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So I got this catalog in the mail yesterday and it really caught my eye.  Not because of the clothes, per se, there is nothing at first glance that is particularly revolutionary between its pages, in fact you can find just about every style they offer in many catalogs and stores where you go to buy well-made casual menswear. What I liked about it was how it made me feel. It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a catalog that made me actually want to peruse it.


It is a subtle but definite step into the direction of making flannel, khaki’s, Chukka boots and leather jackets a little more modern, yet keeping it rugged.


There is a sense of whimsy about it and the clothes really fit the brand.  The whole of it evokes camping or being in the woods in the winter. Or even yet, being a well dressed-down hipster.

Brown Jacket


In looking on the website, because I honestly thought this was a spin-off company from a larger retailer trying to appeal to a hipper audience, I didn’t find much that made it personal to the founder Matt Cooper. But the designs are true to his design muse.



Like the name insinuates, he likes polished carbon and rough cobalt.  Matt’s intention is to “design unique details into the clothing that will enhance your individual style”.



The quality of their product looks good overall and they do a fine job of offering a nice variety of categories, though very curated.




All photos courtesy of Carbon2Cobalt website

Understanding the Shoe

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



Photo credit:





Carmina Shoemaker

I really love shoes.  I really do.  I think if I could only pick one thing in fashion to splurge on it would be shoes and Carmina Shoemaker has some of the most beautiful and finely crafted shoes on the planet.

Carmina 910

This brand was started by Matias Pujadas in a small workshop in Inca, Majorca in 1866.


Many generations later…

Rubi Cordavan

Rubi Cordavan

…and after a downturn in the market for luxury shoes in 1997 (what were they thinking?) Carmina Shoemaker was born.



Created by Matais great-great grandson Jose Albaldejo and family, they decided to…

Oscaria Last

Women’s Oscaria Last

…provide some of best hand-crafted shoes to the world.  And I must say, they have definitely succeeded in their mission.


I mean, just look at how beautiful these shoes and boots are.

Rain Snuff Swede

Rain Snuff Swede

And the styles are also incredibly timeless. Not an easy “feat” to pull off, (yeah, I did!)

Simpson Last

And yet they are also very sexy.

Women's wingtips and tassels

Women’s wingtips and tassels

And what I really love about this company is the fact that they also do gorgeous women’s shoes…

Women's Carmina

…that are inspired by their masculine counterparts.

Women's Carmina 2

I have such a big foot I can wear men’s or women’s shoes, but for the Dandi’s out there with smaller feet (but a bigger budget because these shoes start in the $400 range) this is definitely an investment well made.



Photo’s courtesy of:

Carmina Shoemaker tumblr

Fall Is Upon Us!

Okay, maybe it’s not yet here and now but it is coming.  I mean Labor Day is tomorrow or if you are just waking up and reading this, today.  And no you don’t have to put away your whites (shoes or clothes) if you don’t want to but I’m certainly gearing up for wearing something besides shorts and a t-shirt so here are some of my picks for your next shopping spree, as well as some style ideas.  Enjoy!


Zonkey Boot
Zonkey Boots


Fairisle scarves by Drake’s London  Lambswool, hand knot fringes Handmade in England
Fairisle scarves by Drake’s London
Lambswool, hand knot fringes
Handmade in England


Layering done well.


High-top Converse are always a hit!
High-top Converse are always a hit!


Some accessory ideas to go with that Saint Harridan


Add color with socks.
Add color with socks.


It’s nice not to always wear a jacket.


Leather is in top or bottom (Viktor & Rolf)
Leather is in top or bottom.
(Viktor & Rolf)


Take your style up a notch, even with the basics. (Giorgio Armani)
Take your style up a notch, even
with the basics. (Giorgio Armani)




Lookbook (2)

The Weekender
The Weekender

Style is about image….

I would love to get this in the mail - wooden packaging!
I would love to get this in the mail – wooden packaging!


Preppybaba Style
Preppybaba Style


Grandpa Style
Grandpa Style


H2T Style
H2T Style



My favorite pair of shoes
My favorite pair of shoes


Love the watch chain.
Love the watch chain.


These boots are delicious.
These boots are delicious.



A pair of driving gloves will always set you apart.
A pair of driving gloves will always set you apart.

most of all…


Loafers in Style.  Love them all!
Loafers in Style. Love them all!

loving yourself.





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Lookbook (1)

I love the new looks for spring and the ones that are on the horizon for FW13/14.  I got to thinking that I would just do my own little personal tearsheet/lookbook and share it with you all as I come upon looks I love and ways of wearing it that will help the dapper dandi in all of us.

I probably won’t write very much on these, so that I can visit you all more often.

Let these pics be your guide to what’s going on in the fashion streets and how trendy dandi’s are wearing it.  Then make up your own way of presenting it.  That’s what makes fashion so much fun.  So enjoy and I hope to see you back here more real soon!



Dapper Chris Pine
Dapper Chris Pine


LB 2

Blue Brogue Shoes
Blue Brogue Shoes


LB 4

LB 3





Great Gatsby Look
Great Gatsby Look
Preppy redefined (I love it!)
Preppy redefined (I love it!)




Things For Spring


So the dog days of winter are upon us and it’s time to not only start thinking spring but start shopping for spring.

So I too must follow suit and check out what’s in the stores to my liking.

Robert Graham
Robert Graham

And of course I found tons of things but all Dandi’s are on a budget of some kind so I did have to pull back and make smart choices.

Always take into account what you already have in your closet that you are excited to give a fresh look to for the new season.

And don’t forget to take into account any new activities that you want to start up or have over the winter.  Like these white shorts for me, since over the winter I took up tennis again.  These will be great to hit the courts in.

And so many of us are somehow still showing up at the gym since our New Year’s resolutions.  If you are feeling the need for a little incentive try buying yourself a new groovy bag to put your things in, that should keep you going for at least another month.


Kenneth Cole

And though I truly have no more room in my closet for new shoes, they are a must.  If your budget will not allow for a lot of new things, I always find a great new pair of shoes will draw the eye off of the clothes you may be recycling from last year and make everything fresher.


Sometimes all we need is a little pick me up to accentuate our wardrobe but don’t know quite what it is.  Well if you can’t use another bow-tie or pocket square you can never go wrong with another pair of colorful, conversation starting socks.





‘Tis the season when wedding bells ring, flowers are made into corsages and boutonniere‘s, and the blood pressure of many a lesbian bride and groom rises in anticipation of the most beautiful day of their lives together.  Now when it comes to that special day there are a lot of factors to take into account for the groom.

Certainly the groom Dandi should go forth and get a well-fitted suit, if in the budget perhaps even one tailored uniquely to them.  But as I’ve pointed out often in my blog many a time.  I like shoes, a lot.  So it stands to reason that I believe when you are getting dressed up, whether it be for the one time (hopefully!) special event of your wedding or some other more formal occasion

…one should start with their shoes.

I have noticed that a good pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks.  I think it’s mainly because it’s one of the few things that we can see constantly on our own person, unless we spend a lot of time passing a mirror for quick admiring glances.

That said, of course fit, matching your loved one in a complementary versus matchy- matchy way (unless you like that sort of thing) should be utmost in mind,

but a proper pair of shoes will take you a very long way.  Now as you’ve noticed with this last picture of fancy shoes I’ve put up it’s not as formal as the rest.   If dressing like you’re a cast member of Downton Abbey isn’t your style then definitely have fun with your footwear choice.  (It may be the only say you have in the matter. 🙂

Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue -
Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue –

Not wearing a traditional black tux?  Then black shoes are probably not going to be your thing either unless you are working with grays or blues.

And even then don’t be afraid to have fun (but do avoid looking like you are on your way to the prom.  Remember there will be pictures permanently reminding you of your choices.)

Not a formal kind of Dandi?  That’s okay too (of course it is!)  Even if you’ve been rangled into a tux you can still pull off some personality by adding an elegant kick to the mix instead of a patent shoe (which I assure you will increase your will to dance in the wee hours of the night.)



Dr. Martens

When I was but a wee Dandi I used to own just about every style of Dr. Martens they made, from shoes to boots.  They had a considerable amount of styles but not like thy have today (and they leaned much heavier in those days on the theme of black).

Over the years Dr. Marten has become less Punk and Goth (not, of course, forgetting these fans) but they have become a lot more inclusive and give even their most dye-hard customers a chance to continue to wear them when they need to “get dressed up”.

Fall is here and you don’t have to convince me twive to seek out an excuse to buy new boots.

Not in the market for a boot-boot? How about these hushpuppy-esk boots?  They are a collaboration between the Dr. and Stussey.  A great variation on a theme for sure.

Oh, and don’t think for one minute that Dr. Marten is just about your feet.  Check out these fabulous bags from their S/S 2012 collection.  I love when a brand expands and does it right!


Photos courtesy of:


Maison Martin Margiela

Hot off the Paris runway the collection for 2012/2013 by Maison Martin Margiela is splendid.

There are looks for Dandi.   What I love about the look above is that we are all so used to seeing this grouping and silhouette in camel but here it is in hues of pink, fabulous.

How daring and modern is this? Another fabulous diversion in an almost Pea coat silhouette, not to mention the absurdly shiny ‘look at me’ pants that only a brave Dandi might want to venture out in.

This look has all the classic pieces but the shirt is a bit blousy, perhaps not the favorite choice of a typical Dandi ( and I do hope that’s not real fur!)  Love the splashes of turquoise.

Vroom, vroooom.  An interesting and stylish take on the sexy and aluring motorcycle uniform.  It almost looks like a cropped formal jacket on top of a Ducati (and love the boots)


Photos courtesy of:,,

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