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Trussardi Fall 2012 Menswear
Vroooommm…Vrrooommm…anyone!?!  Umit Benan, the designer for Trussardi‘s got his thumb out on the side of route 66 and we are picking him up wearing some of his Formula One inspired designs.
These clothes give off the same vibe as the cool Dandi’s of the 60’s and 70’s who liked their cars sleek and their Fems fast.

Umit conjured up the image of a mutton-chop wearing racer for his high-seventies inspired collection and we are talking the decades that I was introduced to style; flared pants, flat caps, professor sweaters, and structured bags.

This guy looks like my 6th grade band teacher.  LOVE IT!


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Shipley & Halmos

I love modern interpretations of classics.  Shipley and Halmos give very (dare I say) hip lines to their collections so if you tend towards a more Americana look you can change it up with more European lines.

And certainly you will find a full range of licenses from most luxury brand designers but Shipley & Halmos also have a full range of what any Dandi would need.  Love these boots, I’d definitely wear them with the suit featured.

Need a bag? (And I am always stressing bags, please get your wallet and keys out of your pockets.) These are fabulous and summery, so you can use them f for work or for the beach.

And then if boots, bags and suits weren’t enough (and they do have a full collection that isn’t just suits!) You can hide your superstar eyes behind some of these great frames.  It’s a win-win in my book.


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Japanese based Factotum takes its influence from military and working man styling.

Kuji Udo, the brands creator give this line a workwear aesthetic with very slim cut lines.  I love the big cowl-neck on the shirt above and the puffy jacket.  This look is great for the cold weather climates.

I also realy like this cropped outerwear jacket.  It is simple and sophisticated giving you access to a different silhouette.

What I really like about this label is the fact that a lot of the looks are very rugged yet there is the simplicity and elegance that traditionally comes from Japanese designers.

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Richard James

Internationally known tailor Richard James, known as the ‘modern face’ of Savile Row is now collaborating and creating luscious bespoke inspired ready to wear all over the place.

Not only has he dressed the biggest names in English society but Hollywood icons as well .  And if that weren’t enough he is sharing his craft by being a teacher to the next generation of tailors and cutters (awww…).

These suits are a classic but modern interpretation of the traditional British suit (even with tennis shoes as styled above).  Richard James  creates clean tailoring and beautiful silhouettes.  Though Richard started out with suits he has expanded into shirts, knitwear, outerwear, swimwear, accessories, and shoes. (Gotta love these shoes!)

Lets face it, when I think of Bespoke, British and Savile Row the next thing that pops into my mind is not SpongeBob but sure enough this Richard fella has the good sense to know a great character and actually teamed up with SquarePants to create a limited capsule collection.  This jacket is made-to-order.  I’m going online now!

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Since I was all about shoe care yesterday I thought I’d feature  the remarkable 145 year old brand, Grenson.  They make some of the best Dandi shoes around.

I believe that shoes make the Dandi.  Certainly there are times when people never even get to see your shoes (those are sad times), perhaps in a dark restaurant or maybe you are a puppeteer…but usually there is the outfit and then there are the shoes and they can really make or break what someone believes about your style.

Bad shoe choices kill a look. I have seen the well meaning Dandy wear a great suit only to completely kill it with cheap, comfortable shoes.  I’m not saying that shoes have to be painful to look good, but there is a time and place for everything and there are no well dressed Dandi’s on any best dressed list wearing rubber sole Stride Rite shoes, I‘m just saying…

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Considered one of the newbie’s in the fashion universe this collection by Olivier Rousteing for Balmain is a selection of glorified ice-cream colored accents and a solid inspiration for the coming season.

It is casual at it’s best and with pops of color in the styling.  If you are color averse this collection certainly is not the loudest  I have seen for spring.  If you are the type to wear somber colors now is your time for an easy transition with these looks by Rousteing.

In fact, if you do have lots of grey, blacks and navy’s in your spring wardrobe (not very preppy of you I might add) this collection is great for you can have your cake and eat it too.  As you can see there is the somber mixed with the shock of fun.  And please don’t forget your layers, styled beautifully here.

Of course I had to add this beautiful boot.  It will look great with a pair of jeans stuffed in them Dandi style!

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Tom Ford

Oh Tom Ford, how much I do love thee?  I’m not sure if I have a huge gay crush or just want to come back as him next life.  I saw the OWN network mini-docu Visionaries on him last week and I can’t stop watching it.

He is a perfectionist genius with so much personal style that he just makes me squeal with delight (yes I said squeal)!

Tom got his big break when he went to work for Gucci and he has had my heart ever sense.  I was thrilled when he went on to do his own line though his menswear line has been a little hit and miss.  Not in the design aspect at all but in the actual designing!  As far as I can tell he did not do a collection for 2012 for his menswear line.  But there are always his accessory’s.  Eye glasses being a very consistent and wonderful part of his collections.

Then there is of course the movie.  I actually liked A Single Man.  I thought he did a wonderful job bringing the book to life and certainly far exceeded what most people thought he could do.  I would like to see him direct more films, however, if it is between movies and his genius talent as designer and style provocateur then I will have to cast my vote to fashion.

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