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Spring Shopping – J Crew

I love seeing what all of the stores have coming in for spring to lift my spirits out of the winter blah’s.  Though I have to admit here in ATX there hasn’t really been a winter, mostly a lot of rain and that is always fun to bring out the colorful Galoshes and rain slickers.

I do think J Crew has a great and basic offering of Dandi clothes and the fit is pretty universal.  They offer the higher ends of regular sizes and I can fit in most everything they make that is in my size, now whether or not it looks the way I want it to is another story, but that is the joy of shopping and trying on things until you find the perfect fit. And that goes for every single human being on the earth, we are not unique in this!

"Stripes and Plaids...oh my!"

As you can see prints are back for this season in reds, blues, greens…all of the basic colorways.

Same with ties.  J Crew sticks with the more conservative designs but this gives you an idea of width trends.  If you’ve got anything wider think about giving it away or putting it to the back of your closet, you won’t need it this season.

Here are some must have shoes for your wardrobe.  As for Wingtips, if you don’t already have a pair consider getting some that have a little color in them for the warmer seasons. Leave the more casual shoes for your Khaki’s and casual Friday‘s.  Soft sided shoes are never a good look with a suit unless you are in a creative business.

And spring always means hats to me.  Straw says spring, time to start transitioning your heavier fabric hats into the closet and pull out or purchase new fresh spring and summer appropriate hats to spice up any wardrobe including a suit for the office!





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