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Dr. Martens

When I was but a wee Dandi I used to own just about every style of Dr. Martens they made, from shoes to boots.  They had a considerable amount of styles but not like thy have today (and they leaned much heavier in those days on the theme of black).

Over the years Dr. Marten has become less Punk and Goth (not, of course, forgetting these fans) but they have become a lot more inclusive and give even their most dye-hard customers a chance to continue to wear them when they need to “get dressed up”.

Fall is here and you don’t have to convince me twive to seek out an excuse to buy new boots.

Not in the market for a boot-boot? How about these hushpuppy-esk boots?  They are a collaboration between the Dr. and Stussey.  A great variation on a theme for sure.

Oh, and don’t think for one minute that Dr. Marten is just about your feet.  Check out these fabulous bags from their S/S 2012 collection.  I love when a brand expands and does it right!


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