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Shedding Winter

It’s hard to believe that some parts of the country are still shedding the signs of winter, but there is one sure-fire way to feel better about any delays…go shopping for Spring!
Here are some ideas to get you started for May…
Overalls are back. You can accessorize these with a T-shirt and for those of you that are daring, nothing at all.
 (First Photo Source) (Second – @boisociety Model @Renegades
Photo by @salimimima)
Leather Casing Bracelet- Silver Plated (Shopping)
A good high-top would be great with either long-pant overalls or short-pant overalls. Here’s a nice basic black pair from Common Projects
(PB NOTE -We will begin with my Favorite!)


The origins of the word “cocktail” are lost to history, but the first definition we find in print comes from an 1806 newspaper from upstate New York. A cocktail is called “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters…” Over the course of the 19th century, the cocktail picked up a number of additions and refinements: liqueurs, fortified wines, various bits of garnish, et cetera. Eventually, some drinkers came to prefer a simpler form of cocktail, the type their grandfathers might have enjoyed, and so they’d ask the bartender to make them an “old-fashioned” cocktail, of booze, sugar muddled into water to form a syrup, and bitters. (Source)

(PB NOTE: using flavored bitters can really spice up this traditional cocktail as well as trying different types of citrus)



It’s time to get rid of the wear and tear of winter with a good hand cream. (Men’s Society)


Bamboo Bike Wall Clock made of reclaimed bike parts

Wall Clock.jpg

(Buy at Uncommon Goods)

(PB NOTE: I reread this wonderful novel almost every year. Now go see the show!)
8pm at Circle in the Square Theatre, $75+
Three things: It’s our favorite Tony-winning, smash hit queer musical; it’s based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir; and it’s a must-see! Fun Home showcases music by Jeanine Tesori, book and lyrics by Lisa Kron, direction by Sam Gold, and stars Judy Kuhn, Michael Cerveris, Beth Malone, Lauren Patten and Gabriella Pizzolo, along with a wonderful supporting cast. Thru Oct 9. (Source gomag.com)

The Hat

Want to stay looking young? This is a great outfit for not looking like you take life too seriously and for dressing up or down.

I love the old school appearance of this look and  I particularly love the hat.  Fedora’s are a great addition the spring and summer vibe.  And with Memorial Day just around the corner and being in the sun a requirement there is no better excuse to add ‘the hat’ to your wardrobe.

The Fedora look is right out of the 60’s.  My dad used to have plenty of these and it made his Sunday Seersucker suits look immaculate and when he would don one with his t’s and Khaki’s he’d be the hippest dad in the park.

When buying a hat remember not every hat will compliment every head and face so be sure and try yours on before you buy it.   Walk around with it and maybe take a friend or girlfriend with you to give you the final thumbs-up approval.   And when it’s time to create a wardrobe around it be sure and let the ribbon on your hat be your guide to the colors you choose, complimenting is great, matching is not necessary.

Hat care – Buy straw Fedora’s for the hotter months, they are lightweight and cooler, however be reminded that straw fedoras do not like rain or water for that matter, so they may not be the best beach or pool accessory.   A wipe every now and then of the interior sweatband with a damp cloth or wet-wipe will keep your hat smelling fresh and stain free.  For exterior cleaning use a very soft bristle brush or damp cloth.  These two simple things will keep all of your straw hats looking new and Dandi for years to come.

Photo courtesy of GQ Magazine

Scarf Styles

They’re back! Well they’ve never really gone anywhere, especially now that we are coming off of winter.  But spring has sprung and summer is around the corner.  Scarves are a wonderful way to dress up a casual outfit or replace the formality of a tie and they can be worn with a jacket or in place of one.

Light colors and light fabrics will keep you looking cool in both cool and warm climates and you can definitely play around with your personality with a scarf.  For those on the more conservative side you can still show your sense of humor by wearing a rose or pink patterned scarf with your navy blues and greys.  For the more outlandish among you a scarf is a great way to bring it all together using plain, yet bold, solid colors.

To tie a scarf Details Magazine says to hold it at its center, place it against your neck, throw the ends over your shoulder and around the back of your neck, then cross them and arrange them in a casual “I just threw this on and it landed this way perfectly” (my words) way.

Article courtesy of Details Magazine – May 2011

Photographs by Mistermort

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The Uniform

If it weren’t for the beard this guy could be a typical Dandi.  This photo is courtesy of Esquire and the look they have put the musician Ben Blackwell in is one of the best looks for Dandi’s of any size.  I could bother to list all of the designers on this but its basic styling.  Get yourself a great pair of jeans, a few inches too long, cuff them.  For me the darker the better.  Reach in the very back of your closet and resurrect those great black boots you used to wear all of the time, give them a once over with your shine kit and if their lace-up, afford them a new present of laces.

The jacket is linen.  It’s perfect if it looks a little slept in.  For the skinnier Dandi buy it to fit, meaning you can button it and it doesn’t pull in the back and it fits nicely at the waist and hips. But you may have to have the sleeves adjusted depending on how small you are.  If you are a bigger size like myself you have to compromise closing it because of the ‘girls’.  Don’t get it too big because if you do get it big enough to fit the ‘girls’ or around your beautiful derriere chances are it will be way too big in the shoulders and will look like you are four sizes bigger in the waist  plus the arms will be hard to tailor proportionately.  The shirt is cotton, like this one pictured here a chambray would be great.

This definitely dyke dressing 101.  It is simple yet striking and can make you look great to hang out with your friends or a first and even your 100th date.  It also works for work and can be dressed up by adding a tie or dressed down by wearing a basic t-shirt or by changing the boots to sneakers.

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