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Maison Martin Margiela

Hot off the Paris runway the collection for 2012/2013 by Maison Martin Margiela is splendid.

There are looks for Dandi.   What I love about the look above is that we are all so used to seeing this grouping and silhouette in camel but here it is in hues of pink, fabulous.

How daring and modern is this? Another fabulous diversion in an almost Pea coat silhouette, not to mention the absurdly shiny ‘look at me’ pants that only a brave Dandi might want to venture out in.

This look has all the classic pieces but the shirt is a bit blousy, perhaps not the favorite choice of a typical Dandi ( and I do hope that’s not real fur!)  Love the splashes of turquoise.

Vroom, vroooom.  An interesting and stylish take on the sexy and aluring motorcycle uniform.  It almost looks like a cropped formal jacket on top of a Ducati (and love the boots)


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So I’m sitting on my lanai talking to Bea Arthur when this print walks by…okay I am not one to shy away from loud and unusual prints so I must take my floral bouquet hat off to designer Riccardo Tisci for keeping the iconic Givenchy prints coming strong.

Riccardo Tisci

Now here is a designer who is not afraid to put his style where his design is.  It is so rare to see runway designs in real life, especially on the actual designer but here Tisci is hanging out with Kayne rocking one of his own kaleidoscopic bird-of-paradise numbers.

I have to admit this is one collection that really embodies the first feelings of spring after a long hard winter.  Tisci continues to push the boundaries of menswear putting these prints on everyting from suits to Bermudas.  He also made some bolder statements by including the ‘man’s skirt’ – the kilt – as well as putting dense patterns of sequins and embroideries on otherwise classic designs.  Go bold this spring with a piece of Givenchy in your wardrobe, the conversation’s might never stop. 🙂

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