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Commonwealth Proper

You want gorgeous and proper?  Then look stage left and welcome Commonwealth Proper.   Custom and ready to wear clothing made for the stylish Dandi.

And these fabulous designs are made in the U.S.

Look at this beautiful three piece suit and the gorgeous collar on the vest, styled beautifully with a sleek patterned hankie.

David Arquette is one of the owners (and who doesn’t love a movie star that also has a clothing line…) and I’ve certainly got to love menswear that fits our beloved Dandi Chaz Bono so well.

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Spring Shopping – ZARA

Today is the first day of spring and after last nights near tornadic winds and lightening that made it feel like the paparazzi was outside the window it’s good to talk about what’s in the stores to make the day seem a little bit brighter.

Today’s feature is Zara, one of my favorite shops for well-made clothes that are on trend and will leave you with some money in your pocket for food and rent.

Outrageous and fun t-shirts that can be worn with jeans and go well under a blazer.
Chino’s are back again this season in lots of colors. This should be a staple of your spring and summer look.
LOVE this robin’s egg blue blazer! Wear it with shorts, chino’s or your most outrageous print pant!
Topsiders are a Preppybaba’s dream shoe. They never go out of style and you are ready for any and all boating invitations.
This bag is a weekenders dream! Part bowling bag and photography bag in design. It’s structured sides, depth and width allow you to fold your shirts, shorts, trunks, add your Dopp, then hit the road!

Inner Workings

Banana Republic

I love many things about menswear, but one of my favorite private little pleasures is the contrasting and often colorful facing that some designers use in their waistbands as well as shirts, jackets, etc.

Yesterday, while in Banana Republic purchasing my new black pants for the season, the nice young man who rang me up asked me if I knew why the facing on the waistband of my new pants was periwinkle blue and striped?  I had to admit I did not.  He went on to explain that it was the designers way of suggesting colors and patterns of shirts that would be  a compliment to the pant (I have to say, in this case, they are black so the field is pretty much open).



I had never heard this and when I asked my professional stylist sweetheart if she had, she indeed had not heard it before either, but we both agreed that it is a wonderful idea so I thought I’d share.

Robert Graham

As you can see from the three pairs of my own pants that I’ve posted here these waistband facings can be anything from subtle and complimentary to downright outrageous.  I will now smile an even bigger smile when I buy my next pair of pants with a fun Dandi inner waistband and do my best to live up to the designers expectations of colors I pair with them.

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PreppyBaba’s closet


Clearly next Spring is about color and lots of it.  I can’t seem to find a collection that isn’t almost drowning in it.  Iceberg has a lovely collection for 2012 that will fit the more conservative taste of those of my readers who are not so keen on wearing loud and colorful prints on their clothing.

Okay, this suit is definitely not the norm but it’s not a big ole flower either and the steel blue would flatter many different skin tones.  I love it with the lighter blue sweater and it would work well with a fitted spread collar dress shirt and a print tie (yes I said print!) in a darker blue or even rust color depending on the color of your shirt (not white!)

Iceberg has a very European casual Dandi look to it so I wouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to dress it up.  This collection is better worn on the weekends or on vacation.  I actually like the monochromatic look of this blue outfit; the shirt, belt, pants and shoes.  It is quite daring but not impossible to pull off for the right Dandi.  If it’s something you’ve never tried before I’d break it up with maybe a white linen pant and some white Bucks, but then the next time do it all in blue, chalking your new look up to expanding the  possibilities of the Dandi that you are.

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Original Penguin

I’m not old enough to actually remember this but Original Penguin used to be known only for their iconic golf shirts.  Well the times they are a changing.  Certainly I have seen the evolution of the Original Penguin brand through their design of shoes.

PreppyBaba's very own pair!

I love my Penguins because they go great with pretty much everything.  No, I wouldn’t wear them to something formal but I would wear them just as easily with shorts as I would jeans, khaki’s or even a dressier pant.

Richard Chai has brought a subtle symphony of stripes and plaids together in this 90’s era grunge look, yet there is a difference and the difference is fit!  Unlike the slouchy-‘where’s my body in all of this clothing’ look of grunge Chai has chiesled a cut into this collection that is worthy of any Dandi who likes to spend time in the gym.

What I also love is that not everything in the collection is trying to fight against each other.  There are some very solid pieces here in this debut collection.  It is casual yet elegant and not fussy, a nice way to transition into Spring from a long winters nap.


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Kamondi Couture

Photo by Abiodun Olanrewaju

Kamondi Couture is a London based luxury brand designer label of women’s suits and shirts.  This new line is the creation of Ugandan born friends Emma Mohamed and Sonia Ygo.  Kamondi Couture is a wonderful spin on women’s suits with a very androgynous menswear inspired Bespoke twist.  Their Fall collection features pin-stripe, flowered and sheer fabrics and is an interesting and visionary approach to women’s clothing.  I had a chance to ask them some questions about their line and the future of Kamondi Couture.

The two of you have taken the beautiful color and pattern elements of African fabrics in your ready-to-wear and integrated them with the western ideals of fashion.  How does Uganda inspire you when you design?

Photo by Abiodun Olanrewaju

Our first collection was inspired by men’s tailoring so we did not have any influences from Uganda.  But in the future we are sure that we will look to Uganda for some inspiration.

Where did you two meet and how did you decide to design as a team?
We have been very good friends for many years and we are also related as in-laws.

Taking on the idea of creating a successful fashion line is a very big deal.  What gave you the inspiration, motivation and the belief in yourselves?

Photo by John Marxis

We believed that there was a gap in the market to offer tailoring infused with vibrant, unique prints whether African or Western.  We often wear our own shirts and always receive nice comments from people asking us where we got that shirt.  That alone was biggest motivation to start the line and still is.  We meet a lot of people interested in a few pieces from the current line.

Why an androgynous take on women‘s wear?

The frustration of not being able to find well tailored and fashionable suits or shirts for women as you do for gentlemen.  The idea was to take a gentleman’s look and altering it into a ‘gentlewoman’s’ look.  The idea behind Kamondi is allow any woman to achieve a softer androgynous look with any our pieces.

Name one designer, artist and musician that inspire your work.
We are both inspired by David Beckham.  In fact, we both watched him being interview on the Jonathan Ross show.  He was wearing this sharp grey suit with red socks.  We both thought imagine that look but on a woman.  Watching that show gave us the inspiration for this collection. To basically take the traditions of men’s tailoring and refine them for the feminine silhouette.

Photo by John Marxis

How many collections have you done?
We did a capsule Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which followed our Autumn/Winter Collection

Is the androgynous point of view a permanent vision for your brand and label for the foreseeable future or a trend until the next idea comes along?
Kamondi Couture is about suits and shirts so that is what we will always be about.  We plan to evolve our line every season with different concept, but still offering suits and shirts. We do also offer dresses and other pieces within our line too.

Photo by John Marxis

Where can people buy your fabulous collection and will it be available in the U.S. or by internet soon?
We are working on making our collection available to buy on our website so please do visit our website from time to time for updates.

What’s in store for you spring/summer collection?
It wouldn’t be a surprise if were to tell but we are working on the next collection and hope everyone will love it just as much as they have like the first one.



Okay, Yohji Yamamoto is one of my favorite designers and for several years now he has done a collaboration with Adidas with a  sportswear line and this season does not disappoint.

The clothes have the classic Yamamoto cut, flowy and elegant, and yet, somehow it’s sportswear (so Yohji!)

Since the show was in London this is yet another collection influenced by the Olympic games.  But this one has been filtered through a street aesthetic (a high-end street aesthetic, but one none-the-less) with London inspired Mod graphics, the Union Jack and durable workwear.

As Yohji’s creativity knows no bounds don’t you just love these kicks?  I’m sure the  Olympians will be fighting over this one.  Maybe that could be one of the games…


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My goodness, isn’t this sweater absolutely flawless?!?  It is impeccable.  I mean really, this is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and that is what Lanvin is known for; elegant fabric’s, amazing cuts, and the finest of tailoring.

This season is a little less out of this world and more of the earth.  There is a noticeable military theme but does not fail to please with soft luxurious looks as well.





I love the whimsy in this look. The jacket certainly mimics military lines and then Alber  Elbaz gives long lines to a fun tee look that fades loudly into men’s leggings. And don’t forget the m’urse (man-purse)  for the season.  If it is time for an upgrade there are some really great designs for the new year.

There are more colors in this collection than in your crayon box.  You can take this idea into your Spring wardrobe with other buys as well.  The suits here are made of silk which is great for Spring and Summer and can be worn monochromatic as shown or with a contrasting shirt and tie as you can see further back in the picture.


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Converse Black Canvas

There is probably no other more recognizable tennis shoe, or shoe, for that matter than the Chuck Taylors Converse tennis shoe.  I have owned a pair ever since I can remember and have had them in just about every color under the sun.  In my current collection are black and brown, I think I will add the iconic off-white for spring.  As great as all of this is, this article is not about the shoe, it is about their fashion line, Converse Black Canvas (get it…)?

This is a collection of waffle-knit shirts, motorcycle jackets, sweaters, hoodies, cut-off sweat pants and of course shoes.

Youthful and casual but designed for all ages.  These looks are for going out with friends, not really for work, but if you work in a casual environment these  have a fun easy feel that will certainly get your workmates talking if nothing else.

The pallet for this collection is soft and neutral prints and solids so you can easily mix them with just about anything in your closet.  This collection is all about your personal style, you can create your own statement in how you layer, mix and match it…and of course how you style it with your choice of Chuck Taylors for the occasion.

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Fred Perry

I was stopped in my page flipping tracks when I saw this Fred Perry advertisement.  Talk about preppy and androgyny at its editorial best.  I don’t think I could have done any better myself.

I have to say that I love everything about this photo from the vintage Vespa to the espadrilles.  And don’t get me started on the fabulous sideburns.

This 2012 collection is right up my alley.  Well frankly most everything that comes from Fred Perry is right up my alley as I do like a bit of sportswear preppy in my wardrobe.  I love a polo and look at how audacious this one is.  I can’t imagine that Fred himself would have tried to make this work at Wimbledon but I would.

The company brands itself as the home of authentic British street fashion.  I don’t know about all of that but I’ve always loved their shoes and this season is no different. Gotta love this brown suede half boot to go with your jeans or khaki’s and definitely paired with a fun pair of socks.

On a sad note Amy Winehouse had created a collection with Fred Perry before her death and the brand has decided to go ahead and sell her 2012 collection.  It looks great but I can only imagine it will be worn with a little sadness of the heart.

photo’s courtesy of soulfulbeauty.com and ioffer.com

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