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I went to see the new James Bond movie SPECTRE. They should call have just called it 00-tight pants.

00-tight pants

I don’t believe I have ever seen a suit that fitted do so much action and still look so amazing!

My hat’s off to the costume designer Jany Temime,

Jany Temime

but of course the Daniel Craig – James Bond we know and love would be nothing, as far as his sartorial expression, without my all-time favorite suit maker, Tom Ford.


Not only does Tom look spectacular in the suits he designs but he will make you look spectacular too (budget allowing!)

sheree a.k.a. preppybaba

And by the way Tom, if you’re ever looking for a model for one of your ads give me a call. 🙂

Yes! There are suits, but the Spectre Bond also carries on the tradition of the Blouson seen on many of his predecessors. Tom gives us a handsome, all-purpose black one.


I just bought a version (Champion from Target) that will keep me just as warm while I ski the slopes and drink hot-toddies (in truth I don’t ski but I do drink so that’s half the battle right there!)

My Jacket

Though Daniel Craig is not my number one James (that would be Pierce Brosnan – I do like a little, okay a lot, of camp).

Pierce Bronson

Mr. Craig does bring to the franchise everything that a masculine dressing human would want to convey when looking their best.



From the Tom Ford Spectre Collection

I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t yet seen the movie. But I will say it was an enjoyable time.

There are three things that I always love about a Bond movie: the clothes…

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions’ action adventure SKYFALL.

the gadgets…


and the cars.


Bond and car

The downside is always the misogyny, which to its credit is less.  And as the search for a new Bond may be eminent I’m going to go ahead and cast my vote!

Idris Elba!

Idris Elba

He would be everything and more!



Photo’s courtesy of Google Search

Freja Beha

Ranked as one of the top models and still Karl Lagerfeld’s muse (despite the rumors) Freja Beha Erichsen is not only one of the hardest working models in the business but also a proud and out lesbian.

Her haunting betrayals of pure androgyny grace the pages of Vogue and her statuesque body walks the runways for such greats as Tom Ford (and you know my feelings about him), Balenciaga, Jil Sander just to name a few.

So inspiring to designers that she even has the pleasure of having several fashion items named after her.  The Jill Stuart Freja handbag, the Chloe Freja clutch and even footwear from one of me sweetheart’s favorite designers, the Freja Lace-Up Stelleto Boot by Alexander Wang.

Born in Denmark and discovered on the streets of  her hometown by a agent passing by in a taxi (amazing) Freja has been in the fashion world since 2005 and there is no evidence that her star is anything but on the way up!

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Tom Ford

Oh Tom Ford, how much I do love thee?  I’m not sure if I have a huge gay crush or just want to come back as him next life.  I saw the OWN network mini-docu Visionaries on him last week and I can’t stop watching it.

He is a perfectionist genius with so much personal style that he just makes me squeal with delight (yes I said squeal)!

Tom got his big break when he went to work for Gucci and he has had my heart ever sense.  I was thrilled when he went on to do his own line though his menswear line has been a little hit and miss.  Not in the design aspect at all but in the actual designing!  As far as I can tell he did not do a collection for 2012 for his menswear line.  But there are always his accessory’s.  Eye glasses being a very consistent and wonderful part of his collections.

Then there is of course the movie.  I actually liked A Single Man.  I thought he did a wonderful job bringing the book to life and certainly far exceeded what most people thought he could do.  I would like to see him direct more films, however, if it is between movies and his genius talent as designer and style provocateur then I will have to cast my vote to fashion.

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Beach Season

In keeping with the holiday weekend I thought I would focus a little on two subjects.  The beach and the weekend.  When you and your  love decide to get away for a quick romantic moment on the beach the one thing that keeps it sexy is the spontaneity of it.  Packing too much stuff can be annoying when you lug everything there and realize you’ve only worn four things.

Below are nine basic items that you can pack  in a small Duffle bag or wear on the plane; along with a long pair of linen pants, 2 more dress shirts, a beach t-shirt, flip-flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach top of your choosing, toiletries and sexy boxers for the romantic time off the beach you’ll be set.

There are two outerwear jacket choices here and I’d pick either based on the climate.  If you want to dress up a bit for a nice lunch the pin-striped shirt can also be put with the board shorts and the shoes, add the ‘kerchief around your neck to change it up for the next day.  Of course wear your waterproof watch and be sure your beach bag is sleek, masculine and not from ten years ago – full of sand and old sunscreen.

Protect your eyes when swimming with contemporary designer goggles to lessen the ‘oh so unattractive’ stoner red-eye that comes from swimming in the ocean.  If you’ll spend just a little extra time and money you won’t look like you’re about to take a swim at the Y.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Hommes Japan

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