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Saint Harridan gets Silicon Valley Seed Money

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Mr. Mary Going and his incredible crew of “Saints” for this amazing accomplishment. A lot of hard work has been put into this visionary company to get it where it is today.  This opportunity will take this vision and style innovation for woman and trans who love masculine fashion to a whole new level.

Here’s the announcement:


Saint Harridan has been accepted into Batch 14 of 500 Startups, the Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by alums of PayPal & Google.

When we applied to the program, we explained that masculine women and transmen have been largely dismissed by mainstream clothiers. They must think we’re on to something. Over 1,000 companies from around the world apply to each cohort, and only 30-35 are accepted, making 500 Startups statistically more difficult to get into than Harvard.

As you know, our team spent 2014 creating “Pop-Up​ ​Shops​.​” We traveled to 15 U​S​ cities, and have personally measured, ​chatted with, and listened to the stories of around 2,000 of you. You ​keep telling us you love our suits for special occasions, but what you really need​ is​ a pair of pants and a shirt to wear in your regular life. ​(​”I need a pair of​ ​pants​​ ​with pockets that ​aren’t skin tight or curvy​!​” -Cal Light, a regular at our​ ​shop in Oakland, California.​)​

Based on these​ ​conversations​ with you​,​ ​​​we ​are ready to ​add everyday wear t​o our line​​.​

That’s where 500 Startups comes in. 500 Startups is a four-month accelerator program that offers ​hot startups a leg-up in ​rapid ​grow​th.​ We started with 500 Startups on July 14 and will be working at their incubator space in San Francisco for the next four months​. (Our ​Oakland Flagship store ​is still open ​on Fridays and Saturdays.​)​

Long story short: 
Expect us to be announcing a lot of new, interesting, cool things over the next few months.

Thanks for rooting for us as we root for you!

Geeking out,
Saint Harridan Team

PS: If you want to bump along with us on our journey, you can follow Mary on twitter @mgogoing​.





I can’t tell you how excited I am about this Disney flick due out in 2014.


First of all it is starring one of my favorite crushes and actress’ Angelina Jolie, not only is she a very good actress but a humanitarian as well as quite a fashion Dandi herself.


Now as for Maleficent I have had a crush on her since I first laid eyes on her back in the ’70’s.  What is it about a powerful, maleficent woman that is so attractive? Who’s to say.  But I know I’m not the only one.




I’m sure the day this opens the theaters will be packed with little kids and gays from all walks of life, and there is absolutely no question as to what the big Halloween costume of 2014 will be…


Heck, I might even go as her myself!




All photo’s courtesy of and Disney.

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Tie The Knot

tie the

Tie The Knot.  What a perfect name for the season.  And as more and more couples are looking to actually tie the knot, here is an opportunity for the Dandi to (k)not only look stylish (see what I did there!?!), but to also benefit a number of LGBT organizations.

Jesse and Justin
Jesse and Justin

Jess Tyler Ferguson and his fiance Justin Mikita have created this wonderful line of bow-ties for the dapper Dandi in all of us.  Their mission is to help LGBT causes as well as use their visibility as a couple to support gay marriage.

Bowtie 1

Stylish and very Jesse…

bowties 2

…and they just released their spring collection last week at Avenue in New York with a plan to add cufflinks for the summer collection.

Bowties 3

They are also looking to team up with a stationary store and create wedding invitations with the proceeds going on to benefit marraige equality.

Creative ways to raise money and raise awareness.  Got to love it!

Tie The Knot ties are available exclusively at The Tie Bar!

Richard Chai

Five years ago the brother of Odin, New York’s founder Eddy Chai started his own menswear label.

Richard Chai‘s collections represent the creative urban Dandi who has style but doesn’t want to look “too pulled together.”

Chai’s designs are not to be considered precious, he is a strong believer and upholder of the idea of that fashion can be stylish, actually fashion forward, yet casual at the same time.

Even his footwear has elements of casual elegance.

For F/W 2012 Chai has kept his pallet warm and dark.

This lends his collection to go with just about anything you want to pair the pieces with.  The lines are unique and pure;  his collection has both a international and Americana feel.  And I particularly love all of the elements of this last picture.  Any Dandi would feel put together and powerfully stylish in this look for F/W 2012.


Photos courtesy of:

The Haircut for Spring 2012

I am simply in love with Men’s Fashion Director for Neiman’s Nick Wooster!


This cut will give you a more edgy look.


I jumped on board. It will give my preppy tendencies a sharper edge.


Fem’s are rocking it too. Go Cassie and Milla!


Try it long in the front…


Or like Sasha Mallory, do something different and fierce with it daily!


Photos courtesy of:,,,,



Commonwealth Proper

You want gorgeous and proper?  Then look stage left and welcome Commonwealth Proper.   Custom and ready to wear clothing made for the stylish Dandi.

And these fabulous designs are made in the U.S.

Look at this beautiful three piece suit and the gorgeous collar on the vest, styled beautifully with a sleek patterned hankie.

David Arquette is one of the owners (and who doesn’t love a movie star that also has a clothing line…) and I’ve certainly got to love menswear that fits our beloved Dandi Chaz Bono so well.

Photos courtesy of:,,

Erin Martin – The Voice

Erin, Erin, Erin…oh what a lovely voice you have…I know I have been very remiss in putting her in the PreppyBaba Hall of lesbian TV Fame but you’ve got to give me a bit of a break, television is exploding with out and proud Dandi’s (yes Dandi’s can be feminine too!) all over the place.  And I think that calls for a RuPaul quote – “Can I get an Amen!?!”

Erin’s voice is raw, sultry and extremely mature for such a young performer.  She is a dynamo on stage which I have to say saved her in her head to head competition with the ever loud and louder Sheilds Brothers.  Nice guys but I felt them to be a little one note in my fingers in ears opinion.

Cee Lo really picked a winner when he chose her and no matter what happens to her in the coming days I think she will go a long way in the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere (I see an album in her future for sure).

And as always I’ve got to say a little sump’in-sump’in about this girl’s flair for fashion.  I think I’ll just use one word that will say it all…A-mazing!


Photos courtesy of:,,

Kara Laricks

Kara Laricks of the interesting new fashion show Fashion Star, is one of our own and is showing herself to be a great designer.

On the first week of the show she didn’t quite ‘wow’ us with her innovative collar and tie designs.  It’s not that they aren’t fabulous, it was just that she made the strange decision to make her first impression to us and the buyers by showing her first line against the backdrop of someone else’s clothes.

Kara wound up with no bids and in the bottom three but was thankfully saved for this week where she not only rocked it out with her fashion sense and dress creation…

but created a bidding war between H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue, with the initial bid starting at $50,000 and Saks winning out with the highest bid offered any designer so far at $110,000.  Kara is the fashion Dandi to watch.  I think she will do very well on this show and in her career as a designer. Go to Saks and buy her latest creation for your sweetie today!


Photos courtesy of:,,,

ANTM’s British Invasion – Azmarie

Ooo – la-la!!  Azmarie is hot by anyone’s standards and she was last nights winner of America’s Next Top Model.    Every season Tyra tries to stir things up with a bi-sexual or lesbian but this season she definitely out did herself with Azmarie.  Even my sweetie has a little crush on her (and if she were my type I wouldn’t be able to resist either.)

You know I love androgyny so I absolutely love Azmarie’s look.  She was clearly born that way.  Her pouty lips and intrinsic personal style are almost too hot for television.

I was scared for her last week because she did not deliver on her photograph and I was afraid that despite her gorgwa-ness she wasn’t going to be able to make  it work on camera.

But she more than made up for it this week and brought not only delivered a not picture but also brought  it as a leader and creative director (though I also think she excelled because she loved being able to touch all the ladies!) 🙂

My household is rooting for you Azmarie.  I hope you get to be crowned America’s Next Top Model.  We all will be well represented.


Photos courtesy of:

Oscar’s Best for 2012

I love the Oscars, it’s in my blood, in fact I was born on Oscar night so many years ago when West Side Story (my favorite musical) swept the night.  I wasn’t looking at gowns or tuxes back then but now style gazing is as much fun as betting on  which of my favorite movies will win.

My congratulations to all of the winners particularly Octavia Spencer for her award winning performance in The Help.

Now onto the Dandy’s and their tuxes for the Oscars. Notched, peak, and shawl collars graced the red carpet and stage for this years event. So let’s begin!

Tom Cruise in this elegant custom designed Midnight Blue Giorgio Armani.

Chris Rock as dapper as ever.

My favorite for the night was the duel Tom combo, Tom Hanks in Tom Ford.  Simply delicious!

The ever dapper, stylish and fashion icon Sean “Diddy” Combs in his own design,  giving us his best Tyra Banks for the camera!

And last but certainly not least my favorite Hollywood couple.  Brad Pitt is a Ford man and always looks elegant in his formal wear and then there is Angelina Jolie, an LGBT icon and now simply known as “the leg” for the 2012 Oscars. I say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!,,,


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