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Kiwi Love

Some Dandis liked the smell of magic markers when they were growing up, me, I was a little obsessed with the smell of Kiwi Shoe Polish, still am a little bit, but less so if I’m not polishing my shoes (lol).  ‘Tis the season to start wearing your heavier boots and leather shoes Dandis, so it also the season to take good care of them.  Not to say your spring/summer shoes shouldn’t get the same attention and love, but more than likely most of them are canvas and need a different kind of care.

Which also goes for leathers that are made from more exotic skins.  I would suggest you get those done by a professional whether that be a shoe shop or skilled old-time shoe shiner that can be found in Barber Shops or airports.  But for shoe care at home I always use Kiwi…   My dad used it and I have followed suit.  He was a Marine so he could really get an amazing ‘spit-shine’ on his shoes.  I don’t care so much for a shine so glossy I can clean my teeth after dinner but I do know that there is nothing the girls like more than a Dandi who loves shoes and keeps them to perfection.

I tend to polish my shoes at least once a month, however if they have been in  dusty area, like an outdoor concert or a hike for a romantic picnic, I will polish them right before I wear them again.

Instructions for getting the best polish:
1) Clean you shoes first with a shoe brush or cloth.
2) To really do it right remove laces (I tend not to have the time).
3) With a slightly dampened tip of the cloth get an ample amount on your rag and spread it over the entire shoe.
4) Buff it into perfection using a natural brush …or
5) Using a different cloth and a sprinkle of water on the shoe buff it side to side across the toe, vamp and back until you generate desired shine, use brush for sides.

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If there were ever a brand to define luxury without a doubt it is Hermes.  By far the most recognized and coveted French brand in the world Hermes deserves every bit of the accolades and attention.  Innovative in their approach to service and style they keep what they do best at the forefront of their label even upping the ante in their already amazing service by now offering custom-made clothing and accessories in their mens stores from crocodile jackets to shoes.

Sadly I can’t get too high on my animal rights horse when it comes to Hermes because leathers are what this company does best and to wear the outstanding craftsmanship of their supple leathers is absolutely transformative for any fashion obsessed Dandi.

For the menswear 2012 collection Veonique Nichanian based it on timeless and bold, with a brilliant use of black, beige,white, navy and a dusty light green for everything from suits to zippered jackets.  This is a collection of confidence and wealth.  It speaks for you when you walk into the room and always makes a flattering statement.  What I most love about designers like Hermes is that there are key pieces that only get better with age, like their leather goods, and you can wear them years from now and be the envy of all your peers.

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The Baseball Jacket

Having a jacket to complete your casual look is a must.  There are many to choose from; the hoodie, bomber, military inspired or windbreaker but this season’s style is the baseball jacket. Welcome to the big leagues!

For the Dandi this jacket can be worn open or zipped to highlight those much worked out abs.  It is best worn with a collarless shirt so that you don’t look in the mirror and see that you’ve been trying to flirt with your collar all twisted and sticking up funny because of the way the jacket collar lays.

Smooth clean lines are the order of the day when you wear waist length outerwear.  Keep your pants or shorts flat-front (so you don’t wind up looking like your grandpa) and jeans are always a safe bet.  Spice up the look by adding a Fedora and some cool aviator sunglasses.


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