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Maison Martin Margiela

Hot off the Paris runway the collection for 2012/2013 by Maison Martin Margiela is splendid.

There are looks for Dandi.   What I love about the look above is that we are all so used to seeing this grouping and silhouette in camel but here it is in hues of pink, fabulous.

How daring and modern is this? Another fabulous diversion in an almost Pea coat silhouette, not to mention the absurdly shiny ‘look at me’ pants that only a brave Dandi might want to venture out in.

This look has all the classic pieces but the shirt is a bit blousy, perhaps not the favorite choice of a typical Dandi ( and I do hope that’s not real fur!)  Love the splashes of turquoise.

Vroom, vroooom.  An interesting and stylish take on the sexy and aluring motorcycle uniform.  It almost looks like a cropped formal jacket on top of a Ducati (and love the boots)


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Antonio Marras’ 2012 Spring collection for Kenzo has gone all soft colors and strong tropical themes.  Everything you ever wanted in your wardrobe from Hawaiian prints to tops and bottoms covered in my favorite color ,along with some bright bright yellows, electrified blues and vivid greens.

Kermit the Frog never looked better in this frog-green look from head to toe number (I think I hear Ms. Piggy whistling.)  I especially love the electric blue socks that break it all up including the blue accents in the shirt and chocker!

And what is a Dandi without cute boxers!?!  Fuchsia and floral, whoever the lucky one is who gets to see these won’t know what hit them!



My goodness, isn’t this sweater absolutely flawless?!?  It is impeccable.  I mean really, this is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and that is what Lanvin is known for; elegant fabric’s, amazing cuts, and the finest of tailoring.

This season is a little less out of this world and more of the earth.  There is a noticeable military theme but does not fail to please with soft luxurious looks as well.





I love the whimsy in this look. The jacket certainly mimics military lines and then Alber  Elbaz gives long lines to a fun tee look that fades loudly into men’s leggings. And don’t forget the m’urse (man-purse)  for the season.  If it is time for an upgrade there are some really great designs for the new year.

There are more colors in this collection than in your crayon box.  You can take this idea into your Spring wardrobe with other buys as well.  The suits here are made of silk which is great for Spring and Summer and can be worn monochromatic as shown or with a contrasting shirt and tie as you can see further back in the picture.


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