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My goodness, isn’t this sweater absolutely flawless?!?  It is impeccable.  I mean really, this is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and that is what Lanvin is known for; elegant fabric’s, amazing cuts, and the finest of tailoring.

This season is a little less out of this world and more of the earth.  There is a noticeable military theme but does not fail to please with soft luxurious looks as well.





I love the whimsy in this look. The jacket certainly mimics military lines and then Alber  Elbaz gives long lines to a fun tee look that fades loudly into men’s leggings. And don’t forget the m’urse (man-purse)  for the season.  If it is time for an upgrade there are some really great designs for the new year.

There are more colors in this collection than in your crayon box.  You can take this idea into your Spring wardrobe with other buys as well.  The suits here are made of silk which is great for Spring and Summer and can be worn monochromatic as shown or with a contrasting shirt and tie as you can see further back in the picture.


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Vivienne Westwood

Though we are approaching winter, and despite the fact that today’s high in Texas will probably be somewhere in the hundreds, fashion season marches on and it is now time for Fashion Weeks to give us our much anticipated looks for Spring/Summer.  London based Vivienne Westwood is one of my favorite mensweardesigners because she constructs a more feminine twist to menswear, giving life to the too often stodginess of it all.

For her 2012 collection Westwood has created designs with a nod to the upcoming London summer Olympic games.  There are graphic tees with Olympic designs and formalwear as inspired by the Olympics.  The sport coat is a major staple in this collection and as always she uses color and the ability to mix and match  her collection that allows a sophisticated but unique look to the overall styling.

There are many nods to the upcoming Olympic games; there is a sweater jacket in the above picture that has the Japanese flag on it and then I heard tell of a fabulous mid-night blue track suit.  I love her use of color and whimsy but I have to say my favorite look is this “going hunting’ black number.  It definitely has the presence of an opening ceremony outfit but darkly elegant and I would be caught wearing it anywhere!

Check out her spring collection for inspiration on how to mix up some of the things in your wardrobe for Fall and your purchases for Spring/Summer.  It is one way to get tee’s and color back into your look with ease and still keep it looking sophisticated.

Ozwald Boateng

In keeping with London fashion week here is my absolute favorite menswear designer, Ghanaian British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng.

He is known for his elegant twist on Savile Row tailoring and opened his first store by the age of 23.

For going the traditional runway Boetang showed his collection in his flagship London store.  Well tailored garments, inspired by a family safari expedition in Kenya make up this season’s collection.

I love Boateng because he takes the traditionally, stuffy Bespoked suit, which no one has really done anything new or different with and not only adds color but ups the bar of tailoring perfection.  Each suit is styled in a modern luxurious way and exudes the masculine end of Dandyism yet his whimsy with colors allows the feminine.

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