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Richard Chai

Five years ago the brother of Odin, New York’s founder Eddy Chai started his own menswear label.

Richard Chai‘s collections represent the creative urban Dandi who has style but doesn’t want to look “too pulled together.”

Chai’s designs are not to be considered precious, he is a strong believer and upholder of the idea of that fashion can be stylish, actually fashion forward, yet casual at the same time.

Even his footwear has elements of casual elegance.

For F/W 2012 Chai has kept his pallet warm and dark.

This lends his collection to go with just about anything you want to pair the pieces with.  The lines are unique and pure;  his collection has both a international and Americana feel.  And I particularly love all of the elements of this last picture.  Any Dandi would feel put together and powerfully stylish in this look for F/W 2012.


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Original Penguin

I’m not old enough to actually remember this but Original Penguin used to be known only for their iconic golf shirts.  Well the times they are a changing.  Certainly I have seen the evolution of the Original Penguin brand through their design of shoes.

PreppyBaba's very own pair!

I love my Penguins because they go great with pretty much everything.  No, I wouldn’t wear them to something formal but I would wear them just as easily with shorts as I would jeans, khaki’s or even a dressier pant.

Richard Chai has brought a subtle symphony of stripes and plaids together in this 90’s era grunge look, yet there is a difference and the difference is fit!  Unlike the slouchy-‘where’s my body in all of this clothing’ look of grunge Chai has chiesled a cut into this collection that is worthy of any Dandi who likes to spend time in the gym.

What I also love is that not everything in the collection is trying to fight against each other.  There are some very solid pieces here in this debut collection.  It is casual yet elegant and not fussy, a nice way to transition into Spring from a long winters nap.


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