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Clearly next Spring is about color and lots of it.  I can’t seem to find a collection that isn’t almost drowning in it.  Iceberg has a lovely collection for 2012 that will fit the more conservative taste of those of my readers who are not so keen on wearing loud and colorful prints on their clothing.

Okay, this suit is definitely not the norm but it’s not a big ole flower either and the steel blue would flatter many different skin tones.  I love it with the lighter blue sweater and it would work well with a fitted spread collar dress shirt and a print tie (yes I said print!) in a darker blue or even rust color depending on the color of your shirt (not white!)

Iceberg has a very European casual Dandi look to it so I wouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to dress it up.  This collection is better worn on the weekends or on vacation.  I actually like the monochromatic look of this blue outfit; the shirt, belt, pants and shoes.  It is quite daring but not impossible to pull off for the right Dandi.  If it’s something you’ve never tried before I’d break it up with maybe a white linen pant and some white Bucks, but then the next time do it all in blue, chalking your new look up to expanding the  possibilities of the Dandi that you are.

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If there were ever a brand to define luxury without a doubt it is Hermes.  By far the most recognized and coveted French brand in the world Hermes deserves every bit of the accolades and attention.  Innovative in their approach to service and style they keep what they do best at the forefront of their label even upping the ante in their already amazing service by now offering custom-made clothing and accessories in their mens stores from crocodile jackets to shoes.

Sadly I can’t get too high on my animal rights horse when it comes to Hermes because leathers are what this company does best and to wear the outstanding craftsmanship of their supple leathers is absolutely transformative for any fashion obsessed Dandi.

For the menswear 2012 collection Veonique Nichanian based it on timeless and bold, with a brilliant use of black, beige,white, navy and a dusty light green for everything from suits to zippered jackets.  This is a collection of confidence and wealth.  It speaks for you when you walk into the room and always makes a flattering statement.  What I most love about designers like Hermes is that there are key pieces that only get better with age, like their leather goods, and you can wear them years from now and be the envy of all your peers.

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