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Jil Sander

Since I covered Raf Simons last time and he is the head of Jil Sander I thought I’d go ahead and feature this wonderful line.  As I had stated in the post on Raf, I have been a Jil Sander fan since the 80’s.  When she came onto the scene she was about her own version of a ‘New Look‘ for women.

Taking into account the new executive women Jil created gorgeous pantsuits, slim blouses as well as fitted outerwear made from luxurious fabrics that really reflected menswear ideas without making the Jil Sander women look severe.

Though I was never aware of her menswear line during her reign at her name sake brand I think that Raf brings a lot of her essence and daring to each collection.  I especially love these men’s bags that are to be worn around the neck.

Certainly this line is for the more fashion forward Dandi, the clothes do not make a neutral statement.  This pink  jacket for example is wonderful and definitely can be worn to make that early spring statement after a winters thaw.

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