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HVRMINN is an emerging (and much tumblr’d) sartorial menswear label created by the soft spoken lead designer Minn Hur, and his business partner Kevin Wang.

Hur and Wang

Hur and Wang

They make made-to-measure suits for Dandi’s of all kinds,

Wang 1

with an alluring vintage (yet very modern) look,


(if you love their look check out their blog New Amsterdam Boys)


Wang 2


in gorgeous colors,

Minn 2

M and W 2

and a Bespoke fit (who could ask for anything more?)

Wang 3


M and W 4

M and W 5

M and W 3



Check them out at:HVRMINN





Kamondi Couture

Photo by Abiodun Olanrewaju

Kamondi Couture is a London based luxury brand designer label of women’s suits and shirts.  This new line is the creation of Ugandan born friends Emma Mohamed and Sonia Ygo.  Kamondi Couture is a wonderful spin on women’s suits with a very androgynous menswear inspired Bespoke twist.  Their Fall collection features pin-stripe, flowered and sheer fabrics and is an interesting and visionary approach to women’s clothing.  I had a chance to ask them some questions about their line and the future of Kamondi Couture.

The two of you have taken the beautiful color and pattern elements of African fabrics in your ready-to-wear and integrated them with the western ideals of fashion.  How does Uganda inspire you when you design?

Photo by Abiodun Olanrewaju

Our first collection was inspired by men’s tailoring so we did not have any influences from Uganda.  But in the future we are sure that we will look to Uganda for some inspiration.

Where did you two meet and how did you decide to design as a team?
We have been very good friends for many years and we are also related as in-laws.

Taking on the idea of creating a successful fashion line is a very big deal.  What gave you the inspiration, motivation and the belief in yourselves?

Photo by John Marxis

We believed that there was a gap in the market to offer tailoring infused with vibrant, unique prints whether African or Western.  We often wear our own shirts and always receive nice comments from people asking us where we got that shirt.  That alone was biggest motivation to start the line and still is.  We meet a lot of people interested in a few pieces from the current line.

Why an androgynous take on women‘s wear?

The frustration of not being able to find well tailored and fashionable suits or shirts for women as you do for gentlemen.  The idea was to take a gentleman’s look and altering it into a ‘gentlewoman’s’ look.  The idea behind Kamondi is allow any woman to achieve a softer androgynous look with any our pieces.

Name one designer, artist and musician that inspire your work.
We are both inspired by David Beckham.  In fact, we both watched him being interview on the Jonathan Ross show.  He was wearing this sharp grey suit with red socks.  We both thought imagine that look but on a woman.  Watching that show gave us the inspiration for this collection. To basically take the traditions of men’s tailoring and refine them for the feminine silhouette.

Photo by John Marxis

How many collections have you done?
We did a capsule Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which followed our Autumn/Winter Collection

Is the androgynous point of view a permanent vision for your brand and label for the foreseeable future or a trend until the next idea comes along?
Kamondi Couture is about suits and shirts so that is what we will always be about.  We plan to evolve our line every season with different concept, but still offering suits and shirts. We do also offer dresses and other pieces within our line too.

Photo by John Marxis

Where can people buy your fabulous collection and will it be available in the U.S. or by internet soon?
We are working on making our collection available to buy on our website so please do visit our website from time to time for updates.

What’s in store for you spring/summer collection?
It wouldn’t be a surprise if were to tell but we are working on the next collection and hope everyone will love it just as much as they have like the first one.


Ozwald Boateng

In keeping with London fashion week here is my absolute favorite menswear designer, Ghanaian British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng.

He is known for his elegant twist on Savile Row tailoring and opened his first store by the age of 23.

For going the traditional runway Boetang showed his collection in his flagship London store.  Well tailored garments, inspired by a family safari expedition in Kenya make up this season’s collection.

I love Boateng because he takes the traditionally, stuffy Bespoked suit, which no one has really done anything new or different with and not only adds color but ups the bar of tailoring perfection.  Each suit is styled in a modern luxurious way and exudes the masculine end of Dandyism yet his whimsy with colors allows the feminine.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Size does not have to matter when it comes to style and fashion.  It is always about the fit. One of my favorite male Dandy’s is Graham Elliot.  He is always so pulled together on Master Chef.  I love his style and the fit that he gets on his clothes.  Graham is proof that big Dandis can put together current styles in fashion and rock the heck out of them.

Now there is an element of truth that he probably shops at a Big and Tall man’s shop and that is hard to do for us because the cuts are so gynormous that it can be impossible to find something that fits our chest or derriere that then doesn’t absolutely swallow us up every place else.  You will have to shop around to find the store that carries both recent trends as well as cuts that will fit your body.  Most men’s stores have tailors, use them to get the perfect fit for your body.

Style and fashion is most of all about confidence.  I hate it when I see Dandis hiding their bodies in too baggy t-shirts and style-less garments that are way to big for them because they are afraid of showing the world what they are working with or because they believe that their size means they can’t find fashion that will make them look great. As I’ve said before, feeling good dies start on the inside but sometimes constantly looking blah on the outside can affect your mood and confidence.  Believe me the better you feel about yourself will bring an amazing domino affect into your whole life.

Shopping can be a daunting task for everybody sometimes.  I am not a small Dandi myself and have to go to many stores and try on many different designers before I can find the look that compliments my body as well as my sense of style.  It can feel a lot like work but eventually, when you start hearing all of those flattering compliments, it becomes fun.

And don’t forget, there are always body shaping undergarments that can help even and smooth things out to help you fit better into your clothes.  Certainly the practice of binding can decrease the chest area.  And if you bind on a regular basis always wear the binding when try on your clothes.  It will o make a difference in the size and definitely the fit.

If you feel like you’ve tried all of this and haven’t had much luck then there is always the fun of  having your clothes tailor made for you.  It may not be worth it to have your everyday clothes made but it can definitely give you the dapper edge to have a suit made specifically for your body.

There is a great suiting company in the UK owned by and designed for Butches (as shown below).  Check out The Butch Clothing Company website and excellent look-book.  Even though they are located in the UK they will work with you online and have a large selection of suits, shirts and other accessories for all types of occasions.

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