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Tie The Knot

tie the

Tie The Knot.  What a perfect name for the season.  And as more and more couples are looking to actually tie the knot, here is an opportunity for the Dandi to (k)not only look stylish (see what I did there!?!), but to also benefit a number of LGBT organizations.

Jesse and Justin
Jesse and Justin

Jess Tyler Ferguson and his fiance Justin Mikita have created this wonderful line of bow-ties for the dapper Dandi in all of us.  Their mission is to help LGBT causes as well as use their visibility as a couple to support gay marriage.

Bowtie 1

Stylish and very Jesse…

bowties 2

…and they just released their spring collection last week at Avenue in New York with a plan to add cufflinks for the summer collection.

Bowties 3

They are also looking to team up with a stationary store and create wedding invitations with the proceeds going on to benefit marraige equality.

Creative ways to raise money and raise awareness.  Got to love it!

Tie The Knot ties are available exclusively at The Tie Bar!

Holmes Style

I first came to know him as the fabulous Sherlock Holmes, and fabulous he most certainly is, my goodness I have never seen such elegance in a crime drama and certainly never seen Sherlock Holmes depicted this way on American screens.


His name is Benedict Cumberbatch, an up-and-coming actor with already a lot of grand performances under his belt.




And boy can he strike a Dandy pose in any outfit he is put in.


He looks good in and out of a suit.


Coats and jackets love his frame.  He really shows how a suit, coat or jacket should hang and frame the body.

5 6 7

But what I also love is that when he is not in something that demands you serve it, he can present relaxed and casual in such an elegant way.

Benedict Cumberbatch-LMK-012495

And he even allows whimsy to come into play, you’ve always got to make the outfit your own!


And for all you Trekkies out there look for him in the upcoming Star Trek – Into Darkness playing the villain (villains always get to wear the best clothes, I hope they stay true to this.)




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The London Olympics 2012

I just clicked on the Opening Ceremony page of the 2012 Olympics|London and we now have 3 hours and 19 minutes to go before all we hear (like it’s not happening already) for the next two weeks will be about the Olympics.

I was a much bigger fan when I was younger.  I loved both the summer and the winter Olympics.  Now I am a bit meh about the whole thing (I hate to admit) though the opening ceremonies are hard to resist.  They are very much equal to a mix of  high concept runway show and high octane Cirque du Soleil (with slow parts in between).

There’s been a lot more fashion talk than usual about the designers for the Olympics, Stella McCartney’s  participation definitely helped.  Even Ab Fab came back from the dead to participate (I love those women!)

I watched the Olympic episode last night and the funniest bit were the ones with and about Stella.

Of course  Ralph Lauren is the Proud Outfitter of Team USA (why is the girl in the back and why is there only one!?!)

And if you are itching for some Olympic gear of your own it is everywhere, but I really liked what Nautica came up with for a Dandi sports look.


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The Haircut for Spring 2012

I am simply in love with Men’s Fashion Director for Neiman’s Nick Wooster!


This cut will give you a more edgy look.


I jumped on board. It will give my preppy tendencies a sharper edge.


Fem’s are rocking it too. Go Cassie and Milla!


Try it long in the front…


Or like Sasha Mallory, do something different and fierce with it daily!


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Erin Martin – The Voice

Erin, Erin, Erin…oh what a lovely voice you have…I know I have been very remiss in putting her in the PreppyBaba Hall of lesbian TV Fame but you’ve got to give me a bit of a break, television is exploding with out and proud Dandi’s (yes Dandi’s can be feminine too!) all over the place.  And I think that calls for a RuPaul quote – “Can I get an Amen!?!”

Erin’s voice is raw, sultry and extremely mature for such a young performer.  She is a dynamo on stage which I have to say saved her in her head to head competition with the ever loud and louder Sheilds Brothers.  Nice guys but I felt them to be a little one note in my fingers in ears opinion.

Cee Lo really picked a winner when he chose her and no matter what happens to her in the coming days I think she will go a long way in the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere (I see an album in her future for sure).

And as always I’ve got to say a little sump’in-sump’in about this girl’s flair for fashion.  I think I’ll just use one word that will say it all…A-mazing!


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Kara Laricks

Kara Laricks of the interesting new fashion show Fashion Star, is one of our own and is showing herself to be a great designer.

On the first week of the show she didn’t quite ‘wow’ us with her innovative collar and tie designs.  It’s not that they aren’t fabulous, it was just that she made the strange decision to make her first impression to us and the buyers by showing her first line against the backdrop of someone else’s clothes.

Kara wound up with no bids and in the bottom three but was thankfully saved for this week where she not only rocked it out with her fashion sense and dress creation…

but created a bidding war between H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue, with the initial bid starting at $50,000 and Saks winning out with the highest bid offered any designer so far at $110,000.  Kara is the fashion Dandi to watch.  I think she will do very well on this show and in her career as a designer. Go to Saks and buy her latest creation for your sweetie today!


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ANTM’s British Invasion – Azmarie

Ooo – la-la!!  Azmarie is hot by anyone’s standards and she was last nights winner of America’s Next Top Model.    Every season Tyra tries to stir things up with a bi-sexual or lesbian but this season she definitely out did herself with Azmarie.  Even my sweetie has a little crush on her (and if she were my type I wouldn’t be able to resist either.)

You know I love androgyny so I absolutely love Azmarie’s look.  She was clearly born that way.  Her pouty lips and intrinsic personal style are almost too hot for television.

I was scared for her last week because she did not deliver on her photograph and I was afraid that despite her gorgwa-ness she wasn’t going to be able to make  it work on camera.

But she more than made up for it this week and brought not only delivered a not picture but also brought  it as a leader and creative director (though I also think she excelled because she loved being able to touch all the ladies!) 🙂

My household is rooting for you Azmarie.  I hope you get to be crowned America’s Next Top Model.  We all will be well represented.


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