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Jil Sander

Since I covered Raf Simons last time and he is the head of Jil Sander I thought I’d go ahead and feature this wonderful line.  As I had stated in the post on Raf, I have been a Jil Sander fan since the 80’s.  When she came onto the scene she was about her own version of a ‘New Look‘ for women.

Taking into account the new executive women Jil created gorgeous pantsuits, slim blouses as well as fitted outerwear made from luxurious fabrics that really reflected menswear ideas without making the Jil Sander women look severe.

Though I was never aware of her menswear line during her reign at her name sake brand I think that Raf brings a lot of her essence and daring to each collection.  I especially love these men’s bags that are to be worn around the neck.

Certainly this line is for the more fashion forward Dandi, the clothes do not make a neutral statement.  This pink  jacket for example is wonderful and definitely can be worn to make that early spring statement after a winters thaw.

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Tom Ford

Oh Tom Ford, how much I do love thee?  I’m not sure if I have a huge gay crush or just want to come back as him next life.  I saw the OWN network mini-docu Visionaries on him last week and I can’t stop watching it.

He is a perfectionist genius with so much personal style that he just makes me squeal with delight (yes I said squeal)!

Tom got his big break when he went to work for Gucci and he has had my heart ever sense.  I was thrilled when he went on to do his own line though his menswear line has been a little hit and miss.  Not in the design aspect at all but in the actual designing!  As far as I can tell he did not do a collection for 2012 for his menswear line.  But there are always his accessory’s.  Eye glasses being a very consistent and wonderful part of his collections.

Then there is of course the movie.  I actually liked A Single Man.  I thought he did a wonderful job bringing the book to life and certainly far exceeded what most people thought he could do.  I would like to see him direct more films, however, if it is between movies and his genius talent as designer and style provocateur then I will have to cast my vote to fashion.

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If there were ever a brand to define luxury without a doubt it is Hermes.  By far the most recognized and coveted French brand in the world Hermes deserves every bit of the accolades and attention.  Innovative in their approach to service and style they keep what they do best at the forefront of their label even upping the ante in their already amazing service by now offering custom-made clothing and accessories in their mens stores from crocodile jackets to shoes.

Sadly I can’t get too high on my animal rights horse when it comes to Hermes because leathers are what this company does best and to wear the outstanding craftsmanship of their supple leathers is absolutely transformative for any fashion obsessed Dandi.

For the menswear 2012 collection Veonique Nichanian based it on timeless and bold, with a brilliant use of black, beige,white, navy and a dusty light green for everything from suits to zippered jackets.  This is a collection of confidence and wealth.  It speaks for you when you walk into the room and always makes a flattering statement.  What I most love about designers like Hermes is that there are key pieces that only get better with age, like their leather goods, and you can wear them years from now and be the envy of all your peers.

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So I’m sitting on my lanai talking to Bea Arthur when this print walks by…okay I am not one to shy away from loud and unusual prints so I must take my floral bouquet hat off to designer Riccardo Tisci for keeping the iconic Givenchy prints coming strong.

Riccardo Tisci

Now here is a designer who is not afraid to put his style where his design is.  It is so rare to see runway designs in real life, especially on the actual designer but here Tisci is hanging out with Kayne rocking one of his own kaleidoscopic bird-of-paradise numbers.

I have to admit this is one collection that really embodies the first feelings of spring after a long hard winter.  Tisci continues to push the boundaries of menswear putting these prints on everyting from suits to Bermudas.  He also made some bolder statements by including the ‘man’s skirt’ – the kilt – as well as putting dense patterns of sequins and embroideries on otherwise classic designs.  Go bold this spring with a piece of Givenchy in your wardrobe, the conversation’s might never stop. 🙂

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My goodness, isn’t this sweater absolutely flawless?!?  It is impeccable.  I mean really, this is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and that is what Lanvin is known for; elegant fabric’s, amazing cuts, and the finest of tailoring.

This season is a little less out of this world and more of the earth.  There is a noticeable military theme but does not fail to please with soft luxurious looks as well.





I love the whimsy in this look. The jacket certainly mimics military lines and then Alber  Elbaz gives long lines to a fun tee look that fades loudly into men’s leggings. And don’t forget the m’urse (man-purse)  for the season.  If it is time for an upgrade there are some really great designs for the new year.

There are more colors in this collection than in your crayon box.  You can take this idea into your Spring wardrobe with other buys as well.  The suits here are made of silk which is great for Spring and Summer and can be worn monochromatic as shown or with a contrasting shirt and tie as you can see further back in the picture.


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