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…yeah, it has been a minute, but as in fashion, lets not waste time trying reconstruct what went before, let’s get onto what is happening now…shall we! ūüôā

Okay, it’s definitely summertime outside.¬† And though the ones¬†of us in the always hot south have had some cooler temperatures, those days are beginning to give way to the real heat.

And of course there is no better style than to look cool when it’s hot, and of course to look great at the pool and beach, every chance you get.


…created by designer JOHN MOORE,¬† got its origins from a Hawaiian tailoring shop, by the same name, from the 40’s¬†that, along with other tailoring,¬†designed custom trunks. Moore took this idea,¬† expanding the brand to include tees, pants and sweaters.


M. NII Board Shorts

M. NII 2




M. NII Mainland Stripe Shirt



M. NII Sweater

M. NII Sweater































The London Olympics 2012

I just clicked on the Opening Ceremony page of the 2012 Olympics|London and we now have 3 hours and 19 minutes to go before all we hear (like it’s not happening already) for the next two weeks will be about the Olympics.

I was a much bigger fan when I was younger.  I loved both the summer and the winter Olympics.  Now I am a bit meh about the whole thing (I hate to admit) though the opening ceremonies are hard to resist.  They are very much equal to a mix of  high concept runway show and high octane Cirque du Soleil (with slow parts in between).

There’s been a lot more fashion talk than usual about the designers for the Olympics, Stella McCartney’s¬† participation definitely helped.¬† Even Ab Fab came back from the dead to participate (I love those women!)

I watched the Olympic episode last night and the funniest bit were the ones with and about Stella.

Of course  Ralph Lauren is the Proud Outfitter of Team USA (why is the girl in the back and why is there only one!?!)

And if you are itching for some Olympic gear of your own it is everywhere, but I really liked what Nautica came up with for a Dandi sports look.


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Work It Out

The summer heat encourages more fun in the sun activity and why not look good while strolling along the beach?  There are dozens of ways to get in shape, from yoga to lifting weights, it is up to you to choose something you love to do, sometimes that means a variety of workouts to keep it fresh and keep you coming back.

Because of the heat be sure and stay hydrated with 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, more if you work up a sweat while at play or working out.¬† Diet is part of the deal so keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel about the food you intake.¬† Eat several small meals throughout the day rather than three large ones, it keeps your metabolism¬† fires burning and you’ll end up eating fewer calories in the long run.¬† Try to keep each meal between 250 and 300 calories of lean meats and vegetables.

Also keep notes on your workout, the amount your lifting per each exercise and the reps.¬† Encourage yourself along the way and don’t give up, being in good shape is being in good health, it’s not just about creating the hot-body, though that’s certainly a great benefit!

Photo courtesy of Austin Fit Magazine

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