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Saint Harridan gets Silicon Valley Seed Money

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Mr. Mary Going and his incredible crew of “Saints” for this amazing accomplishment. A lot of hard work has been put into this visionary company to get it where it is today.  This opportunity will take this vision and style innovation for woman and trans who love masculine fashion to a whole new level.

Here’s the announcement:


Saint Harridan has been accepted into Batch 14 of 500 Startups, the Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by alums of PayPal & Google.

When we applied to the program, we explained that masculine women and transmen have been largely dismissed by mainstream clothiers. They must think we’re on to something. Over 1,000 companies from around the world apply to each cohort, and only 30-35 are accepted, making 500 Startups statistically more difficult to get into than Harvard.

As you know, our team spent 2014 creating “Pop-Up​ ​Shops​.​” We traveled to 15 U​S​ cities, and have personally measured, ​chatted with, and listened to the stories of around 2,000 of you. You ​keep telling us you love our suits for special occasions, but what you really need​ is​ a pair of pants and a shirt to wear in your regular life. ​(​”I need a pair of​ ​pants​​ ​with pockets that ​aren’t skin tight or curvy​!​” -Cal Light, a regular at our​ ​shop in Oakland, California.​)​

Based on these​ ​conversations​ with you​,​ ​​​we ​are ready to ​add everyday wear t​o our line​​.​

That’s where 500 Startups comes in. 500 Startups is a four-month accelerator program that offers ​hot startups a leg-up in ​rapid ​grow​th.​ We started with 500 Startups on July 14 and will be working at their incubator space in San Francisco for the next four months​. (Our ​Oakland Flagship store ​is still open ​on Fridays and Saturdays.​)​

Long story short: 
Expect us to be announcing a lot of new, interesting, cool things over the next few months.

Thanks for rooting for us as we root for you!

Geeking out,
Saint Harridan Team

PS: If you want to bump along with us on our journey, you can follow Mary on twitter @mgogoing​.



The British Are Coming

Gieves & Hawkes is coming across the pond and into our own backyard. That’s right! Over 200 years (243 to be exact) of Bespoke goodness is about to be on our shores.  Not only is it one of the oldest Savile Row tailors, it is also tailor to the Royals!

The thing I really love about this company is that even though they are almost as old as the history of the Bespoked suit, they also have a very modern and contemporary approach  (now thanks to their new CCO, Jason Basmajian), there is much less stuffiness here than one might expect.

Bergdorf Goodman will be the brand’s exclusive retailer (looks like a trip to New York.) They will offer off-the-rack suits, separates, outerwear and offer bespoke and made-to-measure services.

Here’s what we have to look forward to:











































Suit 2


B&W Ad


Ad 3






Photos courtesy of:

Gieves & Hawkes



Saint Harridan Has Done It!

From the Saint Harridan website:


Oh My God … They Fit!

Day one of our first Pop-Up Shop is finished and the news is fantastic: We did it! We absolutely did it!

We set out to make an impeccable men’s style suit that will fit hansdsomely on women and transmen … and it worked! Person after person came in the store – different shapes, different heights, different weights – put on our trousers and jackets, and looked fantastic!

Hey Bay Area, Don’t Miss Day Two!

So, it’s really happening. And for one more day (today!) you can experience it. You can walk into our Pop-Up Shop, knowing you’re our expected customer. You can try on a suit you will love, and it will fit your body. You can experience the beginning of this era we are entering: a time when the clothes you wear validate the life you live.

If you feel right in a suit, come try one on!

Saint Harridan Pop-Up Shop
Sunday, August 18, 2013
LOCATION: Show & Tell Concept Shop
1300 Clay Street #160, Oakland – at City Center
1 block from 12th Street Bart

And remember, you don’t have to live in Oakland, California to get yourself some Saint Harridan threads!
Saint Harridan’s web store is open 24/7!
When we openned the shop this morning it looked pretty good.
But as the day went on, it just looked better,
and better,
and better!
Copyright © 2013 Saint Harridan, All rights reserved. 

Short Sets

It is finally getting hot outside.  Well, after a few days of 108 degrees here in Texas perhaps too hot.

SS 1

All that to say we can now get on with wearing our shorts to just about any activity summer has in store for us.

SS 2

There is always the casual look.  It is nice to elevate this look with a cute pair of shoes.


Or add a fabulous jacket.


If you are athletic here is a very fashoin forward way to show up at your next touch football event.

You can never go wrong with jean shorts.


And Camo is the new black.

Not into Camo?  Try something like this cute print.


Short-shorts are the very in thing for 2013/SS so if you have the confidence and the legs for it DO IT!

If short-shorts aren’t quite your thing here is a stylish cut of short.  I like the whole outfit actually.


Got somewhere a little more dressed up to go?  This is a great way to look and stay cool.


Swim trunks aren’t really shorts but they can be worn as such, so that you’ll be ready for lunch or an afternoon swim.


Soccer anyone?  I love this look so much!


Add whimsy with your shoes, this look can be dressy or casual and it looks great on him.









HVRMINN is an emerging (and much tumblr’d) sartorial menswear label created by the soft spoken lead designer Minn Hur, and his business partner Kevin Wang.

Hur and Wang

Hur and Wang

They make made-to-measure suits for Dandi’s of all kinds,

Wang 1

with an alluring vintage (yet very modern) look,


(if you love their look check out their blog New Amsterdam Boys)


Wang 2


in gorgeous colors,

Minn 2

M and W 2

and a Bespoke fit (who could ask for anything more?)

Wang 3


M and W 4

M and W 5

M and W 3



Check them out at:HVRMINN





A State of the Repubilc

Spring time is just around the corner but for some of us (and strangely this Austinite is included this time) winter and her cold, wet, windy days are still chilling our bones and inspiring our layering prowess full force.


One of my favorite places to shop, because I know I can always find something I love, and their menswear fits my body without alterations (which is fantastic)  is Banana Republic (not big on the name, but what can you do). One of the other reasons I like to shop here  is because they really try to do new things and bring new ideas and design to what really is a preppy aesthetic and their sales staff is very helpful, even with a Dandi picking out clothes for herself on the men’s side.


As we fade out of winter into spring there are  some very good looks here, and when I was in our local store doing a little shopping myself here are some of my favorites.















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Richard Chai

Five years ago the brother of Odin, New York’s founder Eddy Chai started his own menswear label.

Richard Chai‘s collections represent the creative urban Dandi who has style but doesn’t want to look “too pulled together.”

Chai’s designs are not to be considered precious, he is a strong believer and upholder of the idea of that fashion can be stylish, actually fashion forward, yet casual at the same time.

Even his footwear has elements of casual elegance.

For F/W 2012 Chai has kept his pallet warm and dark.

This lends his collection to go with just about anything you want to pair the pieces with.  The lines are unique and pure;  his collection has both a international and Americana feel.  And I particularly love all of the elements of this last picture.  Any Dandi would feel put together and powerfully stylish in this look for F/W 2012.


Photos courtesy of:

H&M is Coming to Austin!

Yes that’s right, H&M is coming to my fair city.  And because I live here I cannot tell you how happy, dare I say dizzy with excitement I am at the thought that H&M is finally finding its way to my neck of the woods.

I remember the first time I shopped at an H&M, it was in New York City.  I walked out of that store with more clothes than I had ever purchased in one outing and I still had plenty of money left in my bank account.

The collection for F/W 2012-13 is fashion forward and edgy.  Austin Dandi’s will be looking their best and can mix their Austin style with these designs and create some eye grabbing looks.

The collection has incorporated bold colors…

Variations on the theme of jacket…


…and layering.  My closet and I cannot wait until they open their doors right up the street.  I plan to mix H&M into my shopping routine, along with all of the amazing local retailers that make Austin one of the coolest emerging fashion cities in the country (yes I said Austin!)

Check out the video! H&M Men’s F/W2012

Photos courtesy of:,,

Wallets, Belts and Hardware

I love the internet for many, many things but not so much for shopping.  It is not that I am so old fashion that I cannot get the wonder of being able to go online any time of the night or day and shop.  Nor am I clueless to the fact that the internet is one of the best ways for a start-up (see my Consulting tab 🙂 to open a store without much overhead.

That said, I have been in love with brick and mortar stores since I was a wee little Dandi and I believe that being able to walk into a store and not only try on the clothes, but have the warmth and service that comes with interacting with a great and knowledgeable shop owner and sales staff is one of the best experiences one can have.

I also believe that shopping local is the way to any economies heart and the other day I was in a local Austin store, Creatures Boutique, on South Congress.  They have been around for eleven years serving up really cool stuff.  The sad news is that they no longer carry the extensive and unique collection of men’s shoes and boots that lined the side wall and made me drool every time I went there.  In fact, it seems they have done away with all things men.  But since I am more about the mixing of the sexes I did find some great accessories that I think will work well for any Dandi’s wardrobe.

Shara Porter Wallets

Shara Porter Wallets

Shara Porter Wallets

I really love the masculine pictures on these thin (and easy to sit on) leather wallets.  Shara Porter is a designer and artist who seeks out vintage accessories to give them new life.  Check out her website to find out where to buy her great designs.

Classic Hardware

Being a little cocky myself I love a good rooster accessory.  Creatures had this gem by Classic Hardware – Karyn Cantor sitting in the window.  If you have a belt that you are especially attached to but don’t wear it because the buckle is too small or it is dated don’t throw it out, just go buy a new buckle.  Worn-in leather is one of my favorite looks with jeans. Check out to find more about Karyn and the other artists she collaborates with.

Neves Belts

Last but certainly not least I found these cool belts at Creatures that can give a Dandi that Steve McQueen look from Neves.

Neves Belt

Don’t be afraid of color.  Especially as a Dandi.  Our job is to threaten the boredom inherent in day-to-day dressing.  Some brave souls will wear this red belt with red shoes.  That would not be my style but if you are up to it, go for it!

Neves Belts

Basic black goes a long way.  If you are shopping for a belt and love the leather but the buckle stops you from buying it, think again!  Remember that all you need to do is change out the buckle and you will have the belt of your dreams.  Neves also has an extensive selection of buckles.  Check them out on

Where I shopped:


1206 south congress

austin, texas 78704


open 11-7 daily

Coach and Hugo Guinness

Hugo Guinness is a Brooklyn-based London-born artist extraordinaire who Coach has collaborated with for this mens’ targeted collection.

Guinness, known for his childlike linocut prints, has put his artistic touch on the reversible totes above and these impeccably crafted wallets.

Looking for a gift for that special Dandi?  This key ring will make you a hit with anyone you know.


And if you are looking for a gift for me (aw, you shouldn’t have) I am in love with this Hand Cuff Electronic Zip Cord Case (and I don’t even have that many cords.)

I love a beautiful store and this one makes me drool so if you are ever in Manhattan do check out this gorgeous Coach Men’s Store.

  • 370 Bleecker St.
    New York 10014
  • 212-243-3612
  • Price:
  • Shop Type:
    Belts, Ties + Cufflinks, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches, Men’s Clothing, Gifts & Novelties

Photos courtesy of:,

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