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The British Are Coming

Gieves & Hawkes is coming across the pond and into our own backyard. That’s right! Over 200 years (243 to be exact) of Bespoke goodness is about to be on our shores.  Not only is it one of the oldest Savile Row tailors, it is also tailor to the Royals!

The thing I really love about this company is that even though they are almost as old as the history of the Bespoked suit, they also have a very modern and contemporary approach  (now thanks to their new CCO, Jason Basmajian), there is much less stuffiness here than one might expect.

Bergdorf Goodman will be the brand’s exclusive retailer (looks like a trip to New York.) They will offer off-the-rack suits, separates, outerwear and offer bespoke and made-to-measure services.

Here’s what we have to look forward to:











































Suit 2


B&W Ad


Ad 3






Photos courtesy of:

Gieves & Hawkes





HVRMINN is an emerging (and much tumblr’d) sartorial menswear label created by the soft spoken lead designer Minn Hur, and his business partner Kevin Wang.

Hur and Wang

Hur and Wang

They make made-to-measure suits for Dandi’s of all kinds,

Wang 1

with an alluring vintage (yet very modern) look,


(if you love their look check out their blog New Amsterdam Boys)


Wang 2


in gorgeous colors,

Minn 2

M and W 2

and a Bespoke fit (who could ask for anything more?)

Wang 3


M and W 4

M and W 5

M and W 3



Check them out at:HVRMINN





Saint Harridan is on Kickstarter!

A suit company for women who love men’s clothing!  Let’s help get this start-up funded!!


From Mary Going:

Saint Harridan makes you look like you. On your Best Day. On your Boldest Day. We make high quality suits that make heads turn. We believe in staking a claim. If you feel right in a suit, wear one.

Saint Harridan is raising funds to produce our first suit line in three classic wool options (Sand, Navy and Charcoal). We are ready: we have prototypes, “analog” patterns, a digitizing pattern-maker, a grading service (for sizing), a source for fabric and trim, and a secured factory quote. Your pledges will finalize our pattern & grading work, and send us into production for the first 100 shirts, jackets and trousers. When you pre-order from us now, you’ll be giving us the green light to launch!

Saint Harridan is of the community, for the community. We listen. We developed our designs using a focus group; we work with real-life models. Going forward we want to hear from you. Should our next item be a vest? A suit with a different cut? Casual dress pants? Sweaters? But, FIRST, we must hear from you that this is a good idea. If we don’t meet our Kickstarter goal, we won’t have enough evidence that this business can work and we cannot produce the suits. We believe Saint Harridan’s time has come. If you agree, don’t wait. Pre-order your suit today! Thank you.
Go to Kickstarter today!

Commonwealth Proper

You want gorgeous and proper?  Then look stage left and welcome Commonwealth Proper.   Custom and ready to wear clothing made for the stylish Dandi.

And these fabulous designs are made in the U.S.

Look at this beautiful three piece suit and the gorgeous collar on the vest, styled beautifully with a sleek patterned hankie.

David Arquette is one of the owners (and who doesn’t love a movie star that also has a clothing line…) and I’ve certainly got to love menswear that fits our beloved Dandi Chaz Bono so well.

Photos courtesy of:




Pocket Squares

I love pocket squares.  I really, really do.  I think they are the quintessential dapper accessory for any Dandi who wears a suit.  Talk about giving your look that extra-extra that most suit wearers take for granted.  Plus they still have a practical element that any woman would find extremely gentledandi if ever in need of a tissue.

Now the trick with this is to carry two pocket squares, one for looks or the lady in distress then another, more in the guise of a handkerchief, in your back or inside jacket pocket for yourself.  (No germs shared that way)

Liberty of London

What color should you choose?  I like loud (surprise!) but it still must have some common thread that ties in the weave of my suit jacket, tie and shirt.  This is another place besides your tie or socks to have some fun.

How to fold it?  Well for one thing please oh please do not try to hard.  I wear the version that is styled in the first picture, but a lot of Dandi’s, 007 and the Mad Men crew comes to mind, wear what is known as the Clean Edge.  Fold the square in thirds and then in half, place it in your pocket with the edge about a quarter of an inch above.  I’m not big on rules so do it whatever style gives you that individual Dandi touch.

Photos courtesy of:





Giuliano Fujiwara

What I love about Giuliano Fujiwara’s designs is his use of lightweight fabrics.  In past collections you feel like you are actually being wrapped in light.

His 2012 collection uses fabrics that are a little less translucent but the cut and styling of his suiting is inspiring.  I love the styling of both these looks though you have to wear them with all of the confidence you can muster. You might be challenged on occasion for combining your suit jacket with your shiny electric blue capri pants.

I love Fujiwara’s color scheme for this season.  I don’t usually think to wear blues and blacks for spring so this is a nice reminder that you can still look cool and wear darker colors.  As a preppy minded dresser that is sometimes very hard to remember.

Fujiwara is actually known more for his sunglasses and shoes so I couldn’t leave out this fabulous number (I seem to personally be trending towards black kicks for my spring wardrobe).  What I love most about these is the pink border.  Fabulous!

Photo’s courtesy of hypebeast.com and selectism.com


Ties for a Dandi are what make us feel and look the most masculine.  More so than a suit, which in this day and age occurs a lot in women’s fashion yet the one thing that women’s fashion has never really picked up on to go with the suit is the man’s necktie.

The way that a necktie is usually purchased is to go with a suit, but since a lot of us Dandi’s don’t pair our ties that way we are not under the same constraints when purchasing them.

The first thing to consider when buying a tie is the width of the collar you will be wearing it with (or the lapel of the suit jacket), which will decide the width of the tie and your own height for length.  The current trend in tie width and fabric will also guide you so check out your favorite men’s magazines before you decide to buy.  Think of ties as seasonal so I strongly advise following trends in this instance.  Ties are the one way you can keep your wardrobe looking current, fresh, and in style.

The reason I love ties so much is because they come in so many different shapes, colors, sizes, materials and price ranges. Pick the ones that suit both your wallet as well as your style.  The tie you choose and what you pair it with is one true place where you can express your personality.  And remember though this article is specifically on the necktie  there are also many many other and sometimes unique styles of neck attire from the cravat which Beau Brummel, the father of the Dandy movement wore, to the Bolo tie that cowboys wear out on a dressy Saturday night. Mix it up and have fun with it!


Ties and shirts shown here from Tommy Hilfiger

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