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So I got this catalog in the mail yesterday and it really caught my eye.  Not because of the clothes, per se, there is nothing at first glance that is particularly revolutionary between its pages, in fact you can find just about every style they offer in many catalogs and stores where you go to buy well-made casual menswear. What I liked about it was how it made me feel. It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a catalog that made me actually want to peruse it.


It is a subtle but definite step into the direction of making flannel, khaki’s, Chukka boots and leather jackets a little more modern, yet keeping it rugged.


There is a sense of whimsy about it and the clothes really fit the brand.  The whole of it evokes camping or being in the woods in the winter. Or even yet, being a well dressed-down hipster.

Brown Jacket


In looking on the website, because I honestly thought this was a spin-off company from a larger retailer trying to appeal to a hipper audience, I didn’t find much that made it personal to the founder Matt Cooper. But the designs are true to his design muse.



Like the name insinuates, he likes polished carbon and rough cobalt.  Matt’s intention is to “design unique details into the clothing that will enhance your individual style”.



The quality of their product looks good overall and they do a fine job of offering a nice variety of categories, though very curated.




All photos courtesy of Carbon2Cobalt website

Lookbook (3)

B&W Formal

This Lookbook is about all that is gentlemanly, sophisticated, and fabulous in fit, swagger, and style.

Nomo Watches
Nomo Watches

Not everything has to be about what’s on trend.  What I love most about anyone with style is that they stand a cut above the rest.

Dapper Suspenders
Dapper Suspenders

How? It’s not just in what they wear, but how they wear it.

Red, White and Dapper
Red, White, and Elegance
I love this shirt!!!
I love this shirt!!!

Double-Breasted Blues

I'll take two please.
I’ll take two please.

Baby Blue

British Dapper

Fit is Everything


Skinny Bowtie

Hollywood Sophistication
Hollywood Sophistication
Love the texture of this suit, yum!
Love the texture of this tux, yum!
Getting married? Tails all the way!
Getting married? Tails all the way!


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Ah, the Brits.  Some of my favorite dapper Dandy’s in all the land.  They just really know how to pull it all together in such a refined and often very colorful way.

Daks Greys

Okay true, this look is not that colorful but gosh darn if it isn’t still wonderful.  And who is this designer I am referring to?  Daks, of London.



Very low key, very elegant.  This collection was inspired by formalwear (if you couldn’t tell)…


It really modernizes the look and makes it approachable for everyday.


Gotta love all of the top hats.  I do say that the idea of a single pop of color used with the top hat and (maybe) gloves ( if wearing a black tux on your wedding day) can be a very memorable and signature approach to making it your day as well.


Now I know spring is approaching so the last thing anyone is thinking about is going out to buy leather.  But the key word here is spring.  And in many climates a sweet new lightweight leather jacket or pair of pants might just be the ticket.  Certainly this collection is for F/W 2013 but I say take your inspirations from everywhere.


I love everything about this look.  Chic, minimal and striking.  Done!

White and Grey

Talk about bringing the formal into the everyday.  I think this does it beautifuly.  Those stylsh Brits do it again!



The new year has brought with it new ideas and new ventures (I hope you are experiencing the same!)

Check out my first mini fashion filmlette as well as some other incredibly inspiring things on my tumblr page at…



Now We’re Talking


Cy Choi

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful…” finally, it’s getting cold outside!

Neil Barrett

And with that come layers (yay!)…

Lots and lots of layers.

Scarves, jackets, vests, sweaters, t-shirts, undershirts, thermals (in all different colors), coats, slickers, hats, caps, boots, gloves, (mittens?!), muffs…I could go on for days…

Dandi’s this is the time of the year to have fun with your clothes and pronounce your style. And let’s be honest sometimes that’s just hard to do when you are stuck wearing shorts and t-shirts.


Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to work at getting your wardrobe to match. Don’t be afraid of color.


J. Crew

Do go outside of your comfort zone this season, even if it’s with something small like a scarf.  Always, always challenge yourself from season to season.

Timberland – Mark McNairy

Remember to style your look from head-to-toe and as the good ole song says”..let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”


Goorin Brothers

I recently went on a little shopping trip with my sweetie and ran across this wonderful find in the heart of South Congress in Austin (she actually saw it first!)

This Dandi group of Goorin Brothers call themselves the Bold Hatmakers and have been making them since 1895.

The original store is in San Francisco and the one here in Austin is working up to it’s one month anniversary so if you’re a fashionista and haven’t heard of it yet don’t feel bad.

The store has a melt in your mouth assortment of designs.

Something for everyone, men and women alike.

If you don’t have a hat (and I’m not talking about a baseball cap) you can’t really call yourself a Dandi so if you are ever in a town where there is a  Goorin Brothers (and they have them all over the US and Canada) check them out.  They have a wonderful group of well trained staff that will measure your head and get one that will fit your face and your style perfectly. If you’re not, that’s okay,  check out their website at



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H&M is one of the best places for a Dandi to shop who wants to be on trend and who needs to watch their budget for fashion.  While in Los Angeles recently I did a little shopping and found these great items that can enhance any Dandi’s wardrobe.

Perfectly styled. It brings a little whimsy to the look with the checkered shirt. Put this with a navy tie and dark linen pants for office, shorts and loafers for Sunday brunch.

Linen jackets are great for your spring/ summer wardrobe.  Match this with a pair of linen pants or white jeans, t-shirt and your favorite sneakers.

Straw hats for spring and summer.

A pair of linen shorts are a must for trips to P-town on Cherry Grove.

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