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Now We’re Talking


Cy Choi

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful…” finally, it’s getting cold outside!

Neil Barrett

And with that come layers (yay!)…

Lots and lots of layers.

Scarves, jackets, vests, sweaters, t-shirts, undershirts, thermals (in all different colors), coats, slickers, hats, caps, boots, gloves, (mittens?!), muffs…I could go on for days…

Dandi’s this is the time of the year to have fun with your clothes and pronounce your style. And let’s be honest sometimes that’s just hard to do when you are stuck wearing shorts and t-shirts.


Just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to work at getting your wardrobe to match. Don’t be afraid of color.


J. Crew

Do go outside of your comfort zone this season, even if it’s with something small like a scarf.  Always, always challenge yourself from season to season.

Timberland – Mark McNairy

Remember to style your look from head-to-toe and as the good ole song says”..let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”



Ties for a Dandi are what make us feel and look the most masculine.  More so than a suit, which in this day and age occurs a lot in women’s fashion yet the one thing that women’s fashion has never really picked up on to go with the suit is the man’s necktie.

The way that a necktie is usually purchased is to go with a suit, but since a lot of us Dandi’s don’t pair our ties that way we are not under the same constraints when purchasing them.

The first thing to consider when buying a tie is the width of the collar you will be wearing it with (or the lapel of the suit jacket), which will decide the width of the tie and your own height for length.  The current trend in tie width and fabric will also guide you so check out your favorite men’s magazines before you decide to buy.  Think of ties as seasonal so I strongly advise following trends in this instance.  Ties are the one way you can keep your wardrobe looking current, fresh, and in style.

The reason I love ties so much is because they come in so many different shapes, colors, sizes, materials and price ranges. Pick the ones that suit both your wallet as well as your style.  The tie you choose and what you pair it with is one true place where you can express your personality.  And remember though this article is specifically on the necktie  there are also many many other and sometimes unique styles of neck attire from the cravat which Beau Brummel, the father of the Dandy movement wore, to the Bolo tie that cowboys wear out on a dressy Saturday night. Mix it up and have fun with it!


Ties and shirts shown here from Tommy Hilfiger


The perfect Dandi accessory to any business or casual wardrobe this fall is the Backpack.  No, not the kind that you carried when you were in school, heaven forbid.  What I am talking about are backpacks with so much style that you have to upgrade your wardrobe just to carry one.

The briefcase is a thing of the past so getting a stylish backpack to carry your computer and business items in is a way to look chic and be practical at the same time.  The messenger bag still has it’s place but if you want to change your look this season there are a wide and wonderful selection of backpacks just waiting to go home with you.

Check out my favorites:

Duluth Pack $345 at duluthpack.com

Dior Homme $1200 at diorhomme.com (the grey with black bag shown above)

Tommy $89 at Tommy Hilfiger Stores

Photo courtesy of  Homme Essential

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