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Cy Choi

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful…” finally, it’s getting cold outside!

Neil Barrett

And with that come layers (yay!)…

Lots and lots of layers.

Scarves, jackets, vests, sweaters, t-shirts, undershirts, thermals (in all different colors), coats, slickers, hats, caps, boots, gloves, (mittens?!), muffs…I could go on for days…

Dandi’s this is the time of the year to have fun with your clothes and pronounce your style. And let’s be honest sometimes that’s just hard to do when you are stuck wearing shorts and t-shirts.


Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to work at getting your wardrobe to match. Don’t be afraid of color.


J. Crew

Do go outside of your comfort zone this season, even if it’s with something small like a scarf.  Always, always challenge yourself from season to season.

Timberland – Mark McNairy

Remember to style your look from head-to-toe and as the good ole song says”..let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”


Spring Shopping – J Crew

I love seeing what all of the stores have coming in for spring to lift my spirits out of the winter blah’s.  Though I have to admit here in ATX there hasn’t really been a winter, mostly a lot of rain and that is always fun to bring out the colorful Galoshes and rain slickers.

I do think J Crew has a great and basic offering of Dandi clothes and the fit is pretty universal.  They offer the higher ends of regular sizes and I can fit in most everything they make that is in my size, now whether or not it looks the way I want it to is another story, but that is the joy of shopping and trying on things until you find the perfect fit. And that goes for every single human being on the earth, we are not unique in this!

"Stripes and Plaids...oh my!"

As you can see prints are back for this season in reds, blues, greens…all of the basic colorways.

Same with ties.  J Crew sticks with the more conservative designs but this gives you an idea of width trends.  If you’ve got anything wider think about giving it away or putting it to the back of your closet, you won’t need it this season.

Here are some must have shoes for your wardrobe.  As for Wingtips, if you don’t already have a pair consider getting some that have a little color in them for the warmer seasons. Leave the more casual shoes for your Khaki’s and casual Friday‘s.  Soft sided shoes are never a good look with a suit unless you are in a creative business.

And spring always means hats to me.  Straw says spring, time to start transitioning your heavier fabric hats into the closet and pull out or purchase new fresh spring and summer appropriate hats to spice up any wardrobe including a suit for the office!






Fall means boots and this season is no different.  Here are a few of the wonderful designs that are available to compliment your wardrobe with an elegant foundation.

Top to bottom:

Ralph Lauren

Louis Vuitton

Salvatore Ferragamo

Kenneth Cole

Always have a boot that you can tuck your pants into.  It makes for very sexy lines (in how it looks and in the flattering comments).

For a more casual style broken-in Chuka boots are trending for the season.

Left to right clockwise:


Red Wing



Red Wing




Photo’s courtesy of:

J. Crew

Details Magazine


There are two types of belt classes; casual and formal.  That’s it! And this fact can make belt shopping a pretty easy task.  Formal belts are typically as wide as your thumb (anything wider and it is considered casual), neutral in tone, substantial in material and supportability, and the hardware tends towards the practical and conservative.  Causal belts come in more choices of fabrics, textures and colors and come in many different sizes with many different selections of hardware.

There was a brief period in fashion recently when belts took a little hiatus but now they are back in full swing and it is important that the Dandi on trend wear them with everything from shorts to formal attire.  Keep in mind belts are an accessory and unless you are trying to pull off a look from the eighties you should not consider your belt as the centerpiece of your outfit.

Number one question oft asked.  Does your belt need to match your shoes?  No.  Well, let me say that I say no but there are some out there who still believe that a dapper Dandi’s dress belt should not only match the color of their shoes but that the finishes should match as well.  I am not one for matchy-matchy but you can never go wrong by keeping this simple option open.  However, if you are more daring and have a pair of dark brown shoes but only have a black belt don’t let this bog you down and vice-versa, wear it with confidence.  But to pull it off in style keep the colors of the clothes you wear neutral in tone.  You don’t want too much going on or you’ll start to lose your style edge.

How should you store your belts?  Do not roll them as over time the material they are made of may adhere to the roll and lose  shape or begin to crack at the seams and show wear.  Always hang them vertically and in a dry place away from harsh sunlight.


Great belt designs for all ranges of wallets; J. Crew, Band of Outsiders, Billykirk, Smart Turnout…



Photo courtesy of Details


Even if you aren’t planning to get within 100 miles of the water the trend this summer is an interpretation of the maritime look.  The one featured here is very low key and can be worn both on and off the shore.  Everything works here if you are on deck sailing the high seas except the Macalister swede boots which can easily be traded out for Sperry top-siders.

The pull over weather resistant hooded jacket will keep you warm and dry when you are out enjoying nautical fun whether you are in P-Town or Cherry Grove and when the temperatures drop at night.  To keep the look easy wear a simple t-shirt underneath which will also give you an alternative look for when you get back on shore and the temperatures or the company you’re with get a little hot.  Wear a slimming pair of shorts, linen is great for these occasions.

This look will compliment Dandi’s of all sizes and shapes.  Just make sure and get the jacket to fit like you would a sweatshirt.  If you get it too big it will add extra bulk to your shape.  Oh, and don’t forget your accessories, the days of not wearing a belt are over so pick a great one that compliments the colors and the fabrics you are wearing, along with the perfect pair of sunglasses and you will not only be sharp but comfortable as well.


Photo courtesy of J. Crew


As a matter of course shorts are always a summer staple.  The showing of the leg can be scary to some Dandi’s and finding the right pair that fits is very important to keeping our dapper silhouette from getting too bulky.  When summer rolls around and it’s time to add to our shorts collection – buying on trend, staying within budget and keeping signature styles are all a concern.

There are many styles and lengths of shorts to chose from this year. A few tips before buying, if your parents didn’t give you much height long shorts will make you look even shorter and if you have long legs it’s great to show them off but too much leg will give you that daisy duke look (a great thing if that’s what you’re going for.)  The trend right now is for shorts to be several inches above the knee though the acceptable length is right at the knee.  Flat front shorts are still a must.  Pleats will make you look like your grandpa.  If your legs will accommodate it a tapered silhouette will give you a more sophisticated and dapper vibe, complimenting the Dandi style.

Shorts can be spiced up with the perfect fitted shirt and tie or rocked with a well fitted t-shirt.  Solid colors are great but don’t be afraid to add some preppy spice to you wardrobe and add a madras plaid or paisley number to the collection.  Don’t wear socks with shorts, it really does make a person look like they don’t understand the basics of style and fashion.  If you want to buck trends wear a clunky boot, that will give you the style edge you are looking for and keep you away from the fashion police.


Photo Courtesy of J. Crew

The Linen Shirt

Linen is a summer must have and now that the heat is on it is time to buy that cool, stylish shirt that will keep you looking dapper and not over heated.

Linen has always been considered a luxury material and has been around for a long time.  It is used in many types of clothing and accessories from handkerchiefs to shirts to incredibly stylish suits that can be worn for work as well as for play.

Long sleeve or short the current styles in linen shirts range from solid colors to checks and are mainly in neutral muted colors.   These shirts go great with khaki’s or jeans and any shoe where no socks are required.  Also linen, both in shirts and suits, makes a wonderful travel companion because it’s allowed to be wrinkled.  So pack it up,  pull it out and it, like a true friend, will be ready to go.


Photo courtesy of J. Crew


The Hat

Want to stay looking young? This is a great outfit for not looking like you take life too seriously and for dressing up or down.

I love the old school appearance of this look and  I particularly love the hat.  Fedora’s are a great addition the spring and summer vibe.  And with Memorial Day just around the corner and being in the sun a requirement there is no better excuse to add ‘the hat’ to your wardrobe.

The Fedora look is right out of the 60’s.  My dad used to have plenty of these and it made his Sunday Seersucker suits look immaculate and when he would don one with his t’s and Khaki’s he’d be the hippest dad in the park.

When buying a hat remember not every hat will compliment every head and face so be sure and try yours on before you buy it.   Walk around with it and maybe take a friend or girlfriend with you to give you the final thumbs-up approval.   And when it’s time to create a wardrobe around it be sure and let the ribbon on your hat be your guide to the colors you choose, complimenting is great, matching is not necessary.

Hat care – Buy straw Fedora’s for the hotter months, they are lightweight and cooler, however be reminded that straw fedoras do not like rain or water for that matter, so they may not be the best beach or pool accessory.   A wipe every now and then of the interior sweatband with a damp cloth or wet-wipe will keep your hat smelling fresh and stain free.  For exterior cleaning use a very soft bristle brush or damp cloth.  These two simple things will keep all of your straw hats looking new and Dandi for years to come.

Photo courtesy of GQ Magazine

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