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Fashion and Interactive Come Together

What Is SXSW Interactive and Why Is Fashion Suddenly All Over It?


South by Southwest can be two very different things. It can be a midnight show in a crowded bar by a band no one’s ever heard but that blows the audience’s collective mind and is signed to Vice Records by the weekend (honestly, I don’t really know how record deals work in Our Streaming Age; just ride with me here).

SXSW can also be a daytime panel in a conference center with three nicely-paid white men discussing optimizing #content for messaging apps in order to #connect with Gen Z in a #native way.

The former is Music, which is cool (bar shows, bands, Fader Fort!), and the latter is Interactive, which is…incredibly square (Austin Convention Center, panels, Facebook’s Public Policy happy hour!). Somewhere in the middle is Film, completing the three prongs that make up the festival, which kicks off today, March 11.

It’s likely that you, valued consumer of fashion media and most likely fashion products, will hear more about Interactive than ever before. But why would fashion brands and publications, entities deeply invested in all things cool, throw their weight behind Interactive instead of Music or Film?

This is what the panel rooms look like and, oh, there’s Karlie Kloss. Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for SXSW

“Music has always had an outsized influence on fashion, but technology has taken over as a source of inspiration,” Marie Claire editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider explains when I ask why the magazine doesn’t funnel its efforts — dollars, talent, PR, etc. — into an event during Music. “We are proud to have been the first women’s fashion magazine to have participated in SXSWi. The whole festival is filled with the creative, curious, entrepreneurial women Marie Claire speaks to.”

Neiman Marcus was another visitor from Planet Fashion that honed in on the festival’s female patrons early on. “We noticed [Interactive] attendees had become increasingly more sophisticated and more gender-diverse, yet fashion brands were not focused here,” says Neiman’s chief marketing officer Wanda Gierhart. The high-end department store began its relationship with Interactive in 2013, offering a space with refreshments, a beauty bar, and yoga classes. “We created a focal point for women of substance and style.”

In 2015, fashion earned its very own official slice of SXSWi, called SXstyle. It’s nestled within Interactive’s “Convergence Track,” which offers programming for industries like food (SouthBites), sports (SXsports), comedy, and more.

“SXstyle broadens the conversation overall at the event,” Kelly Krause, SXSW’s head of Interactive press, explains of the festival’s interest in backing the three-day series. She tells me that the segment began as an informal fashion-tech meet-up back in 2010. “There was such a strong turn out, with so much excitement and curiosity,” she recalls. This led to similar gatherings in the following years, and by summer 2014, “style and tech” was added as an official category for panel proposals.

Technology has taken over as a source of inspiration.

“It used to cater to a very niche audience,” InStyle editorial director Ariel Foxman says of SXSWi. “But now, especially for fashion and retail, technology is a common mover.” The magazine will host a discussion between Foxman and actress Kerry Washington on Sunday, centered around social media and personal branding. It’s fashion, it’s technology, but it’s hardly what comes to mind when one hears “fashion-tech.” Regardless, a presence at the technology portion of the festival has grown to communicate relevancy. “It’s important for us to remain on the pulse of what’s happening in our space,” Foxman continues. “It’s imperative for growth.”

Events like InStyle’s Kerry Washington chat and Marie Claire’s conversation with the Broad City girls are easy bait for ‘grams, Snaps, and live tweets that will reach an audience far beyond those in the room who shelled out $1,295 for an Interactive badge. “We’ll build on content from my conversation with Kerry for digital and social after the panel,” Foxman adds. Panels like “Self Sells: How Glossier Is Delivering Beauty IRL” with Glossier founder Emily Weiss and “Acceptance Revolution: Fashion’s New Body” with model Ashley Graham and Yahoo Style editor-in-chief Joe Zee are similarly sharable.

That’s not to discount the healthy dose of nitty-gritty biz talks — like “How Virtual Reality Will Change Fashion” or “The Inner Sanctum: Tech In the Fitting Room” — which are a little more “pure” Interactive.

“The gap between art, fashion, design and areas that some might consider ‘nerdy,’ such as computer engineering and coding, is swiftly narrowing,” says Refinery29 co-founder and executive creative director Piera Gelardi. “I love seeing these once seemingly incongruous industries mesh together more and more.” The panel she’s moderating will bring together model Coco Rocha, Google’s Kate Parker, and fashion technologist Madison Maxey to discuss the relationship between science and art.

But let’s be real. Panels are what you do during the day. Then there are the parties.

Photo opps at the 2015 SXstyle Closing Party, presented by Nylon and Original Penguin. Photo: by Natalie Cass/Getty Images for NYLON

Refinery29 and Neiman Marcus are throwing one Friday night (DJed by Hannah Bronfman, no less). It’s the opening of their “School of Self Expression,” a temporary gallery space open to the public with events and activities geared toward “expressing” (ideally, on social media, with the correct hashtag attached).

“Creating live experiences is a huge part of how we express ourselves as a brand at Refinery29,” explains Gelardi. “It allows us to interact with our audience in an immersive way, tell our and our partners’ stories, and truly bring our mission to life IRL.”

Neiman Marcus, the partner in this instance, benefits by having a direct line to an attractive audience — one that’s young, female, and plugged-in. “SXSW helps us bring our brand to the next generation,” Gierhart says. That next generation includes the “91 percent of R29 users who consider themselves early tech adopters,” who according to Geraldi, “also agree they are on the cutting edge of fashion.”

“Tech is dramatically changing the business of fashion. It’s only natural that the industry has become more curious.”

It’s this confluence of interests that makes Interactive prime to blow up in the fashion space this year. “Tech” is no longer dorky and shunned, nor is it scary and overwhelming. It’s “dramatically changing the business of fashion,” says Fulenwider. “It’s only natural that the industry has become more and more curious.”

As it stands, SXSWi is the only place these two worlds naturally come together. It’s still awkward when a tech company tries to infiltrate fashion week, and let me tell you from personal experience: the Consumer Electronics Show is in no fashion world magnet (also the parties aren’t good, even though it’s Vegas).

“SXstyle sparks conversation and energy,” Krause says, “and people can truly network — not just rub elbows.” Fulenwider agrees, emphasizing that “the importance of live events and the in-person exchange of ideas has only grown as the world grows more and more digital.” Of course, it doesn’t suck to exchange ideas in 70-degree Austin, Texas with brand-sponsored happy hours that start at 11 a.m. daily. “SXSW combines music, film, and tech, and this is a beyond fruitful combination,” says Fulenwider. “Then there’s the barbecue.”

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So What Are You Waiting For?

“You will never meet someone that is successful, that has not had many rejections” ~ Diane von Furstenberg



Saint Harridan gets Silicon Valley Seed Money

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Mr. Mary Going and his incredible crew of “Saints” for this amazing accomplishment. A lot of hard work has been put into this visionary company to get it where it is today.  This opportunity will take this vision and style innovation for woman and trans who love masculine fashion to a whole new level.

Here’s the announcement:


Saint Harridan has been accepted into Batch 14 of 500 Startups, the Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by alums of PayPal & Google.

When we applied to the program, we explained that masculine women and transmen have been largely dismissed by mainstream clothiers. They must think we’re on to something. Over 1,000 companies from around the world apply to each cohort, and only 30-35 are accepted, making 500 Startups statistically more difficult to get into than Harvard.

As you know, our team spent 2014 creating “Pop-Up​ ​Shops​.​” We traveled to 15 U​S​ cities, and have personally measured, ​chatted with, and listened to the stories of around 2,000 of you. You ​keep telling us you love our suits for special occasions, but what you really need​ is​ a pair of pants and a shirt to wear in your regular life. ​(​”I need a pair of​ ​pants​​ ​with pockets that ​aren’t skin tight or curvy​!​” -Cal Light, a regular at our​ ​shop in Oakland, California.​)​

Based on these​ ​conversations​ with you​,​ ​​​we ​are ready to ​add everyday wear t​o our line​​.​

That’s where 500 Startups comes in. 500 Startups is a four-month accelerator program that offers ​hot startups a leg-up in ​rapid ​grow​th.​ We started with 500 Startups on July 14 and will be working at their incubator space in San Francisco for the next four months​. (Our ​Oakland Flagship store ​is still open ​on Fridays and Saturdays.​)​

Long story short: 
Expect us to be announcing a lot of new, interesting, cool things over the next few months.

Thanks for rooting for us as we root for you!

Geeking out,
Saint Harridan Team

PS: If you want to bump along with us on our journey, you can follow Mary on twitter @mgogoing​.





I can’t tell you how excited I am about this Disney flick due out in 2014.


First of all it is starring one of my favorite crushes and actress’ Angelina Jolie, not only is she a very good actress but a humanitarian as well as quite a fashion Dandi herself.


Now as for Maleficent I have had a crush on her since I first laid eyes on her back in the ’70’s.  What is it about a powerful, maleficent woman that is so attractive? Who’s to say.  But I know I’m not the only one.




I’m sure the day this opens the theaters will be packed with little kids and gays from all walks of life, and there is absolutely no question as to what the big Halloween costume of 2014 will be…


Heck, I might even go as her myself!




All photo’s courtesy of and Disney.

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LookBook 5

Though I am a spring baby and always look forward to shedding layers when that time rolls around, loving fashion as I do, I admit that there is no better time for putting your best style foot forward than in the fall and winter months.

If you can ;ayer like this and not look like a stuffed turkey I say go for it!
If you can layer like this and not look like a stuffed turkey I say go for it!


Tim Coppens F/W 2013
Tim Coppens F/W 2013


Gieves & Hawkes SS2014
Gieves & Hawkes SS2014


Simple and gorgeous!
Simple and gorgeous!


Cashmere Melton Varsity Jacket
Cashmere Melton Varsity Jacket


Suspenders are the style accent piece that sets you apart.
Suspenders are the style accent piece that sets you apart.


"I don't always smoke, but when I do..."
“I don’t always smoke, but when I do…”


The always fabulous Esther Quek!
The always fabulous Esther Quek!


The Fem version.
The Fem version.


Aymeline Valade
Aymeline Valade


Don't be afraid to take it there.
Don’t be afraid to take it there.




Photos courtesy of the

fabulous people of Tumblr


Parkland – The Movie

‘Parkland’ shines new light on Kennedy assassination
BILLY BOB THORNTON stars as ?Forrest Sorrels,? the head of the Secret Service in Dallas, in a scene from the motion picture PARKLAND.

(Yup, that’s PreppyBaba behind Billy Bob!)

Claire Folger, Exclusive Media Entertainment, LLC

BILLY BOB THORNTON stars as ?Forrest Sorrels,? the head of the Secret Service in Dallas, in a scene from the motion picture PARKLAND.

by Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY

Peter Landesman had an ambitious task with his film Parkland — finding a fresh look at the thoroughly examined assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The screenwriter and first-time director focused on the smaller players with vital but overlooked roles in the chaotic drama which played out on Nov. 22, 1963.

“This is a movie about the ground truth from the ground level,” Landesman says about the film due out Sept. 20. “What surprised me was the power and poignancy of those who survived that day and the three that followed — the heroism, the instincts and the pathos of those swept up in this tsunami. This is an event that happened to individuals.”

After the motorcade shooting in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza, Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead despite desperate attempts to save his life. His assailant, Lee Harvey Oswald, died in the same hospital two days later after being shot in the stomach.

The unraveling and intertwining narrative stays away from prominent characters such as the Kennedys and instead explores the besieged hospital staff — with Zac Efron playing the rookie doctor on duty and Marcia Gay Harden as the head nurse in the trauma room. The staff was told only that the president was on the way to the hospital, not of the terrible events which had transpired.

“No one was prepared for what was coming. They thought the president had the flu,” says Landesman.

Paul Giamatti plays Abraham Zapruder, the accidental witness who happened to be filming the motorcade. “That 26 seconds of film changed his life and all of our lives forever,” says Landesman. “It’s the most examined and investigated piece of celluloid in the history of film.”

Billy Bob Thornton portrays Forrest Sorrels, the head of Dallas’ Secret Service office, who took the unstoppable crime personally.

“The Secret Service had never lost a man, and they lost their man,” says Thornton. “He felt bound and determined to find out what happened immediately while he was going through the worst time in his life. He felt completely responsible.”

Landesman was adamant about shooting key scenes in Dealey Plaza, even painstakingly reconstructing the open-topped stretch limousine in which Kennedy was riding with first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The setting carried emotional weight for the actors and crew. Thornton, who recalls being sent home from school at age 8 after the assassination, said he had a surreal experience acting in a scene near the plaza.

“Paul (Giamatti) looks so much like Zapruder that it just all seemed very, very real,” says Thornton. “You really forgot that you were making a movie for a moment.”

Landesman says the film follows Oswald, played by “eerily accurate” Jeremy Strong, and his family. James Badge Dale is brother Robert and Jacki Weaver is mother Marguerite. ButParkland, which will be showcased in both the Toronto and Venice film festivals, does not address any of the conspiracies attached to Oswald’s actions.

“That’s not what this film is about. No one is putting together any kind of puzzle here. They’re just surviving,” says Landesman. “But the film will open up a new avenue of debate. And a healthy one.”


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Tie The Knot

tie the

Tie The Knot.  What a perfect name for the season.  And as more and more couples are looking to actually tie the knot, here is an opportunity for the Dandi to (k)not only look stylish (see what I did there!?!), but to also benefit a number of LGBT organizations.

Jesse and Justin
Jesse and Justin

Jess Tyler Ferguson and his fiance Justin Mikita have created this wonderful line of bow-ties for the dapper Dandi in all of us.  Their mission is to help LGBT causes as well as use their visibility as a couple to support gay marriage.

Bowtie 1

Stylish and very Jesse…

bowties 2

…and they just released their spring collection last week at Avenue in New York with a plan to add cufflinks for the summer collection.

Bowties 3

They are also looking to team up with a stationary store and create wedding invitations with the proceeds going on to benefit marraige equality.

Creative ways to raise money and raise awareness.  Got to love it!

Tie The Knot ties are available exclusively at The Tie Bar!

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