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The Weekender
The Weekender

Style is about image….

I would love to get this in the mail - wooden packaging!
I would love to get this in the mail – wooden packaging!


Preppybaba Style
Preppybaba Style


Grandpa Style
Grandpa Style


H2T Style
H2T Style



My favorite pair of shoes
My favorite pair of shoes


Love the watch chain.
Love the watch chain.


These boots are delicious.
These boots are delicious.



A pair of driving gloves will always set you apart.
A pair of driving gloves will always set you apart.

most of all…


Loafers in Style.  Love them all!
Loafers in Style. Love them all!

loving yourself.





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Spring Shopping – ZARA

Today is the first day of spring and after last nights near tornadic winds and lightening that made it feel like the paparazzi was outside the window it’s good to talk about what’s in the stores to make the day seem a little bit brighter.

Today’s feature is Zara, one of my favorite shops for well-made clothes that are on trend and will leave you with some money in your pocket for food and rent.

Outrageous and fun t-shirts that can be worn with jeans and go well under a blazer.
Chino’s are back again this season in lots of colors. This should be a staple of your spring and summer look.
LOVE this robin’s egg blue blazer! Wear it with shorts, chino’s or your most outrageous print pant!
Topsiders are a Preppybaba’s dream shoe. They never go out of style and you are ready for any and all boating invitations.
This bag is a weekenders dream! Part bowling bag and photography bag in design. It’s structured sides, depth and width allow you to fold your shirts, shorts, trunks, add your Dopp, then hit the road!

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is my go-to Dandi designers.  You really can never go wrong with Sherman’s designs and fit.

This season fuses east and west styles with inspiration taken from the journey from Brighton to Tokyo.  That is quite a journey indeed.

The sensibility of both the conservative nature of the Brits with the advanced styling of the Japanese comes through in every piece.

Ben Sherman is so easy to put together and very easy to wear and look like you dress with a sensibility and ease that defines a love of fashion.

Get your Cherry Grove shares ready and pack your bag full of Ben Sherman.  You will look casual and elegant for every occasion.


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General Idea

Creative director Bumsuk Choi loves to have fun with colors and the expression of youth in his line General Idea.

I really do feel the carefree days of my youth when I view this collection and know that  a Dandi who wears this line will feel the same.

This collection is youth, energetic-ness and beach inspired and is Bumsuk’s eighth innovative collection.

In the past he has played with geometric shapes, patterns, color blocking and not so masculine proportions and this line is no different,  though a lot more wearable!


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Antonio Azzuolo

After having once worked for Ralph Lauren and now garnering a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nomination Antonio Azzuolo brings Bespoke, old world tailoring to a whole new height.

This seasons collection is based loosely on globe trotting which let him have a little bit more leeway on his fine tailored suiting.

Azzuolo is certainly known for being a Dandi’s best friend.  His best  cuts are tailor suited and which makes the fit impeccable.  Outerwear and jackets are what this designer does best and he has a magnificent eye for style and glamour.

I love his youthful approach and his love of ceremonial styling.  Construction is this man’s game and I am looking forward to playing along.


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Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres, style icon, comedienne, CoverGirl, talk show host, and now author of a new book due out Oct 4 – ‘Seriously…Just Kidding’, is a classic Dandi.  Certainly she is not one for fussy or formal dressing. Her everyday looks definitely fit her overall fun and funny personality and I think that every Dandi should take a  lesson from her book on dressing like who you are.  The outside should reflect the inside and if you are not a stuffy buttoned up type then I believe Ellen  D. is a great model of how to look sharp, on trend, and still be comfortable being yourself.

Her Dandi casual style has definitely become refined over the years.  I think this went along with her coming out and being her authentic self in public.  This brave yet necessary move not only gave her the esteem that has led her into becoming one of the most powerful daytime entertainers in Hollywood but it also has allowed her personal style to get off the fence and blossom.

Ellen wears the basics and she wears them well.  In fact it borderlines on a uniform, but I love the concept of Garanimal dressing, especially for the busy adult and I basically have my own uniform of colors so that I can pretty much put anything together.  Button -downs, sweaters, vests, jeans, scarves, sneakers and blazers make up the majority of Ellen’s look.  When she wears her shirts the collars are usually open but when she wants to dress up a look she will add a skinny tie.

I can’t wait to read her new book and look forward to seeing this fashion icon evolve in style and in her career.

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