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The Kitchen

Putting  together your perfect wardrobe and being meticulous about how you present to the world is not the only requisite of being a successful Dandi.  Your home is also an extension of who you are and it is a way for you to give beauty and warmth to your guests as well as have a wonderful place to unwind and recharge.

The kitchen is the heart of any home and the place where great memories are made and last for a lifetime.  The perfect Dandi kitchen expresses its taste in the decor as well as in the food.  Dare to be bold with materials and colors and even in the furnishings that you choose.

Bold color use, like on the black floor and cabinets shown here, make an incredibly exciting statement.  It projects a masculine feel yet is still inviting and warm.  Kitchens are a place of pure creative expression so don’t settle for what was there when you moved in, make every room in your home your own.


Photo courtesy of Details


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