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Saint Harridan Has Done It!

From the Saint Harridan website:


Oh My God … They Fit!

Day one of our first Pop-Up Shop is finished and the news is fantastic: We did it! We absolutely did it!

We set out to make an impeccable men’s style suit that will fit hansdsomely on women and transmen … and it worked! Person after person came in the store – different shapes, different heights, different weights – put on our trousers and jackets, and looked fantastic!

Hey Bay Area, Don’t Miss Day Two!

So, it’s really happening. And for one more day (today!) you can experience it. You can walk into our Pop-Up Shop, knowing you’re our expected customer. You can try on a suit you will love, and it will fit your body. You can experience the beginning of this era we are entering: a time when the clothes you wear validate the life you live.

If you feel right in a suit, come try one on!

Saint Harridan Pop-Up Shop
Sunday, August 18, 2013
LOCATION: Show & Tell Concept Shop
1300 Clay Street #160, Oakland – at City Center
1 block from 12th Street Bart

And remember, you don’t have to live in Oakland, California to get yourself some Saint Harridan threads!
Saint Harridan’s web store is open 24/7!
When we openned the shop this morning it looked pretty good.
But as the day went on, it just looked better,
and better,
and better!
Copyright © 2013 Saint Harridan, All rights reserved. 

Part of the Fashion Revolution

There is a fashion revolution happening in menswear right now and Saint Harridan is at the cutting edge of this movement.  They are the only company that has dared create a ready-to-wear suit for the Dandi who likes to be their dapper best in menswear tailored suiting.

Sheree in Saint Harridan

My Saint Harridan t-shirt, dog tags and patch arrived today and I wear them with pride, not only as their fashion advisor but as a huge fan.


This is just the beginning! So get on board.  If you love to look dapper and love menswear as much as I do check out their website.

Dog Tags

Many of you all have already ordered suits, pants, shirts, hoodies and vests. And there will plenty more to come as soon as these Kickstarter orders are filled.

Be a part of the fashion revolution.  Become a Saint today!



Happy New Year 2013!

Wow! We made it.  And that is saying a lot, for in my experience many people in my sphere of love and friendship transitioned to planes far beyond this one where I know they are experiencing the fullness of what they learned on earth and what they plan to bring back on their next journey.

For those of us still buzzing around and creating and discovering I am thrilled to say that there is an incredible shift in the air as far as fashion, lesbians, queerness, masculine beauty, design and designers go.

SH 1
Saint Harridan

As you well know I am fashion advisor to the fabulous brand Saint Harridan, that not only surpassed their goal on Kickstarter but became the 7th ranked fashion fundraiser in the history of the crowdfunding site!  Congratualtions to Mary Going and his team of talented and amazing people that made this all possible.

SH 2
Saint Harridan

I am also happy to say that other lesbian owned and operated companies that were featured on Preppybaba last year are still growing and thriving and I look forward to seeing more and more entrepreneurs with fashion dreams take the plunge into the market.

(I do consult on such matters, so feel free to contact me at CONSULTING)

Here are some pic’s from the other fabulous queer fashion houses for 2013. (Shop queer!)


And new to the list:


In their own words – Tomboy Tailors is a fine clothier specializing in custom-made suits and shirts of the finest quality that are made-to-measure in the material, cut and fit that you want.

2013 is starting out to be a great year in the world of queer fashion.  I am truly excited!



Saint Harridan’s Big Audacious Goal (Just 5 Days Left!)

Okay everybody listen up.  First of all thank you to all in the PB community that heeded the battle cry at the beginning of this campaign because the Saint Harridan Kickstarter campaign has not only funded but we are now onto setting bigger and better goals as we head into the home stretch. Take a look below and see how you can participate!

Oh yes…

Merry Christmas to all of my fans and followers, I appreciate each and everyone of you and hope to see you again in 2013 (since it looks like we survived the apocalypse – 🙂

Message from Mary Going:

Y’all have inspired me!
Goodbye, small thinking!


Right now we’re at $112,000, thanks to your tremendous support! Let’s go for $150,000!
(I want this goal to grow a pompadour and learn how to line dance!)

Plain and simple: The more money we raise now, the more room Saint Harridan has to grow. Bottom line: We want to make what you want!

  • How about a causal line? I am talking pants with pockets.
  • And a line of sweaters – I am done having to roll up all my sweater sleeves.
  • Ties! A lot of ties. And bow ties!
  • Oh, and I want shoes! A pocket watch and a hat. A fedora!
  • I want to do a pea coat… 
  • And, ok, I want to do pajamas. Pajama pants with pockets. I need a place to put my damn cell phone while I’m lounging around!
  • We need wallets and belts and suspenders.
  • Cuff links and a fragrance called….

The point is – there is no shortage of ideas. Or passion.
Saint Harridan is fueled by something bigger than one person’s vision – it’s this giant growing chorus. If you are reading this – you a part of that voice. Let’s hit a high note!!

By pledging, you have already helped so much! Now, help others find out about this project by sharing it! 

Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Post it on all the email lists you subscribe to. Make a sign and wear it on your back as your ride you bike to work! (If you do this – I DEFINITELY want to see a photo! Creativity is highly regarded around here!) Go to the Saint Harridan Facebook page for an easy way to share.

If you’ve already pledged, here’s an extra goodie for you. Add $24 to your pledge and get a tie clip. And not just any ol’ tie clip – a PERSONALIZED TIE CLIP! You’ll look great and we’ll be that much closer to our goal.

Hammered silver finish. Hand-crafted. Personalized with up to 3 initials.

Alright people: Get your pompadour grease and your dancing shoes ready. We have a goal to reach!

Saint Harridan is on Kickstarter!

A suit company for women who love men’s clothing!  Let’s help get this start-up funded!!


From Mary Going:

Saint Harridan makes you look like you. On your Best Day. On your Boldest Day. We make high quality suits that make heads turn. We believe in staking a claim. If you feel right in a suit, wear one.

Saint Harridan is raising funds to produce our first suit line in three classic wool options (Sand, Navy and Charcoal). We are ready: we have prototypes, “analog” patterns, a digitizing pattern-maker, a grading service (for sizing), a source for fabric and trim, and a secured factory quote. Your pledges will finalize our pattern & grading work, and send us into production for the first 100 shirts, jackets and trousers. When you pre-order from us now, you’ll be giving us the green light to launch!

Saint Harridan is of the community, for the community. We listen. We developed our designs using a focus group; we work with real-life models. Going forward we want to hear from you. Should our next item be a vest? A suit with a different cut? Casual dress pants? Sweaters? But, FIRST, we must hear from you that this is a good idea. If we don’t meet our Kickstarter goal, we won’t have enough evidence that this business can work and we cannot produce the suits. We believe Saint Harridan’s time has come. If you agree, don’t wait. Pre-order your suit today! Thank you.
Go to Kickstarter today!

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