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Ah, the Brits.  Some of my favorite dapper Dandy’s in all the land.  They just really know how to pull it all together in such a refined and often very colorful way.

Daks Greys

Okay true, this look is not that colorful but gosh darn if it isn’t still wonderful.  And who is this designer I am referring to?  Daks, of London.



Very low key, very elegant.  This collection was inspired by formalwear (if you couldn’t tell)…


It really modernizes the look and makes it approachable for everyday.


Gotta love all of the top hats.  I do say that the idea of a single pop of color used with the top hat and (maybe) gloves ( if wearing a black tux on your wedding day) can be a very memorable and signature approach to making it your day as well.


Now I know spring is approaching so the last thing anyone is thinking about is going out to buy leather.  But the key word here is spring.  And in many climates a sweet new lightweight leather jacket or pair of pants might just be the ticket.  Certainly this collection is for F/W 2013 but I say take your inspirations from everywhere.


I love everything about this look.  Chic, minimal and striking.  Done!

White and Grey

Talk about bringing the formal into the everyday.  I think this does it beautifuly.  Those stylsh Brits do it again!


The London Olympics 2012

I just clicked on the Opening Ceremony page of the 2012 Olympics|London and we now have 3 hours and 19 minutes to go before all we hear (like it’s not happening already) for the next two weeks will be about the Olympics.

I was a much bigger fan when I was younger.  I loved both the summer and the winter Olympics.  Now I am a bit meh about the whole thing (I hate to admit) though the opening ceremonies are hard to resist.  They are very much equal to a mix of  high concept runway show and high octane Cirque du Soleil (with slow parts in between).

There’s been a lot more fashion talk than usual about the designers for the Olympics, Stella McCartney’s  participation definitely helped.  Even Ab Fab came back from the dead to participate (I love those women!)

I watched the Olympic episode last night and the funniest bit were the ones with and about Stella.

Of course  Ralph Lauren is the Proud Outfitter of Team USA (why is the girl in the back and why is there only one!?!)

And if you are itching for some Olympic gear of your own it is everywhere, but I really liked what Nautica came up with for a Dandi sports look.


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Antonio Azzuolo

After having once worked for Ralph Lauren and now garnering a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nomination Antonio Azzuolo brings Bespoke, old world tailoring to a whole new height.

This seasons collection is based loosely on globe trotting which let him have a little bit more leeway on his fine tailored suiting.

Azzuolo is certainly known for being a Dandi’s best friend.  His best  cuts are tailor suited and which makes the fit impeccable.  Outerwear and jackets are what this designer does best and he has a magnificent eye for style and glamour.

I love his youthful approach and his love of ceremonial styling.  Construction is this man’s game and I am looking forward to playing along.


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Pocket Squares

I love pocket squares.  I really, really do.  I think they are the quintessential dapper accessory for any Dandi who wears a suit.  Talk about giving your look that extra-extra that most suit wearers take for granted.  Plus they still have a practical element that any woman would find extremely gentledandi if ever in need of a tissue.

Now the trick with this is to carry two pocket squares, one for looks or the lady in distress then another, more in the guise of a handkerchief, in your back or inside jacket pocket for yourself.  (No germs shared that way)

Liberty of London

What color should you choose?  I like loud (surprise!) but it still must have some common thread that ties in the weave of my suit jacket, tie and shirt.  This is another place besides your tie or socks to have some fun.

How to fold it?  Well for one thing please oh please do not try to hard.  I wear the version that is styled in the first picture, but a lot of Dandi’s, 007 and the Mad Men crew comes to mind, wear what is known as the Clean Edge.  Fold the square in thirds and then in half, place it in your pocket with the edge about a quarter of an inch above.  I’m not big on rules so do it whatever style gives you that individual Dandi touch.

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Kamondi Couture

Photo by Abiodun Olanrewaju

Kamondi Couture is a London based luxury brand designer label of women’s suits and shirts.  This new line is the creation of Ugandan born friends Emma Mohamed and Sonia Ygo.  Kamondi Couture is a wonderful spin on women’s suits with a very androgynous menswear inspired Bespoke twist.  Their Fall collection features pin-stripe, flowered and sheer fabrics and is an interesting and visionary approach to women’s clothing.  I had a chance to ask them some questions about their line and the future of Kamondi Couture.

The two of you have taken the beautiful color and pattern elements of African fabrics in your ready-to-wear and integrated them with the western ideals of fashion.  How does Uganda inspire you when you design?

Photo by Abiodun Olanrewaju

Our first collection was inspired by men’s tailoring so we did not have any influences from Uganda.  But in the future we are sure that we will look to Uganda for some inspiration.

Where did you two meet and how did you decide to design as a team?
We have been very good friends for many years and we are also related as in-laws.

Taking on the idea of creating a successful fashion line is a very big deal.  What gave you the inspiration, motivation and the belief in yourselves?

Photo by John Marxis

We believed that there was a gap in the market to offer tailoring infused with vibrant, unique prints whether African or Western.  We often wear our own shirts and always receive nice comments from people asking us where we got that shirt.  That alone was biggest motivation to start the line and still is.  We meet a lot of people interested in a few pieces from the current line.

Why an androgynous take on women‘s wear?

The frustration of not being able to find well tailored and fashionable suits or shirts for women as you do for gentlemen.  The idea was to take a gentleman’s look and altering it into a ‘gentlewoman’s’ look.  The idea behind Kamondi is allow any woman to achieve a softer androgynous look with any our pieces.

Name one designer, artist and musician that inspire your work.
We are both inspired by David Beckham.  In fact, we both watched him being interview on the Jonathan Ross show.  He was wearing this sharp grey suit with red socks.  We both thought imagine that look but on a woman.  Watching that show gave us the inspiration for this collection. To basically take the traditions of men’s tailoring and refine them for the feminine silhouette.

Photo by John Marxis

How many collections have you done?
We did a capsule Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which followed our Autumn/Winter Collection

Is the androgynous point of view a permanent vision for your brand and label for the foreseeable future or a trend until the next idea comes along?
Kamondi Couture is about suits and shirts so that is what we will always be about.  We plan to evolve our line every season with different concept, but still offering suits and shirts. We do also offer dresses and other pieces within our line too.

Photo by John Marxis

Where can people buy your fabulous collection and will it be available in the U.S. or by internet soon?
We are working on making our collection available to buy on our website so please do visit our website from time to time for updates.

What’s in store for you spring/summer collection?
It wouldn’t be a surprise if were to tell but we are working on the next collection and hope everyone will love it just as much as they have like the first one.



Okay, Yohji Yamamoto is one of my favorite designers and for several years now he has done a collaboration with Adidas with a  sportswear line and this season does not disappoint.

The clothes have the classic Yamamoto cut, flowy and elegant, and yet, somehow it’s sportswear (so Yohji!)

Since the show was in London this is yet another collection influenced by the Olympic games.  But this one has been filtered through a street aesthetic (a high-end street aesthetic, but one none-the-less) with London inspired Mod graphics, the Union Jack and durable workwear.

As Yohji’s creativity knows no bounds don’t you just love these kicks?  I’m sure the  Olympians will be fighting over this one.  Maybe that could be one of the games…


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Vivienne Westwood

Though we are approaching winter, and despite the fact that today’s high in Texas will probably be somewhere in the hundreds, fashion season marches on and it is now time for Fashion Weeks to give us our much anticipated looks for Spring/Summer.  London based Vivienne Westwood is one of my favorite mensweardesigners because she constructs a more feminine twist to menswear, giving life to the too often stodginess of it all.

For her 2012 collection Westwood has created designs with a nod to the upcoming London summer Olympic games.  There are graphic tees with Olympic designs and formalwear as inspired by the Olympics.  The sport coat is a major staple in this collection and as always she uses color and the ability to mix and match  her collection that allows a sophisticated but unique look to the overall styling.

There are many nods to the upcoming Olympic games; there is a sweater jacket in the above picture that has the Japanese flag on it and then I heard tell of a fabulous mid-night blue track suit.  I love her use of color and whimsy but I have to say my favorite look is this “going hunting’ black number.  It definitely has the presence of an opening ceremony outfit but darkly elegant and I would be caught wearing it anywhere!

Check out her spring collection for inspiration on how to mix up some of the things in your wardrobe for Fall and your purchases for Spring/Summer.  It is one way to get tee’s and color back into your look with ease and still keep it looking sophisticated.

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