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…yeah, it has been a minute, but as in fashion, lets not waste time trying reconstruct what went before, let’s get onto what is happening now…shall we! ūüôā

Okay, it’s definitely summertime outside.¬† And though the ones¬†of us in the always hot south have had some cooler temperatures, those days are beginning to give way to the real heat.

And of course there is no better style than to look cool when it’s hot, and of course to look great at the pool and beach, every chance you get.


…created by designer JOHN MOORE,¬† got its origins from a Hawaiian tailoring shop, by the same name, from the 40’s¬†that, along with other tailoring,¬†designed custom trunks. Moore took this idea,¬† expanding the brand to include tees, pants and sweaters.



M. NII Board Shorts

M. NII 2




M. NII Mainland Stripe Shirt



M. NII Sweater

M. NII Sweater































Rainy Days and Mondays…

It’s been pouring down rain in my neck of the woods. So much so the ever popular music event ACL got rained out or rather flooded out yesterday.
When the rains come the last thing you ever want is to be without your fabulous raincoat to keep you dry or at least  keep you looking good while getting wet.  So here are some style ideas and brands to help you on your way to a dandiliciously dry Fall and onward into Winter!
Me in my London Fog.
Me in my London Fog.
Gieves & Hawkes
Gieves & Hawkes


Harrods Italian Made Raincoats
Harrods Italian Made Raincoats


Me and my boots in the rain.
Me and my boots in the rain.


The Look.
The Look.



ASOS Trench
ASOS Trench



ASOS Trench
ASOS Trench


Stutterheim raincoats
Stutterheim raincoats










Salvatore Ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo


Stay dry my friends!



Photos courtesy of PB and Tumblr


Fall Is Upon Us!

Okay, maybe it’s not yet here and now but it is coming.¬† I mean Labor Day is tomorrow or if you are just waking up and reading this, today.¬† And no you don’t have to put away your whites (shoes or clothes) if you don’t want to but I’m certainly gearing up for wearing something besides shorts and a t-shirt so here are some of my picks for your next shopping spree, as well as some style ideas.¬† Enjoy!


Zonkey Boot
Zonkey Boots


Fairisle scarves by Drake’s London  Lambswool, hand knot fringes Handmade in England
Fairisle scarves by Drake’s London
Lambswool, hand knot fringes
Handmade in England


Layering done well.


High-top Converse are always a hit!
High-top Converse are always a hit!


Some accessory ideas to go with that Saint Harridan


Add color with socks.
Add color with socks.


It’s nice not to always wear a jacket.


Leather is in top or bottom (Viktor & Rolf)
Leather is in top or bottom.
(Viktor & Rolf)


Take your style up a notch, even with the basics. (Giorgio Armani)
Take your style up a notch, even
with the basics. (Giorgio Armani)




Saint Harridan Has Done It!

From the Saint Harridan website:


Oh My God … They Fit!

Day one of our first Pop-Up Shop is finished and the news is fantastic: We did it! We absolutely did it!

We set out to make an impeccable men’s style suit that will fit hansdsomely on women and transmen … and it worked! Person after person came in the store – different shapes, different heights, different weights¬†– put on our trousers and jackets, and looked fantastic!

Hey Bay Area, Don’t Miss Day Two!

So, it’s really happening. And for one more day (today!) you can experience it. You can walk into our Pop-Up Shop, knowing you’re our expected customer. You can try on a suit you will love, and it will fit your body. You can experience the beginning of this era we are entering: a time when the clothes you wear validate the life you live.

If you feel right in a suit, come try one on!

Saint Harridan Pop-Up Shop
Sunday, August 18, 2013
LOCATION: Show & Tell Concept Shop
1300 Clay Street #160, Oakland – at City Center
1 block from 12th Street Bart

And remember, you don’t have to live in Oakland, California to get yourself some Saint Harridan threads!
Saint Harridan’s web store is open 24/7!
When we openned the shop this morning it looked pretty good.
But as the day went on, it just looked better,
and better,
and better!
Copyright © 2013 Saint Harridan, All rights reserved. 

Short Sets

It is finally getting hot outside.  Well, after a few days of 108 degrees here in Texas perhaps too hot.

SS 1

All that to say we can now get on with wearing our shorts to just about any activity summer has in store for us.

SS 2

There is always the casual look.  It is nice to elevate this look with a cute pair of shoes.


Or add a fabulous jacket.


If you are athletic here is a very fashoin forward way to show up at your next touch football event.

You can never go wrong with jean shorts.


And Camo is the new black.

Not into Camo?  Try something like this cute print.


Short-shorts are the very in thing for 2013/SS so if you have the confidence and the legs for it DO IT!

If short-shorts aren’t quite your thing here is a stylish cut of short.¬† I like the whole outfit actually.


Got somewhere a little more dressed up to go?  This is a great way to look and stay cool.


Swim trunks aren’t really shorts but they can be worn as such, so that you’ll be ready for lunch or an afternoon swim.


Soccer anyone?  I love this look so much!


Add whimsy with your shoes, this look can be dressy or casual and it looks great on him.







Lookbook 4

I call this one the rugged look for spring and fall.¬† I like to dress up like the next dandi but I mostly love fabrics that have been broken in and look like I’ve been out at the ranch all day.

Denim, cotton, linen…

LB 1

these are some of my most favorit fabrics to wear

LB 2

and live in.


Not being so serious all of the time

LB 6

can be a good thing.

LB 4

You can still rock style

LB 5

Henry Cavill for VMan Magazine

and be a bit ruffled.

Brown Bucks

You can dandi it up and still have a casual feel.

LB 7

The tones that best fit this look are blues, browns and greys.

CP 2

Or any color in a darker pallet.

LB 9

Yeah, even red can rock if done right.

LB 10

Either way dressing up or down never looked so good!



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Style is about image….

I would love to get this in the mail - wooden packaging!
I would love to get this in the mail – wooden packaging!


Preppybaba Style
Preppybaba Style


Grandpa Style
Grandpa Style


H2T Style
H2T Style



My favorite pair of shoes
My favorite pair of shoes


Love the watch chain.
Love the watch chain.


These boots are delicious.
These boots are delicious.



A pair of driving gloves will always set you apart.
A pair of driving gloves will always set you apart.

most of all…


Loafers in Style.  Love them all!
Loafers in Style. Love them all!

loving yourself.





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