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Goorin Brothers

I recently went on a little shopping trip with my sweetie and ran across this wonderful find in the heart of South Congress in Austin (she actually saw it first!)

This Dandi group of Goorin Brothers call themselves the Bold Hatmakers and have been making them since 1895.

The original store is in San Francisco and the one here in Austin is working up to it’s one month anniversary so if you’re a fashionista and haven’t heard of it yet don’t feel bad.

The store has a melt in your mouth assortment of designs.

Something for everyone, men and women alike.

If you don’t have a hat (and I’m not talking about a baseball cap) you can’t really call yourself a Dandi so if you are ever in a town where there is a  Goorin Brothers (and they have them all over the US and Canada) check them out.  They have a wonderful group of well trained staff that will measure your head and get one that will fit your face and your style perfectly. If you’re not, that’s okay,  check out their website at goorin.com.



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The Hat

Want to stay looking young? This is a great outfit for not looking like you take life too seriously and for dressing up or down.

I love the old school appearance of this look and  I particularly love the hat.  Fedora’s are a great addition the spring and summer vibe.  And with Memorial Day just around the corner and being in the sun a requirement there is no better excuse to add ‘the hat’ to your wardrobe.

The Fedora look is right out of the 60’s.  My dad used to have plenty of these and it made his Sunday Seersucker suits look immaculate and when he would don one with his t’s and Khaki’s he’d be the hippest dad in the park.

When buying a hat remember not every hat will compliment every head and face so be sure and try yours on before you buy it.   Walk around with it and maybe take a friend or girlfriend with you to give you the final thumbs-up approval.   And when it’s time to create a wardrobe around it be sure and let the ribbon on your hat be your guide to the colors you choose, complimenting is great, matching is not necessary.

Hat care – Buy straw Fedora’s for the hotter months, they are lightweight and cooler, however be reminded that straw fedoras do not like rain or water for that matter, so they may not be the best beach or pool accessory.   A wipe every now and then of the interior sweatband with a damp cloth or wet-wipe will keep your hat smelling fresh and stain free.  For exterior cleaning use a very soft bristle brush or damp cloth.  These two simple things will keep all of your straw hats looking new and Dandi for years to come.

Photo courtesy of GQ Magazine

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