 2


Tom Ford Tux

Isha Blaaker

Isha Blaaker





Photos courtesy of Tumblr



I can’t tell you how excited I am about this Disney flick due out in 2014.


First of all it is starring one of my favorite crushes and actress’ Angelina Jolie, not only is she a very good actress but a humanitarian as well as quite a fashion Dandi herself.


Now as for Maleficent I have had a crush on her since I first laid eyes on her back in the ’70’s.  What is it about a powerful, maleficent woman that is so attractive? Who’s to say.  But I know I’m not the only one.




I’m sure the day this opens the theaters will be packed with little kids and gays from all walks of life, and there is absolutely no question as to what the big Halloween costume of 2014 will be…


Heck, I might even go as her myself!




All photo’s courtesy of and Disney.

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Lookbook 4

I call this one the rugged look for spring and fall.  I like to dress up like the next dandi but I mostly love fabrics that have been broken in and look like I’ve been out at the ranch all day.

Denim, cotton, linen…

LB 1

these are some of my most favorit fabrics to wear

LB 2

and live in.


Not being so serious all of the time

LB 6

can be a good thing.

LB 4

You can still rock style

LB 5

Henry Cavill for VMan Magazine

and be a bit ruffled.

Brown Bucks

You can dandi it up and still have a casual feel.

LB 7

The tones that best fit this look are blues, browns and greys.

CP 2

Or any color in a darker pallet.

LB 9

Yeah, even red can rock if done right.

LB 10

Either way dressing up or down never looked so good!



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Lookbook (1)

I love the new looks for spring and the ones that are on the horizon for FW13/14.  I got to thinking that I would just do my own little personal tearsheet/lookbook and share it with you all as I come upon looks I love and ways of wearing it that will help the dapper dandi in all of us.

I probably won’t write very much on these, so that I can visit you all more often.

Let these pics be your guide to what’s going on in the fashion streets and how trendy dandi’s are wearing it.  Then make up your own way of presenting it.  That’s what makes fashion so much fun.  So enjoy and I hope to see you back here more real soon!



Dapper Chris Pine
Dapper Chris Pine


LB 2

Blue Brogue Shoes
Blue Brogue Shoes


LB 4

LB 3





Great Gatsby Look
Great Gatsby Look
Preppy redefined (I love it!)
Preppy redefined (I love it!)




The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

I was twelve when the Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Gatsby came out.  I can still remember how much that movie influenced my wardrobe, even then.

white bucks

I bought my first pair of white bucks, my first seersucker suit;  Yes I was styling at twelve.  Between The American Gigolo and this movie my desires for elegant and dandi menswear was set in stone.


I recently rewatched the 1974 Gatsby to prepare for this years remake and I have to say, at twelve I did not truly get the impact of how sad the whole thing is (hope I’m not giving this away.)

Redford 2

The clothes are amazing, the parties to die for and the cars…(this movie also helped discover my latent car fedish.)


But all that said, a very sad tale indeed.  Anyhoo, there is a new Gatsby in town, in 3-D no less, and though I haven’t seen it yet (hopefully this weekend), I will reserve judgment.  The reviews haven’t been kind but my reviews will be more about the clothes than the acting in this one.

The Gatsby's

There have been several Great Gatsby’s in the movie world and I hear Fitzgerald was a dapper man.  I thank him for the influence his novel had on men’s fashion.  And unlike in my youth, where you had to go it on your own, there are many designers and fashion brands that have begun to put these looks, with modern lines, on the shelves.  I look forward to seeing how this new movie inspires men’s fashion in the coming 2013/2014 seasons.





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The new year has brought with it new ideas and new ventures (I hope you are experiencing the same!)

Check out my first mini fashion filmlette as well as some other incredibly inspiring things on my tumblr page at…



Holmes Style

I first came to know him as the fabulous Sherlock Holmes, and fabulous he most certainly is, my goodness I have never seen such elegance in a crime drama and certainly never seen Sherlock Holmes depicted this way on American screens.


His name is Benedict Cumberbatch, an up-and-coming actor with already a lot of grand performances under his belt.




And boy can he strike a Dandy pose in any outfit he is put in.


He looks good in and out of a suit.


Coats and jackets love his frame.  He really shows how a suit, coat or jacket should hang and frame the body.

5 6 7

But what I also love is that when he is not in something that demands you serve it, he can present relaxed and casual in such an elegant way.

Benedict Cumberbatch-LMK-012495

And he even allows whimsy to come into play, you’ve always got to make the outfit your own!


And for all you Trekkies out there look for him in the upcoming Star Trek – Into Darkness playing the villain (villains always get to wear the best clothes, I hope they stay true to this.)




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STYLE X at SXSW 2012

The place where I live, work, and love is coming alive!  No, it’s not because of a bunch of creepy crawlies, it’s because of SXSW!  For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about I’m talking about South by Southwest

a Music, Film, Interactive and now Fashion mecca in the South where all of the cool people spend a part of their March (famous actors, musicians, leading names in technology…) to share and learn about all of the latest and greatest trends in technology, listen to the hottest bands in the world and watch some of the most amazing new films of 2012.

And now, the sound of real music to my ears, SX  is also beginning to feature all aspects of the fashion world, from technology to style.  You can learn how to use social media and all of the tools and technology to start your own fashion line or just become an even bigger slave to your (secret) obsession with it.

Did I mention fashion!?!  YesI did and on March 16th and 17th (of which my fashion stylist extraordinaire and sweetie Miramar is a part) Style X Personal Guided Shoppers will help you become an even more  fabulous version of youreslf by styling you, giving you pointers on the latest trends, innovative designers and who to wear from the event.

Haven’t bought a ticket yet?  There’s plenty of time and plenty of panels, fun, new friends to meet, and an amazing times to be had.  Come on down, we know you’ll have a Dandi good time! 🙂

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