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Original Penguin

I’m not old enough to actually remember this but Original Penguin used to be known only for their iconic golf shirts.  Well the times they are a changing.  Certainly I have seen the evolution of the Original Penguin brand through their design of shoes.

PreppyBaba's very own pair!

I love my Penguins because they go great with pretty much everything.  No, I wouldn’t wear them to something formal but I would wear them just as easily with shorts as I would jeans, khaki’s or even a dressier pant.

Richard Chai has brought a subtle symphony of stripes and plaids together in this 90’s era grunge look, yet there is a difference and the difference is fit!  Unlike the slouchy-‘where’s my body in all of this clothing’ look of grunge Chai has chiesled a cut into this collection that is worthy of any Dandi who likes to spend time in the gym.

What I also love is that not everything in the collection is trying to fight against each other.  There are some very solid pieces here in this debut collection.  It is casual yet elegant and not fussy, a nice way to transition into Spring from a long winters nap.


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I have been remiss in not doing an article on jeans and today is no different , well, except for this paragraph.  Jeans didn’t really trend spring/summer but then the truth here is that jeans have become like underwear in a Dandi’s wardrobe (no, not to be worn under clothes) but the commonality of them, the everyday-ness of them means that you are supposed to follow the fine print of each season just to see what denim wash you should be wearing, how many pockets and who the new ‘hot‘ designer is that then makes the ’hot’ designer you bought last year only good for the donation bin (not really, but some fashionista Dandi’s feel that way).  The small print gives you the latest wash, cut, stiff or relaxed.  It tells you whether you should roll the bottoms into small or ginormous cuffs, or just leave them as the gods intended.

And then there are the fashion cycles of colors trending on jeans. I can’t do colors other than black so I never play when they insist that red, yellow or some other primary color is ‘in this season’.  And quite frankly I couldn’t do the lighter wash that was popular earlier this year.  I just couldn’t do it, it took me too far back to the 90’s and it frightened me.  I like dark blue jeans with a cuff (here I go with yet another uniform statement) and I am sticking with it.  That is the one thing about style versus fashion.  We’ve all seen Fran Leibowitz in the same blazer, white shirt – starched within an inch of its life, jeans, and cowboy boots for decades and she always looks dapper, because it’s part of her brand.

You can thank this Diesel Black Gold ad for finally getting me to mention jeans though there aren’t any in it.  When I think Diesel I think jeans but they are a company with so much more.

 I loved the fabulousness of the androgynous model and styling.  I love this wide-collared  overcoat and the knit turtleneck.  I don’t, however, suggest you go dig up those workout pants you buried last year – torn and  awkward fitting – and add them to your look. Corduroy pants will go great with this look and sadly I think jeans would actually be too simple.  Since this is for your Fall/Winter look you can do a pair of wool blend  pants with a dressier cut.  Leave the tennis shoes in the closet.  Open up your new box of fabulous boots for the season and tuck the bottom of your pants in them (like you didn’t do it on purpose) and you will be quite the Dandi for Fall.

Diesel Black Gold – diesel.com


Even if you aren’t planning to get within 100 miles of the water the trend this summer is an interpretation of the maritime look.  The one featured here is very low key and can be worn both on and off the shore.  Everything works here if you are on deck sailing the high seas except the Macalister swede boots which can easily be traded out for Sperry top-siders.

The pull over weather resistant hooded jacket will keep you warm and dry when you are out enjoying nautical fun whether you are in P-Town or Cherry Grove and when the temperatures drop at night.  To keep the look easy wear a simple t-shirt underneath which will also give you an alternative look for when you get back on shore and the temperatures or the company you’re with get a little hot.  Wear a slimming pair of shorts, linen is great for these occasions.

This look will compliment Dandi’s of all sizes and shapes.  Just make sure and get the jacket to fit like you would a sweatshirt.  If you get it too big it will add extra bulk to your shape.  Oh, and don’t forget your accessories, the days of not wearing a belt are over so pick a great one that compliments the colors and the fabrics you are wearing, along with the perfect pair of sunglasses and you will not only be sharp but comfortable as well.


Photo courtesy of J. Crew

Chinos In Living Color

The word on the street is color!  One great way to add color and a bit of Preppy to your summer wardrobe is to get yourself a pair of chino’s that are not in the traditional khaki color.  Almost every designer of chinos has them in a wide variety of bright colors and they look great with a t-shirt or even a sports coat if you are looking to dress them up to go to a club or to dinner with friends.

As shown in the picture above there are many shoe styles that you can wear to make your individual Dandi statement.  Be sure to add the roll of the cuff to be in fashion for the season.  It is not necessary to get them too long to accommodate the cuff, we want to see a little ankle.  And this isdefinitely another look that requires a no sock zone.


Picture courtesy of Details Magazine


As a matter of course shorts are always a summer staple.  The showing of the leg can be scary to some Dandi’s and finding the right pair that fits is very important to keeping our dapper silhouette from getting too bulky.  When summer rolls around and it’s time to add to our shorts collection – buying on trend, staying within budget and keeping signature styles are all a concern.

There are many styles and lengths of shorts to chose from this year. A few tips before buying, if your parents didn’t give you much height long shorts will make you look even shorter and if you have long legs it’s great to show them off but too much leg will give you that daisy duke look (a great thing if that’s what you’re going for.)  The trend right now is for shorts to be several inches above the knee though the acceptable length is right at the knee.  Flat front shorts are still a must.  Pleats will make you look like your grandpa.  If your legs will accommodate it a tapered silhouette will give you a more sophisticated and dapper vibe, complimenting the Dandi style.

Shorts can be spiced up with the perfect fitted shirt and tie or rocked with a well fitted t-shirt.  Solid colors are great but don’t be afraid to add some preppy spice to you wardrobe and add a madras plaid or paisley number to the collection.  Don’t wear socks with shorts, it really does make a person look like they don’t understand the basics of style and fashion.  If you want to buck trends wear a clunky boot, that will give you the style edge you are looking for and keep you away from the fashion police.


Photo Courtesy of J. Crew

The Espadrille

The big summer trend in shoes for 2011 is the Espadrille.   They are stylish, comfortable and even designer labels are easy on the pocket.

The Dandi wears them with anything they would wear with a pair of sneakers or flip-flops, even a summer suit!  Espadrilles are also the perfect travel shoe; they are lightweight an easy to pack and you can coordinate them with everything from your looks for the beach to your dressier looks for evening.

Shoe styles range from open and closed toe to exposed back.  They are made of canvas, cloth, or jute (a plant fiber) with flexible but solid soles. The fun part about them is they come in many fun colors and designs plus they let your feet breathe during the hot summer months while giving you this summers fashionable yet relaxed Dandi look.

The Linen Shirt

Linen is a summer must have and now that the heat is on it is time to buy that cool, stylish shirt that will keep you looking dapper and not over heated.

Linen has always been considered a luxury material and has been around for a long time.  It is used in many types of clothing and accessories from handkerchiefs to shirts to incredibly stylish suits that can be worn for work as well as for play.

Long sleeve or short the current styles in linen shirts range from solid colors to checks and are mainly in neutral muted colors.   These shirts go great with khaki’s or jeans and any shoe where no socks are required.  Also linen, both in shirts and suits, makes a wonderful travel companion because it’s allowed to be wrinkled.  So pack it up,  pull it out and it, like a true friend, will be ready to go.


Photo courtesy of J. Crew


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