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Dr. Martens

When I was but a wee Dandi I used to own just about every style of Dr. Martens they made, from shoes to boots.  They had a considerable amount of styles but not like thy have today (and they leaned much heavier in those days on the theme of black).

Over the years Dr. Marten has become less Punk and Goth (not, of course, forgetting these fans) but they have become a lot more inclusive and give even their most dye-hard customers a chance to continue to wear them when they need to “get dressed up”.

Fall is here and you don’t have to convince me twive to seek out an excuse to buy new boots.

Not in the market for a boot-boot? How about these hushpuppy-esk boots?  They are a collaboration between the Dr. and Stussey.  A great variation on a theme for sure.

Oh, and don’t think for one minute that Dr. Marten is just about your feet.  Check out these fabulous bags from their S/S 2012 collection.  I love when a brand expands and does it right!


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When I was younger I used to wear my favorite pair of hiking boots everywhere with just about everything.  I loved those boots.  They went with jeans, chinos, even dress pants…even a dress.  They were comfortable and surprisingly not to hot even on the hottest of days.

Diemme was founded in 1992 by two Italian brothers, Marco and Dennis.  This great collection comes from Montebelluna, a thriving and respected shoe industry creating great shoes since 1870.

If you are not a big fan of boots or not big on them in the summer months they have a great collection of sneakers for Dandi’s who can’t get enough stuffed in their closets.

Diemme’s designs are all about high-end materials and the use of their local artisanal talent.

They were initially created for trekking, hunting &  climbing.  The craftsmanship is the same but now they have added a fashion element that is hard to ignore.


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Considered one of the newbie’s in the fashion universe this collection by Olivier Rousteing for Balmain is a selection of glorified ice-cream colored accents and a solid inspiration for the coming season.

It is casual at it’s best and with pops of color in the styling.  If you are color averse this collection certainly is not the loudest  I have seen for spring.  If you are the type to wear somber colors now is your time for an easy transition with these looks by Rousteing.

In fact, if you do have lots of grey, blacks and navy’s in your spring wardrobe (not very preppy of you I might add) this collection is great for you can have your cake and eat it too.  As you can see there is the somber mixed with the shock of fun.  And please don’t forget your layers, styled beautifully here.

Of course I had to add this beautiful boot.  It will look great with a pair of jeans stuffed in them Dandi style!

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Fall means boots and this season is no different.  Here are a few of the wonderful designs that are available to compliment your wardrobe with an elegant foundation.

Top to bottom:

Ralph Lauren

Louis Vuitton

Salvatore Ferragamo

Kenneth Cole

Always have a boot that you can tuck your pants into.  It makes for very sexy lines (in how it looks and in the flattering comments).

For a more casual style broken-in Chuka boots are trending for the season.

Left to right clockwise:


Red Wing



Red Wing




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J. Crew

Details Magazine

The Uniform

If it weren’t for the beard this guy could be a typical Dandi.  This photo is courtesy of Esquire and the look they have put the musician Ben Blackwell in is one of the best looks for Dandi’s of any size.  I could bother to list all of the designers on this but its basic styling.  Get yourself a great pair of jeans, a few inches too long, cuff them.  For me the darker the better.  Reach in the very back of your closet and resurrect those great black boots you used to wear all of the time, give them a once over with your shine kit and if their lace-up, afford them a new present of laces.

The jacket is linen.  It’s perfect if it looks a little slept in.  For the skinnier Dandi buy it to fit, meaning you can button it and it doesn’t pull in the back and it fits nicely at the waist and hips. But you may have to have the sleeves adjusted depending on how small you are.  If you are a bigger size like myself you have to compromise closing it because of the ‘girls’.  Don’t get it too big because if you do get it big enough to fit the ‘girls’ or around your beautiful derriere chances are it will be way too big in the shoulders and will look like you are four sizes bigger in the waist  plus the arms will be hard to tailor proportionately.  The shirt is cotton, like this one pictured here a chambray would be great.

This definitely dyke dressing 101.  It is simple yet striking and can make you look great to hang out with your friends or a first and even your 100th date.  It also works for work and can be dressed up by adding a tie or dressed down by wearing a basic t-shirt or by changing the boots to sneakers.

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