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Tie The Knot

tie the knot.org

Tie The Knot.  What a perfect name for the season.  And as more and more couples are looking to actually tie the knot, here is an opportunity for the Dandi to (k)not only look stylish (see what I did there!?!), but to also benefit a number of LGBT organizations.

Jesse and Justin
Jesse and Justin

Jess Tyler Ferguson and his fiance Justin Mikita have created this wonderful line of bow-ties for the dapper Dandi in all of us.  Their mission is to help LGBT causes as well as use their visibility as a couple to support gay marriage.

Bowtie 1

Stylish and very Jesse…

bowties 2

…and they just released their spring collection last week at Avenue in New York with a plan to add cufflinks for the summer collection.

Bowties 3

They are also looking to team up with a stationary store and create wedding invitations with the proceeds going on to benefit marraige equality.

Creative ways to raise money and raise awareness.  Got to love it!

Tie The Knot ties are available exclusively at The Tie Bar!

Tie Me Up

A way to add an androgynous feel to any outfit of course is to add a tie.  Now I like the traditional menswear ties and bow ties but this is not to say that by wearing a menswear inspired tie that you are not bringing the full Dandi affect.  In fact you are and these Dandi’s prove it.

I say I prefer the classic menswear ties but sometimes the truth is that I too like to mix it up and wear a looser, longer look by using lace, satin or even a wool blend.  I like lots of color around my neck most of the time but these looks give you an idea of how to mix it up and take it out of the traditional which I am always a huge fan of.

Tie Designers Left to Right:

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

The Kooples

Dolce & Gabbana

Speaking of bow ties aren’t these silk and lace ones fabulous!?!  These wonderful pieces of neckwear are from a line called Marwood and they are the creation of  designer Becky French.  These ties definitely take Dandi to a whole new level.

Available at marwoodlondon.co.uk

Of course no article about ties would be complete without talking about the Four In-hand necktie which is the most common type of menswear tie.  It can be literally a pain in the neck to wear but if you want to pull off being a natty Dandi then you must wear one on occasion.

The four in-hands of the new millennium are sleeker, longer, slimmer, and sharper so throw away your old fat ties and this is one item that you might want to avoid buying from vintage and second hand shops, they are bound to be too wide and dated.  Keep it fresh when tying your outfit together with this accessory.

Photo of menswear inspired ties courtesy of Vogue

Lace bow ties courtesy of Homme Essential

Just In

I know, I know.  There are so many jokes in the lesbian community about Justin Bieber that it seems too obvious to put him here.  But this is a blog on style and that is one thing this young Dandy has and he is a great style guide for any Dandi with his body type.  You don’t need to make things up. Find someone that dresses like you want to and use them for inspiration.  Everyone in the fashion community does it to some degree.

A shirt and jacket don’t always scream out for a tie. In fact I sometimes prefer to wear my blazers without one.  If you wear darker colors you can still look dressy and avoid the cliche that putting a tie or bowtie with it might bring.  For the serious Dandi presentation should always be and

sometimes simple is better.

But if you just bought a fabulous new tie for an occasion and would be sad if you didn’t wear it paring it with your vest can bring up a somewhat casual look to dressy.  I love the tuxedo collar that is on this vest, in fact, the way that it is cut makes me think that it is part of a tux which is great.  If you are going to go to something that is more formal and you don’t want to wear a jacket this is a great way to do that.

As I was looking for pictures of Justin to put on here the one thing that I began to notice is that he wears a lot of black and muted colors.  I was actually a little surprised but they look really good with his skin tones and I say you can never have too much black in your wardrobe.  But break it up with some contrast.  We are no longer in the 80’s and black on black, except for Kenneth Cole‘s Fall 2011 collection, is not the way to go.

Since the two looks above are dressier I wanted to add a more youthful casual look to the mix.  Now I am not a big fan of a cap worn backwards.  I don’t think it conveys Dandi and I certainly don’t think anyone out of their twenties should sport one unless they are mowing the lawn, but for the young Dandis out there I think that this is a great look.  I love that it is black and white and I would suggest wearing it with black pants or black jeans, black or white tennis shoes or black heavy boots.

If I were 20+ years younger I’d probably want to be just like him. David Cassidy was my crush (yeah, I’m old), but I think Justin is a great fashion icon for this Dandi generation, hair and all!

Malak Ni

MalakNi Bowties


There is nothing I like better than to find out there there is a Dandi lesbian who has started a fashion company.  It really warms my heart.  Malak Ni is one of those companies.  Envisioned by South Carolina native Angel C. McArthur in 2005 she was finally able to begin her exclusive line of unique, quality tailored, unisex designs in December of 2010.

MalakNi patterns

McArthur’s creations are about exciting and bold colors for neck wear.  She offers diverse patterns, styles and designs of classical, modern and contemporary looks.

I love bowties. I think they really say “I’m a Dandi! What ya got to say about it!?!”.   I have been surprised at  how unoriginal fabrics and patterns can be in traditionally made bowties and hope to see more unique patterns and fabrics used by our Dandi designers.

I love to wear my bowties as the bold contrast to the shirt or outfit I’m sporting.  I think bowties are even more powerful and more of a statement now a days than the traditional tie.  Ties can really date a look if not modern and in contemporary lengths and widths.  Bowties, on the other hand, look great whether vintage or contemporary.

All that said however, great modern traditional ties are also a part of this collection as shown below.  The LookBook that McArthur styled is very well done and will show you great ways to wear her designs to look your best.  She has a very preppy feel and I love that.  McArthur really has her heart in the right place.  She wants to offer a quality product and be a voice in the ties and accessories industries.  I look forward to seeing Spring 2012 and beyond.

MalakNi Ties




Transition to Fall

Fall is coming, believe it or not, and for those of you who are in cooler climates (lucky you!) the time has come for you to begin adding more layers to your look.  Tan is the color of the season and jackets, which can be removed if it gets too hot, are a great way to start transitioning your look and your wardrobe into the fall and winter months.  The look shown here is with tan jean shorts and a classic white shirt which you can add a bow-tie to and give it a preppy element.  The jacket is a great purchase that will transition into your fall looks.  The boots included here are also a great transition shoe but if it’s still to hot in your neck of the woods to pull them off you can easily replace them with tennis shoes or loafers.  Replace the shorts with the color of chino’s (see July 15th) or dark jeans for evening.

Boots by John Varvatos

Shirt by Adam Kimmel

Shorts by Topman

Belt by Reiss

Jacket by White Raven

Photo courtesy of Homme Essential

The Groom

WAY TO GO NEW YORK!!  Well now that that’s out of the way let’s talk Tuxedos.  Why?  Because I know a lot of us Dandies are going to be dropping down to one knee and asking our beautiful girls to be our one-and-only’s and while they go off to find that perfect wedding dress (our suit) we need to show up looking sharper than we’ve ever looked before.

Renting a Tux is one way to go but you do not want to look like you’re going to the prom on your wedding day.  But tuxedo rental is certainly the most economical way to suit up the Dandies in your wedding party.  But if you’re the Groom, it’s the biggest fashion day of your life so dont’ rent your tux, buy it and have it tailored to fit your body impeccably.  Even if you are on a tight budget you can buy a very nice used designer tuxedo for around the same price you can to rent one three more times.  I know you plan on only getting married once, but there will be many other occassions (like other weddings) to wear it to so why not be the cool Dandi that looks elegant in their formalwear everytime.

The Fit

Those of us bigger Dandies should get a two or four button double-breasted jacket.  Again, get your jacket and pants tailored to fit your body.  If you are going to bind be sure and wear it the day of the fitting (if it isn’t something you always wear).

The Style

Again all black is the most elegant.  Actually if you can get a midnight, let me repeat, midnight (not navy or royal) blue tux.  It reads richer and blacker than black which can sometimes look harsh green in the wrong light.  If you want to wear Tails do it!  But take it all the way and get your top-hat to match your pants, wear fitted gloves (white or grey) and get spats for your shoes.  In the case of Tails, go ahead and rent.  Unless you are a might eccentric they will not work in every formal occassion and won’t be worth the expense.


As I mentioned in The Style you can get a top-hat, gloves, spats, but then there is also the cumberbund or vest, bow-tie or traditional tie, jewelery like a watch chain, cuff-links or tie-clips.  Add a handerchief in your jacket pocket that contrasts with your shirt and/or add a flower to your lapel for added style.  Play around with these ideas, remember to be yourself inside of this formal presentation.  It is important not to lose the essence of who you are.

The Shirt.

What I love most about this picture of Darren Criss in this Prada one button tuxedo is the shirt.  To me when it comes to the shirt the last thing you want to wear is an actual tuxedo shirt.  Here is your chance to really make the look your own.  I feel there is very little you can do wrong here and once you pick the shirt you can accessorize with the ideas above to make the look complete.  The shirt is also a great way to continue to wear your tuxedo for years to come and always have it look totally different.

Photo courtesy of GQ

I know you want to look nice for your bride and impress your bois so give your special day the attention and care you deserve. you want it to fit.

Be Daring

Want to show off those guns you’ve been working on all winter?  Here is a look that is both eye-catching and sexy.  The sleeves on the jacket are actually designed to be short, they are not rolled up.  This designer jacket is thousands of dollars but this look can be easily achieved with the right light weight jacket and a good tailor.  Compliment the look with a long sleeve dress shirt and roll the sleeves tightly.

Once you have this jacket you will want to pull it out for special occasions as well.  You can dress it up with a tie or bow-tie.  Keep it fun with a contrasting pant and if you don’t have any this short just give them a roll or two.  Definitely keep your socks in the drawer and pull out your favorite Dandi shoes to put on that dapper touch.  And should your budget afford, this Trussardi bag is great for any stylish week-end get-away.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Hommes Japan

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