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Austin Fashion Week 2012

Yes, that’s right, we here in Austin Texas are about to be full tent in our very own celebrated and celebrity filled Fashion Week.    Let me tell you we have some amazing designers in this emerging market and over 40 of them will be showing their collections this week.

This is the week where everyone gets to walk their own red carpet.  And yes there will be red carpets, champagne, great music, beautiful people and beautiful designs on just about every corner.  This week is not for the faint of heart, so start getting your outfits ready now!

For the list of designers and where their collections will be shown check out this link.

Of course there is big buzz surrounding Austin’s own home grown  star designer Ross Bennett of the NBC show Fashion Star.  His collection will be shown on August 17th at the Austin Fashion Awards Featured Designer event.

There are designers and collections here for everyone including lots of free events  throughout the event week.  Check these out at – Austin Fashion Week Free Events.

It’s time to dress up and party down!

Austin Fashion Week

August 10 – 18, 2012

Tickets available at Austin Fashion Week

Event Schedule

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Goorin Brothers

I recently went on a little shopping trip with my sweetie and ran across this wonderful find in the heart of South Congress in Austin (she actually saw it first!)

This Dandi group of Goorin Brothers call themselves the Bold Hatmakers and have been making them since 1895.

The original store is in San Francisco and the one here in Austin is working up to it’s one month anniversary so if you’re a fashionista and haven’t heard of it yet don’t feel bad.

The store has a melt in your mouth assortment of designs.

Something for everyone, men and women alike.

If you don’t have a hat (and I’m not talking about a baseball cap) you can’t really call yourself a Dandi so if you are ever in a town where there is a  Goorin Brothers (and they have them all over the US and Canada) check them out.  They have a wonderful group of well trained staff that will measure your head and get one that will fit your face and your style perfectly. If you’re not, that’s okay,  check out their website at goorin.com.



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Wallets, Belts and Hardware

I love the internet for many, many things but not so much for shopping.  It is not that I am so old fashion that I cannot get the wonder of being able to go online any time of the night or day and shop.  Nor am I clueless to the fact that the internet is one of the best ways for a start-up (see my Consulting tab 🙂 to open a store without much overhead.

That said, I have been in love with brick and mortar stores since I was a wee little Dandi and I believe that being able to walk into a store and not only try on the clothes, but have the warmth and service that comes with interacting with a great and knowledgeable shop owner and sales staff is one of the best experiences one can have.

I also believe that shopping local is the way to any economies heart and the other day I was in a local Austin store, Creatures Boutique, on South Congress.  They have been around for eleven years serving up really cool stuff.  The sad news is that they no longer carry the extensive and unique collection of men’s shoes and boots that lined the side wall and made me drool every time I went there.  In fact, it seems they have done away with all things men.  But since I am more about the mixing of the sexes I did find some great accessories that I think will work well for any Dandi’s wardrobe.

Shara Porter Wallets

Shara Porter Wallets

Shara Porter Wallets

I really love the masculine pictures on these thin (and easy to sit on) leather wallets.  Shara Porter is a designer and artist who seeks out vintage accessories to give them new life.  Check out her website sharaporter.com to find out where to buy her great designs.

Classic Hardware

Being a little cocky myself I love a good rooster accessory.  Creatures had this gem by Classic Hardware – Karyn Cantor sitting in the window.  If you have a belt that you are especially attached to but don’t wear it because the buckle is too small or it is dated don’t throw it out, just go buy a new buckle.  Worn-in leather is one of my favorite looks with jeans. Check out classichardware.com to find more about Karyn and the other artists she collaborates with.

Neves Belts

Last but certainly not least I found these cool belts at Creatures that can give a Dandi that Steve McQueen look from Neves.

Neves Belt

Don’t be afraid of color.  Especially as a Dandi.  Our job is to threaten the boredom inherent in day-to-day dressing.  Some brave souls will wear this red belt with red shoes.  That would not be my style but if you are up to it, go for it!

Neves Belts

Basic black goes a long way.  If you are shopping for a belt and love the leather but the buckle stops you from buying it, think again!  Remember that all you need to do is change out the buckle and you will have the belt of your dreams.  Neves also has an extensive selection of buckles.  Check them out on thinkneves.com

Where I shopped:


1206 south congress

austin, texas 78704


open 11-7 daily


STYLE X at SXSW 2012

The place where I live, work, and love is coming alive!  No, it’s not because of a bunch of creepy crawlies, it’s because of SXSW!  For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about I’m talking about South by Southwest

a Music, Film, Interactive and now Fashion mecca in the South where all of the cool people spend a part of their March (famous actors, musicians, leading names in technology…) to share and learn about all of the latest and greatest trends in technology, listen to the hottest bands in the world and watch some of the most amazing new films of 2012.

And now, the sound of real music to my ears, SX  is also beginning to feature all aspects of the fashion world, from technology to style.  You can learn how to use social media and all of the tools and technology to start your own fashion line or just become an even bigger slave to your (secret) obsession with it.

Did I mention fashion!?!  YesI did and on March 16th and 17th (of which my fashion stylist extraordinaire and sweetie Miramar is a part) Style X Personal Guided Shoppers will help you become an even more  fabulous version of youreslf by styling you, giving you pointers on the latest trends, innovative designers and who to wear from the event.

Haven’t bought a ticket yet?  There’s plenty of time and plenty of panels, fun, new friends to meet, and an amazing times to be had.  Come on down, we know you’ll have a Dandi good time! 🙂

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