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Ah, the Brits.  Some of my favorite dapper Dandy’s in all the land.  They just really know how to pull it all together in such a refined and often very colorful way.

Daks Greys

Okay true, this look is not that colorful but gosh darn if it isn’t still wonderful.  And who is this designer I am referring to?  Daks, of London.



Very low key, very elegant.  This collection was inspired by formalwear (if you couldn’t tell)…


It really modernizes the look and makes it approachable for everyday.


Gotta love all of the top hats.  I do say that the idea of a single pop of color used with the top hat and (maybe) gloves ( if wearing a black tux on your wedding day) can be a very memorable and signature approach to making it your day as well.


Now I know spring is approaching so the last thing anyone is thinking about is going out to buy leather.  But the key word here is spring.  And in many climates a sweet new lightweight leather jacket or pair of pants might just be the ticket.  Certainly this collection is for F/W 2013 but I say take your inspirations from everywhere.


I love everything about this look.  Chic, minimal and striking.  Done!

White and Grey

Talk about bringing the formal into the everyday.  I think this does it beautifuly.  Those stylsh Brits do it again!


Ozwald Boateng

In keeping with London fashion week here is my absolute favorite menswear designer, Ghanaian British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng.

He is known for his elegant twist on Savile Row tailoring and opened his first store by the age of 23.

For going the traditional runway Boetang showed his collection in his flagship London store.  Well tailored garments, inspired by a family safari expedition in Kenya make up this season’s collection.

I love Boateng because he takes the traditionally, stuffy Bespoked suit, which no one has really done anything new or different with and not only adds color but ups the bar of tailoring perfection.  Each suit is styled in a modern luxurious way and exudes the masculine end of Dandyism yet his whimsy with colors allows the feminine.

London Calling

It’s London Fashion Week so I thought I’d feature a few of the designers over the next week or so. This is Topman‘s collection.  As you will notice double breasted suits are in forDandy’s this season.  Double breasted can be a Dandi’s best friend because the roominess compensates for the ‘girls’, but the cut can also make the rest of you look a little on the wide side so make sure to get it altered to fit.



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