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The British Are Coming

Gieves & Hawkes is coming across the pond and into our own backyard. That’s right! Over 200 years (243 to be exact) of Bespoke goodness is about to be on our shores.  Not only is it one of the oldest Savile Row tailors, it is also tailor to the Royals!

The thing I really love about this company is that even though they are almost as old as the history of the Bespoked suit, they also have a very modern and contemporary approach  (now thanks to their new CCO, Jason Basmajian), there is much less stuffiness here than one might expect.

Bergdorf Goodman will be the brand’s exclusive retailer (looks like a trip to New York.) They will offer off-the-rack suits, separates, outerwear and offer bespoke and made-to-measure services.

Here’s what we have to look forward to:











































Suit 2


B&W Ad


Ad 3






Photos courtesy of:

Gieves & Hawkes



Spring Shopping – ZARA

Today is the first day of spring and after last nights near tornadic winds and lightening that made it feel like the paparazzi was outside the window it’s good to talk about what’s in the stores to make the day seem a little bit brighter.

Today’s feature is Zara, one of my favorite shops for well-made clothes that are on trend and will leave you with some money in your pocket for food and rent.

Outrageous and fun t-shirts that can be worn with jeans and go well under a blazer.
Chino’s are back again this season in lots of colors. This should be a staple of your spring and summer look.
LOVE this robin’s egg blue blazer! Wear it with shorts, chino’s or your most outrageous print pant!
Topsiders are a Preppybaba’s dream shoe. They never go out of style and you are ready for any and all boating invitations.
This bag is a weekenders dream! Part bowling bag and photography bag in design. It’s structured sides, depth and width allow you to fold your shirts, shorts, trunks, add your Dopp, then hit the road!

Your Own Private Stylist

So I was reading this article from the December edition of Esquire called “My Own Private New Deal.”  It is basically about this writer who gets the fashion director of Esquire to take him shopping to update his wardrobe for under $1000.

My sweetie does the same thing for men and women here in Austin so I was curious to see what exactly Peter Martin, the writer got out of his process.  Well for one thing he got two pairs of jeans, three chinos, a few sweaters, three, count them three blazers and four dress shirts, all for $953.57.  May I say that that is some amazing shopping and it takes a professional to help Dandi’s like us come out with that kind of haul on that kind of budget.

Really, hiring a professional stylist is one of the smartest investments you can make to help clear out the old stuff in your closet and help you put together the Dandi pieces that not only fit your body well but also your personality.

The first thing a professional stylist will do for you is help you let go of all of those clothes that really really need to go.  Maybe it’s something lingering from the ’80’s or it is several items that do not do you justice.  And in the case of many Dandi’s who buy men’s clothing and don’t have them altered, that could mean a great many items.

The next thing that is great about having your own stylist is that they will go shopping with you and help you put together many different peices for many different looks within your budget.  But as Peter found out in his article that doesn’t mean that you will find everything the same day or the same month for that matter.  Even stylist have to go through trial and error with you because you are a unique body type, which is encouraging for any of us  who try to force a look just because we think it will be the only thing in our size that will fit, even if it doesn’t quite fit the way we would like.  Don’t let the clothes rule, your body is never wrong, and there will be something perfect to fit you.

Now the great news about all of this is that stylist can just look at you and know pretty much what will fit and what won’t.  My sweetie even knows people’s sizes without them telling her.  Stylists  do this everyday so they know where to shop.  Next time you are changing up your wardrobe, seriously consider a personal stylist. you will be glad you did!




So I’m sitting on my lanai talking to Bea Arthur when this print walks by…okay I am not one to shy away from loud and unusual prints so I must take my floral bouquet hat off to designer Riccardo Tisci for keeping the iconic Givenchy prints coming strong.

Riccardo Tisci

Now here is a designer who is not afraid to put his style where his design is.  It is so rare to see runway designs in real life, especially on the actual designer but here Tisci is hanging out with Kayne rocking one of his own kaleidoscopic bird-of-paradise numbers.

I have to admit this is one collection that really embodies the first feelings of spring after a long hard winter.  Tisci continues to push the boundaries of menswear putting these prints on everyting from suits to Bermudas.  He also made some bolder statements by including the ‘man’s skirt’ – the kilt – as well as putting dense patterns of sequins and embroideries on otherwise classic designs.  Go bold this spring with a piece of Givenchy in your wardrobe, the conversation’s might never stop. 🙂

photo’s courtesy of:




Original Penguin

I’m not old enough to actually remember this but Original Penguin used to be known only for their iconic golf shirts.  Well the times they are a changing.  Certainly I have seen the evolution of the Original Penguin brand through their design of shoes.

PreppyBaba's very own pair!

I love my Penguins because they go great with pretty much everything.  No, I wouldn’t wear them to something formal but I would wear them just as easily with shorts as I would jeans, khaki’s or even a dressier pant.

Richard Chai has brought a subtle symphony of stripes and plaids together in this 90’s era grunge look, yet there is a difference and the difference is fit!  Unlike the slouchy-‘where’s my body in all of this clothing’ look of grunge Chai has chiesled a cut into this collection that is worthy of any Dandi who likes to spend time in the gym.

What I also love is that not everything in the collection is trying to fight against each other.  There are some very solid pieces here in this debut collection.  It is casual yet elegant and not fussy, a nice way to transition into Spring from a long winters nap.


Photo’s courtesy of:





My goodness, isn’t this sweater absolutely flawless?!?  It is impeccable.  I mean really, this is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and that is what Lanvin is known for; elegant fabric’s, amazing cuts, and the finest of tailoring.

This season is a little less out of this world and more of the earth.  There is a noticeable military theme but does not fail to please with soft luxurious looks as well.





I love the whimsy in this look. The jacket certainly mimics military lines and then Alber  Elbaz gives long lines to a fun tee look that fades loudly into men’s leggings. And don’t forget the m’urse (man-purse)  for the season.  If it is time for an upgrade there are some really great designs for the new year.

There are more colors in this collection than in your crayon box.  You can take this idea into your Spring wardrobe with other buys as well.  The suits here are made of silk which is great for Spring and Summer and can be worn monochromatic as shown or with a contrasting shirt and tie as you can see further back in the picture.


photo’s courtesy of:




Ful’s Red Label

Ful’s Red Label collection is definitely designed with the modern Dandi in mind.  There is room for your iPad, 15” laptop, even your e-reader and of course the old style stuff like your newspaper and magazines.  Ful’s Red Label  bags are made of coated canvas and feature corduroy-lined compartments that separate items as well as protect them.

Strummer Messanger Bag

The computer spaces are fully lines and there is neoprene to protect your smart phones.  Each bag has its different features depending on which style you get so be sure to open them up and try out your things in them to find the perfect fit for you.

Straps are removable so once you arrive at your location you can take them off then replace them as you jaunt up the avenues to your next destination.

Termolo Backpack

The great news is you no longer have to struggle with whether or not to stow your precious devices inside your cargo bound luggage.  These  bags are made for going on-board.  These are the next generation to the messenger bag, for the grown-up Dandi.

photo’s courtesy of:




Fall means boots and this season is no different.  Here are a few of the wonderful designs that are available to compliment your wardrobe with an elegant foundation.

Top to bottom:

Ralph Lauren

Louis Vuitton

Salvatore Ferragamo

Kenneth Cole

Always have a boot that you can tuck your pants into.  It makes for very sexy lines (in how it looks and in the flattering comments).

For a more casual style broken-in Chuka boots are trending for the season.

Left to right clockwise:


Red Wing



Red Wing




Photo’s courtesy of:

J. Crew

Details Magazine


I have been remiss in not doing an article on jeans and today is no different , well, except for this paragraph.  Jeans didn’t really trend spring/summer but then the truth here is that jeans have become like underwear in a Dandi’s wardrobe (no, not to be worn under clothes) but the commonality of them, the everyday-ness of them means that you are supposed to follow the fine print of each season just to see what denim wash you should be wearing, how many pockets and who the new ‘hot‘ designer is that then makes the ’hot’ designer you bought last year only good for the donation bin (not really, but some fashionista Dandi’s feel that way).  The small print gives you the latest wash, cut, stiff or relaxed.  It tells you whether you should roll the bottoms into small or ginormous cuffs, or just leave them as the gods intended.

And then there are the fashion cycles of colors trending on jeans. I can’t do colors other than black so I never play when they insist that red, yellow or some other primary color is ‘in this season’.  And quite frankly I couldn’t do the lighter wash that was popular earlier this year.  I just couldn’t do it, it took me too far back to the 90’s and it frightened me.  I like dark blue jeans with a cuff (here I go with yet another uniform statement) and I am sticking with it.  That is the one thing about style versus fashion.  We’ve all seen Fran Leibowitz in the same blazer, white shirt – starched within an inch of its life, jeans, and cowboy boots for decades and she always looks dapper, because it’s part of her brand.

You can thank this Diesel Black Gold ad for finally getting me to mention jeans though there aren’t any in it.  When I think Diesel I think jeans but they are a company with so much more.

 I loved the fabulousness of the androgynous model and styling.  I love this wide-collared  overcoat and the knit turtleneck.  I don’t, however, suggest you go dig up those workout pants you buried last year – torn and  awkward fitting – and add them to your look. Corduroy pants will go great with this look and sadly I think jeans would actually be too simple.  Since this is for your Fall/Winter look you can do a pair of wool blend  pants with a dressier cut.  Leave the tennis shoes in the closet.  Open up your new box of fabulous boots for the season and tuck the bottom of your pants in them (like you didn’t do it on purpose) and you will be quite the Dandi for Fall.

Diesel Black Gold – diesel.com

Tie Me Up

A way to add an androgynous feel to any outfit of course is to add a tie.  Now I like the traditional menswear ties and bow ties but this is not to say that by wearing a menswear inspired tie that you are not bringing the full Dandi affect.  In fact you are and these Dandi’s prove it.

I say I prefer the classic menswear ties but sometimes the truth is that I too like to mix it up and wear a looser, longer look by using lace, satin or even a wool blend.  I like lots of color around my neck most of the time but these looks give you an idea of how to mix it up and take it out of the traditional which I am always a huge fan of.

Tie Designers Left to Right:

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

The Kooples

Dolce & Gabbana

Speaking of bow ties aren’t these silk and lace ones fabulous!?!  These wonderful pieces of neckwear are from a line called Marwood and they are the creation of  designer Becky French.  These ties definitely take Dandi to a whole new level.

Available at marwoodlondon.co.uk

Of course no article about ties would be complete without talking about the Four In-hand necktie which is the most common type of menswear tie.  It can be literally a pain in the neck to wear but if you want to pull off being a natty Dandi then you must wear one on occasion.

The four in-hands of the new millennium are sleeker, longer, slimmer, and sharper so throw away your old fat ties and this is one item that you might want to avoid buying from vintage and second hand shops, they are bound to be too wide and dated.  Keep it fresh when tying your outfit together with this accessory.

Photo of menswear inspired ties courtesy of Vogue

Lace bow ties courtesy of Homme Essential

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