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Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell is an amazing designer and a member of Opening Ceremony’s extended family.  My sweetheart is in love with Opening Ceremony so I’ve gotta love the rest of their family too.

The Ervell Dandi is modern and minimalist, yet with a decided sense of humor in the landscape he offers of vivid watercolors.

Slim fit trousers, suiting, and bomber jackets walk the runway of style for this designers spring collection.   And in this photo above a definite nod to the James Dean in all of us.

Of course, as we continue to build the Ark here in Texas I have to show this great outerwear jacket.  Keeping stylish while also keeping dry!


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Siki Im

Siki Im brings us airy outerwear with traditional Western denim elements, t-shirts…

…harem pants , Middle Eastern influences…(cute shorts)…

…structured blazers and very easy wearable suits…

Layered tunics, and lots of modern interpretations on staple items.

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If there were ever a brand to define luxury without a doubt it is Hermes.  By far the most recognized and coveted French brand in the world Hermes deserves every bit of the accolades and attention.  Innovative in their approach to service and style they keep what they do best at the forefront of their label even upping the ante in their already amazing service by now offering custom-made clothing and accessories in their mens stores from crocodile jackets to shoes.

Sadly I can’t get too high on my animal rights horse when it comes to Hermes because leathers are what this company does best and to wear the outstanding craftsmanship of their supple leathers is absolutely transformative for any fashion obsessed Dandi.

For the menswear 2012 collection Veonique Nichanian based it on timeless and bold, with a brilliant use of black, beige,white, navy and a dusty light green for everything from suits to zippered jackets.  This is a collection of confidence and wealth.  It speaks for you when you walk into the room and always makes a flattering statement.  What I most love about designers like Hermes is that there are key pieces that only get better with age, like their leather goods, and you can wear them years from now and be the envy of all your peers.

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So I’m sitting on my lanai talking to Bea Arthur when this print walks by…okay I am not one to shy away from loud and unusual prints so I must take my floral bouquet hat off to designer Riccardo Tisci for keeping the iconic Givenchy prints coming strong.

Riccardo Tisci

Now here is a designer who is not afraid to put his style where his design is.  It is so rare to see runway designs in real life, especially on the actual designer but here Tisci is hanging out with Kayne rocking one of his own kaleidoscopic bird-of-paradise numbers.

I have to admit this is one collection that really embodies the first feelings of spring after a long hard winter.  Tisci continues to push the boundaries of menswear putting these prints on everyting from suits to Bermudas.  He also made some bolder statements by including the ‘man’s skirt’ – the kilt – as well as putting dense patterns of sequins and embroideries on otherwise classic designs.  Go bold this spring with a piece of Givenchy in your wardrobe, the conversation’s might never stop. 🙂

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