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Slow Fashion

More and more, as we talk about climate control and ways to ensure that the environment is protected, fashion becomes a part of that conversation. I discovered this video and was completely inspired by the pioneers that are featured in it. We all need to rethink how we mass consume everything, from our food to our fashion. There are some very interesting, innovative, and disruptive technologies in this video.

I hope they inspire you to think differently as they did for me.




JD Samson

JD Samson, singer, model, feminist electropunk and all around Dandi has a wonderful spread in Vogue Homme which makes me very happy.  I have to say that the European versions of men’s magazines are certainly much more willing to be creative and do features with a lot more diversity than the staid ole Americanones. “Ohhh, scary, a women who looks good in men’s clothing whose not projecting a feminine image…”  Are their egos really so fragile?

In case you don’t know who JD is, she is a gender bending performer who appears in both the band Le Tigre and the band MEN.  And if that weren’t enough she is also a DJ and producer.

Vogue Homme first did a spread with Lady Gaga’s Jo Calderone making this magazine as After Ellen says ‘a lesbian’s delight.’  What Vogue Homme has done is what I think the true meaning of androgynous beauty is all about.  My wish for x-mas would be for every men’s magazine to do a shoot with their favorite Dandi.

I know they’d sell more mag’s!

Alter Egos

Jo Calderone is a surprising style icon.  Or maybe not, being that it comes from the mind of the one and only genius and twisted Lady Gaga.  Whether you love her or hate her, the last thing that you can say about her is that she’s boring.

As shown on the VMAs last night her male alter ego Jo rocked the stage in a dirty t-shirt and stylish baggy black pants.  The thing is, almost in spite of  itself the overall presentation was sexy as hell.  Even the circa 1950’s pompadour on his head that has graced some of the most legendary heads from Elvis to Little Richard seemed right at home.

Jo Calderone is the perfect example of how Dandi’s can work a look, any look, as long as they really mean it and understand how to present within the intentions of the look.  My hats off to Jo for not only giving us all a great performance last night but introducing to the mainstream the beautiful art of gender bending with style.  I hope this gives all of the baby Dandi’s out there some inspiration to get out there and show the world what you’re working with!

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