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Cy Choi

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful…” finally, it’s getting cold outside!

Neil Barrett

And with that come layers (yay!)…

Lots and lots of layers.

Scarves, jackets, vests, sweaters, t-shirts, undershirts, thermals (in all different colors), coats, slickers, hats, caps, boots, gloves, (mittens?!), muffs…I could go on for days…

Dandi’s this is the time of the year to have fun with your clothes and pronounce your style. And let’s be honest sometimes that’s just hard to do when you are stuck wearing shorts and t-shirts.


Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to work at getting your wardrobe to match. Don’t be afraid of color.


J. Crew

Do go outside of your comfort zone this season, even if it’s with something small like a scarf.  Always, always challenge yourself from season to season.

Timberland – Mark McNairy

Remember to style your look from head-to-toe and as the good ole song says”..let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”



Salvatore Ferragamo

Well Swarovski, the foremost  manufacturer of luxury crystals is at it again.  They have this wonderful habit of collaborating with designers and this time they have picked 18; from Dior Home to Umit Benan and created some amazingly fabulous eclectic pieces.

Max Kibardin

These collaborations show the versatility of crystals in design and also give Swarovski incredible visibility, very smart.

Abici Bicycle

Look at this use of crystals.  Can you imagine leaving this bike chained up somewhere on a public street?  I think not!

Photo’s courtesy of:

Essential Homme



Fall means boots and this season is no different.  Here are a few of the wonderful designs that are available to compliment your wardrobe with an elegant foundation.

Top to bottom:

Ralph Lauren

Louis Vuitton

Salvatore Ferragamo

Kenneth Cole

Always have a boot that you can tuck your pants into.  It makes for very sexy lines (in how it looks and in the flattering comments).

For a more casual style broken-in Chuka boots are trending for the season.

Left to right clockwise:


Red Wing



Red Wing




Photo’s courtesy of:

J. Crew

Details Magazine


I think the essence of Dandyism in anyone’s style is the refinement of androgyny.  Be ye man, woman, boi/butch/andro/trans or gay, Dandyism is about more than just wearing masculine inspired clothing, it also carries with it the femininityand elegance of  presentation.

Salvatore Ferragamo, best known as one of the worlds premiere designer of shoes, is also a brand that includes elegant fashion lines for both men and women.

I can never say enough about suits because they are the cornerstone of masculine dressing and they  are also one of the bigger bug-a-bears for the gender bending Dandi.  To buy a suit cut for a man’s body is to do a dis-service to your own curves, yet that is the point for many of us.  Unfortunately in order to hide curves we wind up having armholes that are too long, shoulder widths that are too big and pants with waists too wide to accommodate hips and crouches to low.

This can be a real problem for shorter, slighter Dandi’s.  In fact there are many who buy their suits out of the boy’s departments but it can be challenging finding fashion forward trends.   For slighter Dandi’s it can be worth it to have your suit tailor made.

And it is not always necessary to wear a suit even if you are looking for the more formal look of a jacket and pants.  The looks above can give you ideas for how to mix it up and still come off looking great.

Now if you’re not afraid to wear women’s clothes then Ferragamo also has some beautiful suits for women.  I love this suit, particularly the coat, though for me I wouldn’t wear the pants.  They do not look good with flats and are designed to show off the ankle and be worn with heels.  I would, in fact, wear a masculine cut pant, maybe navy (I would not try to match the silver blue), or ones with a pattern. I would also wear both a men’s tie with this as well as the one shown.

I know some butches and bois do not like to wear women’s clothing but if you don’t care and are comfortable with any interpretation of the masculine aesthetic then don’t be afraid to mix and match designs for men and women in your wardrobe.  You will be surprised how this can solve some of the fitting challenges you face.

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