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Shedding Winter

It’s hard to believe that some parts of the country are still shedding the signs of winter, but there is one sure-fire way to feel better about any delays…go shopping for Spring!
Here are some ideas to get you started for May…
Overalls are back. You can accessorize these with a T-shirt and for those of you that are daring, nothing at all.
 (First Photo Source) (Second – @boisociety Model @Renegades
Photo by @salimimima)
Leather Casing Bracelet- Silver Plated (Shopping)
A good high-top would be great with either long-pant overalls or short-pant overalls. Here’s a nice basic black pair from Common Projects
(PB NOTE -We will begin with my Favorite!)


The origins of the word “cocktail” are lost to history, but the first definition we find in print comes from an 1806 newspaper from upstate New York. A cocktail is called “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters…” Over the course of the 19th century, the cocktail picked up a number of additions and refinements: liqueurs, fortified wines, various bits of garnish, et cetera. Eventually, some drinkers came to prefer a simpler form of cocktail, the type their grandfathers might have enjoyed, and so they’d ask the bartender to make them an “old-fashioned” cocktail, of booze, sugar muddled into water to form a syrup, and bitters. (Source)

(PB NOTE: using flavored bitters can really spice up this traditional cocktail as well as trying different types of citrus)



It’s time to get rid of the wear and tear of winter with a good hand cream. (Men’s Society)


Bamboo Bike Wall Clock made of reclaimed bike parts

Wall Clock.jpg

(Buy at Uncommon Goods)

(PB NOTE: I reread this wonderful novel almost every year. Now go see the show!)
8pm at Circle in the Square Theatre, $75+
Three things: It’s our favorite Tony-winning, smash hit queer musical; it’s based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir; and it’s a must-see! Fun Home showcases music by Jeanine Tesori, book and lyrics by Lisa Kron, direction by Sam Gold, and stars Judy Kuhn, Michael Cerveris, Beth Malone, Lauren Patten and Gabriella Pizzolo, along with a wonderful supporting cast. Thru Oct 9. (Source gomag.com)

Lookbook (3)

B&W Formal

This Lookbook is about all that is gentlemanly, sophisticated, and fabulous in fit, swagger, and style.

Nomo Watches
Nomo Watches

Not everything has to be about what’s on trend.  What I love most about anyone with style is that they stand a cut above the rest.

Dapper Suspenders
Dapper Suspenders

How? It’s not just in what they wear, but how they wear it.

Red, White and Dapper
Red, White, and Elegance
I love this shirt!!!
I love this shirt!!!

Double-Breasted Blues

I'll take two please.
I’ll take two please.

Baby Blue

British Dapper

Fit is Everything


Skinny Bowtie

Hollywood Sophistication
Hollywood Sophistication
Love the texture of this suit, yum!
Love the texture of this tux, yum!
Getting married? Tails all the way!
Getting married? Tails all the way!


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Alexander McQueen

Well don’t get me started comparing the label now to when the late, great Alexander McQueen was at the helm.  The creative mind of this genius man can absolutely not be compared to what the collection is evolving into, and yet different is not always bad.

This snapshot of spring blues and blacks is as close to what I know of the original line though not as creative but certainly as well designed.

This is fun and whimsical.  I great piece for the upcoming summer Olympics.

I do LOVE this jacket, the color and the fabric.  I also like it paired with the pants and belt and that pop of red given to us by the glasses.  I might have gone all out and found shoes to match, but then that’s just me.

I thought this was fun too.  Love the overcoat, again with the subtle pop of color in the pocket.  And I am a Dandi who  loves fun patterns on my suiting (go figure)!


Photos courtesy of:


Spring Shopping – J Crew

I love seeing what all of the stores have coming in for spring to lift my spirits out of the winter blah’s.  Though I have to admit here in ATX there hasn’t really been a winter, mostly a lot of rain and that is always fun to bring out the colorful Galoshes and rain slickers.

I do think J Crew has a great and basic offering of Dandi clothes and the fit is pretty universal.  They offer the higher ends of regular sizes and I can fit in most everything they make that is in my size, now whether or not it looks the way I want it to is another story, but that is the joy of shopping and trying on things until you find the perfect fit. And that goes for every single human being on the earth, we are not unique in this!

"Stripes and Plaids...oh my!"

As you can see prints are back for this season in reds, blues, greens…all of the basic colorways.

Same with ties.  J Crew sticks with the more conservative designs but this gives you an idea of width trends.  If you’ve got anything wider think about giving it away or putting it to the back of your closet, you won’t need it this season.

Here are some must have shoes for your wardrobe.  As for Wingtips, if you don’t already have a pair consider getting some that have a little color in them for the warmer seasons. Leave the more casual shoes for your Khaki’s and casual Friday‘s.  Soft sided shoes are never a good look with a suit unless you are in a creative business.

And spring always means hats to me.  Straw says spring, time to start transitioning your heavier fabric hats into the closet and pull out or purchase new fresh spring and summer appropriate hats to spice up any wardrobe including a suit for the office!





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