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Queer Style at SXSW

As an Austinite I always look forward to the variety of amazing events that this city holds throughout the year.  One of the biggest and most world renowned is SXSW.

This year dapperQ, the leading style website for masculine presenting women and trans* identified individuals, will host a panel that will explore queer style as an enigmatic art form that is the new fashion frontier and examine queer style as visual activism that creates positive social change.

Friday, March 11
3:30PM – 4:30PM

Westin Austin Downtown
Continental 1-2
301 E 5th ST

If you are here (and have a badge) check out the next revolution in menswear and MOC clothing.


Photo Credit: Bex Wade




Well, as we near the end of yet another year, I would like to thank all of the Preppybaba-ites for a fantastic 2015.

May your 2016 be cheery and bright, and until then…



Here are some holiday look ideas to get you through the next week.











All photos courtesy of Google!

LookBook 5

Though I am a spring baby and always look forward to shedding layers when that time rolls around, loving fashion as I do, I admit that there is no better time for putting your best style foot forward than in the fall and winter months.

If you can ;ayer like this and not look like a stuffed turkey I say go for it!
If you can layer like this and not look like a stuffed turkey I say go for it!


Tim Coppens F/W 2013
Tim Coppens F/W 2013


Gieves & Hawkes SS2014
Gieves & Hawkes SS2014


Simple and gorgeous!
Simple and gorgeous!


Cashmere Melton Varsity Jacket
Cashmere Melton Varsity Jacket


Suspenders are the style accent piece that sets you apart.
Suspenders are the style accent piece that sets you apart.


"I don't always smoke, but when I do..."
“I don’t always smoke, but when I do…”


The always fabulous Esther Quek!
The always fabulous Esther Quek!


The Fem version.
The Fem version.


Aymeline Valade
Aymeline Valade


Don't be afraid to take it there.
Don’t be afraid to take it there.




Photos courtesy of the

fabulous people of Tumblr


Happy New Year 2013!

Wow! We made it.  And that is saying a lot, for in my experience many people in my sphere of love and friendship transitioned to planes far beyond this one where I know they are experiencing the fullness of what they learned on earth and what they plan to bring back on their next journey.

For those of us still buzzing around and creating and discovering I am thrilled to say that there is an incredible shift in the air as far as fashion, lesbians, queerness, masculine beauty, design and designers go.

SH 1
Saint Harridan

As you well know I am fashion advisor to the fabulous brand Saint Harridan, that not only surpassed their goal on Kickstarter but became the 7th ranked fashion fundraiser in the history of the crowdfunding site!  Congratualtions to Mary Going and his team of talented and amazing people that made this all possible.

SH 2
Saint Harridan

I am also happy to say that other lesbian owned and operated companies that were featured on Preppybaba last year are still growing and thriving and I look forward to seeing more and more entrepreneurs with fashion dreams take the plunge into the market.

(I do consult on such matters, so feel free to contact me at CONSULTING)

Here are some pic’s from the other fabulous queer fashion houses for 2013. (Shop queer!)


And new to the list:


In their own words – Tomboy Tailors is a fine clothier specializing in custom-made suits and shirts of the finest quality that are made-to-measure in the material, cut and fit that you want.

2013 is starting out to be a great year in the world of queer fashion.  I am truly excited!



The Linen Shirt

Linen is a summer must have and now that the heat is on it is time to buy that cool, stylish shirt that will keep you looking dapper and not over heated.

Linen has always been considered a luxury material and has been around for a long time.  It is used in many types of clothing and accessories from handkerchiefs to shirts to incredibly stylish suits that can be worn for work as well as for play.

Long sleeve or short the current styles in linen shirts range from solid colors to checks and are mainly in neutral muted colors.   These shirts go great with khaki’s or jeans and any shoe where no socks are required.  Also linen, both in shirts and suits, makes a wonderful travel companion because it’s allowed to be wrinkled.  So pack it up,  pull it out and it, like a true friend, will be ready to go.


Photo courtesy of J. Crew


The Loafer

According to Details Magazine the penny loafer is this season’s go-to shoe.  The latest designs are a little  more streamlined than the old school loafer with a narrower toe.

The penny loafer originated in the 1930’s when the Spaulding company produced a shoe styled after the ones Norwegian diary farmers wore in an article that appeared in Esquire Magazine; but the penny didn’t entered the equation until years later.  The modern day loafer was created by John Bass who put his mark on the shoe with the creation of the Weejun.  He added the decorative strap across the top that was soon used to add a bit of style  (and money for an emergency phone call) by adding small objects such as pennies.

Generally worn without socks for a preppier style.  It is a simple practical shoe that looks great with a pair of rolled up Chino’s or for the more daring a classic suit.


Photo courtesy of Details Magazine

Black on Black

One of the most elegant ways to dress is to work a complete outfit of black on black.  It is striking, slimming and gives the wearer an air of confidence that no other color in the spectrum can acheive.

Every Dandi should coordinate a black on black outfit for every season and formal occasion.  When creating your look be aware that fabrics absorb color differently and you want to be very careful when trying to match blacks.  The black color in clothes can carry a purple, brown or grey cast so be careful in mixing and matching, the wrong  hue and can dilute your look.

Mix different fabrics and textures to avoid a uniform look and when matching your black shirt or tie to your black suit use the textures in the tie and the design of the shirt to give your palette contrast and approachability.

Now that we are in the summer months the lighter weight the fabric the better,  that said cotton can be a challenge because it fades easily so always hand wash or dry clean your these black items (even if laundered get them dry cleaned, not washed) and rarely if ever put them in the dryer.  If you do decide to wash them always use cold water.

If you feel the urge to add jewelry, keep it minimal.  A watch or ring will do the trick.  Avoid shiny jewelry around your neck, let the black speak for itself.

The Collar

Ah, the collar.  So important and so oft over looked.  When you buy a shirt you must keep in mind how you plan on wearing it.  Will you be wearing it with a tie, bow-tie, open, with a suit or sports jacket?  Are you trying to give off a business, formal, or casual look?  And for the  trendier among you, tie width and lapel width.  All of those reasons are why choosing the right collar atop your shirt is so important, so let’s begin.

In choosing the correct collar for you, you must first consider the shape of your face.  The collar provides the frame for both your shirt and your face.  If it doesn’t compliment the shape of your face the overall look will not look as Dapper as planned.  Strong jawlines should go for a larger proportioned collar.  Round soft faces should steer clear of small and short collars.

There are two things to consider with every collar.  The point, which includes the width of the collar at the front tip and the spread of the collar.

The Button Down – Comes in two types; The Oxford and the Hidden Button-down.  Both are considered to be a less formal collar though the Hidden can be used in dressier occasions.  This shirt is most suitable to be worn with Sports Jackets and Blazers.

The Straight-Point Collar – Fits most average size Dandi’s and has a much smaller gap between the collar points.  It can be worn without a tie as well.  Fit size for Dandi’s will usually land in the 14″ to 15 1/2″ range, but measure your neck to be sure and then buy a size 1/2 an inch bigger.

The Spread Collar – This collar gets dressier as the spread widens to accommodate tie knots from the most basic four-in-hand to the very powerful Windsor.  This collar comes in many different spreads, point lengths, and collar heights.  You will have to try them on and find the right one that frames your face the best.

The Rounded or Club Collar – Seen in many fashion magazines for the 2011 Summer dress shirts, it is a short rounded collar.  This collar can lend itself to being a nice Bespoked Dandi touch with a tailored suit, tie and silk ‘kerchief.

Photo courtesy of Bindal Cotex

The Baseball Jacket

Having a jacket to complete your casual look is a must.  There are many to choose from; the hoodie, bomber, military inspired or windbreaker but this season’s style is the baseball jacket. Welcome to the big leagues!

For the Dandi this jacket can be worn open or zipped to highlight those much worked out abs.  It is best worn with a collarless shirt so that you don’t look in the mirror and see that you’ve been trying to flirt with your collar all twisted and sticking up funny because of the way the jacket collar lays.

Smooth clean lines are the order of the day when you wear waist length outerwear.  Keep your pants or shorts flat-front (so you don’t wind up looking like your grandpa) and jeans are always a safe bet.  Spice up the look by adding a Fedora and some cool aviator sunglasses.


Photo courtesy of GQ Magazine


Beach Season

In keeping with the holiday weekend I thought I would focus a little on two subjects.  The beach and the weekend.  When you and your  love decide to get away for a quick romantic moment on the beach the one thing that keeps it sexy is the spontaneity of it.  Packing too much stuff can be annoying when you lug everything there and realize you’ve only worn four things.

Below are nine basic items that you can pack  in a small Duffle bag or wear on the plane; along with a long pair of linen pants, 2 more dress shirts, a beach t-shirt, flip-flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach top of your choosing, toiletries and sexy boxers for the romantic time off the beach you’ll be set.

There are two outerwear jacket choices here and I’d pick either based on the climate.  If you want to dress up a bit for a nice lunch the pin-striped shirt can also be put with the board shorts and the shoes, add the ‘kerchief around your neck to change it up for the next day.  Of course wear your waterproof watch and be sure your beach bag is sleek, masculine and not from ten years ago – full of sand and old sunscreen.

Protect your eyes when swimming with contemporary designer goggles to lessen the ‘oh so unattractive’ stoner red-eye that comes from swimming in the ocean.  If you’ll spend just a little extra time and money you won’t look like you’re about to take a swim at the Y.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Hommes Japan

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