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Short Sets

It is finally getting hot outside.  Well, after a few days of 108 degrees here in Texas perhaps too hot.

SS 1

All that to say we can now get on with wearing our shorts to just about any activity summer has in store for us.

SS 2

There is always the casual look.  It is nice to elevate this look with a cute pair of shoes.


Or add a fabulous jacket.


If you are athletic here is a very fashoin forward way to show up at your next touch football event.

You can never go wrong with jean shorts.


And Camo is the new black.

Not into Camo?  Try something like this cute print.


Short-shorts are the very in thing for 2013/SS so if you have the confidence and the legs for it DO IT!

If short-shorts aren’t quite your thing here is a stylish cut of short.  I like the whole outfit actually.


Got somewhere a little more dressed up to go?  This is a great way to look and stay cool.


Swim trunks aren’t really shorts but they can be worn as such, so that you’ll be ready for lunch or an afternoon swim.


Soccer anyone?  I love this look so much!


Add whimsy with your shoes, this look can be dressy or casual and it looks great on him.








Clearly next Spring is about color and lots of it.  I can’t seem to find a collection that isn’t almost drowning in it.  Iceberg has a lovely collection for 2012 that will fit the more conservative taste of those of my readers who are not so keen on wearing loud and colorful prints on their clothing.

Okay, this suit is definitely not the norm but it’s not a big ole flower either and the steel blue would flatter many different skin tones.  I love it with the lighter blue sweater and it would work well with a fitted spread collar dress shirt and a print tie (yes I said print!) in a darker blue or even rust color depending on the color of your shirt (not white!)

Iceberg has a very European casual Dandi look to it so I wouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to dress it up.  This collection is better worn on the weekends or on vacation.  I actually like the monochromatic look of this blue outfit; the shirt, belt, pants and shoes.  It is quite daring but not impossible to pull off for the right Dandi.  If it’s something you’ve never tried before I’d break it up with maybe a white linen pant and some white Bucks, but then the next time do it all in blue, chalking your new look up to expanding the  possibilities of the Dandi that you are.

photo’s courtesy of:





Oh how I love this look.  Particularly the new interpretations on it.  Varsity is the hottest trend in men’s fashion for the season.  I’ve already talked about the Letterman jacket(see Rah Rah!) and here are a few more that show the diversity of how to wear it and what to wear your new varsity jacket with.

The jackets shown here are an interpretation on sports from cricket to soccer.  There is more than just the American football version of the varsity look to choose from.

Color is the key in both the jacket and the pants. Leaving your shirt neutral will help keep the look from becoming clownish.  I cannot stress enough that this is your time to really have fun for the season.  This look is all about whimsy in a big way.  Definitetly wear your new favorite Dandi tie, bow-tie and/or scarf to bring it all together.

And if you are in the market for a new ties go definitely check out Malak Ni and Marimacho to support Dandi designers.  Both have a beauitful selection of ties.

Malak Ni Ties

The varsity look is an extension of the preppy look which is all about school boi charm.  Top it with anything from a fedora, to a bowler to even a preppy plaid baseball cap.

Wear your look slouchy or pressed but it is not a look to be worn un-tucked which makes it a great time to show off your classic striped belt.  And of course my favorite part of any outfit are the socks.  This is where you can surprise and delight people.  Never be afraid to go bold and Thomas Pink is my favorite brand for just the perfect statement for any outfit.  It does not have to be preppy or varsity to add a little spice.

Thomas Pink

Shoes can be high-tops, duck shoes, loafers or to break up the preppiness boots.


All Black outfit – Givenchy

Duffle Coat and Vinyl Pants – Raf Simons

Blue pullover – Junya Wanatabe

Black and white Shorts look – Miharayasuhiro

RB Varsity – Rag and Bone

Dead Prince College – Raf Simons

Yellow Varsity look – Rag and Bone




Top photo courtesy of Essential Homme


Ties for a Dandi are what make us feel and look the most masculine.  More so than a suit, which in this day and age occurs a lot in women’s fashion yet the one thing that women’s fashion has never really picked up on to go with the suit is the man’s necktie.

The way that a necktie is usually purchased is to go with a suit, but since a lot of us Dandi’s don’t pair our ties that way we are not under the same constraints when purchasing them.

The first thing to consider when buying a tie is the width of the collar you will be wearing it with (or the lapel of the suit jacket), which will decide the width of the tie and your own height for length.  The current trend in tie width and fabric will also guide you so check out your favorite men’s magazines before you decide to buy.  Think of ties as seasonal so I strongly advise following trends in this instance.  Ties are the one way you can keep your wardrobe looking current, fresh, and in style.

The reason I love ties so much is because they come in so many different shapes, colors, sizes, materials and price ranges. Pick the ones that suit both your wallet as well as your style.  The tie you choose and what you pair it with is one true place where you can express your personality.  And remember though this article is specifically on the necktie  there are also many many other and sometimes unique styles of neck attire from the cravat which Beau Brummel, the father of the Dandy movement wore, to the Bolo tie that cowboys wear out on a dressy Saturday night. Mix it up and have fun with it!


Ties and shirts shown here from Tommy Hilfiger


There are two types of belt classes; casual and formal.  That’s it! And this fact can make belt shopping a pretty easy task.  Formal belts are typically as wide as your thumb (anything wider and it is considered casual), neutral in tone, substantial in material and supportability, and the hardware tends towards the practical and conservative.  Causal belts come in more choices of fabrics, textures and colors and come in many different sizes with many different selections of hardware.

There was a brief period in fashion recently when belts took a little hiatus but now they are back in full swing and it is important that the Dandi on trend wear them with everything from shorts to formal attire.  Keep in mind belts are an accessory and unless you are trying to pull off a look from the eighties you should not consider your belt as the centerpiece of your outfit.

Number one question oft asked.  Does your belt need to match your shoes?  No.  Well, let me say that I say no but there are some out there who still believe that a dapper Dandi’s dress belt should not only match the color of their shoes but that the finishes should match as well.  I am not one for matchy-matchy but you can never go wrong by keeping this simple option open.  However, if you are more daring and have a pair of dark brown shoes but only have a black belt don’t let this bog you down and vice-versa, wear it with confidence.  But to pull it off in style keep the colors of the clothes you wear neutral in tone.  You don’t want too much going on or you’ll start to lose your style edge.

How should you store your belts?  Do not roll them as over time the material they are made of may adhere to the roll and lose  shape or begin to crack at the seams and show wear.  Always hang them vertically and in a dry place away from harsh sunlight.


Great belt designs for all ranges of wallets; J. Crew, Band of Outsiders, Billykirk, Smart Turnout…



Photo courtesy of Details

Be Daring

Want to show off those guns you’ve been working on all winter?  Here is a look that is both eye-catching and sexy.  The sleeves on the jacket are actually designed to be short, they are not rolled up.  This designer jacket is thousands of dollars but this look can be easily achieved with the right light weight jacket and a good tailor.  Compliment the look with a long sleeve dress shirt and roll the sleeves tightly.

Once you have this jacket you will want to pull it out for special occasions as well.  You can dress it up with a tie or bow-tie.  Keep it fun with a contrasting pant and if you don’t have any this short just give them a roll or two.  Definitely keep your socks in the drawer and pull out your favorite Dandi shoes to put on that dapper touch.  And should your budget afford, this Trussardi bag is great for any stylish week-end get-away.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Hommes Japan

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