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Byron & Dexter Peart


Peart Style

The Montreal duo of Byron and Dexter Peart are the twins behind the fabulous accessories line WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie.

Pearts with Bag

Inspired by interior designs these two approach their elegant creations as though designing furniture.

Pearts Want

This sleekness shows in the lines and refined qualities of their totes, shoppers, clutches and weekenders, which are suitable for Dandi’s of all kinds.

Pearts Street Style

I will feature their accessories in another blog soon, but for this one I wanted to showcase the twins and their style.

Want Store

I love the fact that though they are twins, they don’t do that look-a-like thing that so many twins do (sure, not as many adults do it but still.)

Pearts at work

Clearly influenced by the preppy aesthetic, these two elevate it by wearing more neutral and dark colors, yet keeping the whimsy of the style.

Want hardware

Luxury, minimalism, and beauty are who these designers are through and through.  Not only in their WANT label, but also in their personal style.





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Gant by Michael Bastian

Preppy, preppy, preppsterville!  I love this collection by Michael Bastain for Gant.  There are as many colors in this collection as their are in the flowers of spring and that, to me, is what being preppy is all about.

You gotta love a designer that takes his inspiration from a place he has never been (Hawaii) and then claims that he filtered it through the Brady Bunch on vacation.

This collection is so bright you will definitely need to wear shades, you will also get the chance to wear hippos and turtles because they are some of the prints along with plaids and stripes. Layer, layer, layer this look until you can hardly stand yourself, then add the limited edition Gant watch, a timeless classic, to turn your look into the preppiest Dandi of them all.


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